Biden Accounts For 'Shadow Infrastructure' In New Plan; Terms Of Economy's Needs Redefined 1

Biden Accounts For ‘Shadow Infrastructure’ In New Plan; Terms Of Economy’s Needs Redefined


Cecilia Rouse, chair of the Biden White House Council of Economic Advisers, talks with Rachel Maddow about the goals of President Biden's infrastructure plan, Republican intransigence, and how to get corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Biden Accounts For 'Shadow Infrastructure' In New Plan; Terms Of Economy's Needs Redefined


  1. Corporations use our roads, bridges, water systems, power grid and expect tax brakes from our cities too entice them to build factories or headquarters. The encourage state governments to pass laws that restrict workers right organize and their rights to classify more jobs as part-time to shift retirement, health care and unemployment onto the public sector so you and I end up paying. and to add insult to injury they expect bailouts when they get into trouble and screw small business owners.

    1. @Bobby Anderson

      Booby, labor wages have been stagnant for forty years while cost of living rose with the dollar value in decline.

    2. @Bass INC People in this country really need to get some education about business. This isn’t the 1940s anymore. There are several different classifications for corporations and then there are entirely seperate entities from corporations such as LPs, LLCs, LCCCs, COPs etc.

      A major tenet of LLCs is that they pay lower taxes than standard Class C Corporations, which apparently a lot of people are unaware of. Many of the largest companies in the US are actually registers LLCs and in fact are not corporations. So when you think this corporate tax rate increase by 7% is sticking it to Amazon just know that if the rate is exclusively for corporations it doesn’t actually do jack sh!t to Amazon as that company is an LLC and not actually a corporation.

    3. @Brian
      They love to use their language to confuse.
      When ten percent own or control eighty percent.
      We can see who corporate truly is.
      And they have been monopolizing for decades.

    4. Our president has the easiest job of all. He only needs to remember what they tell him to say….

    1. Isn’t that crazy how fast and drastically they change their tune? The level of subversion is astounding.

    2. @Hello There pffft. What comes around goes around. Next it’ll be gen z. The country is addicted to debt. Baby boomers taught their kids well lmao

    3. Yeah, it seems like all of that has fell to the wayside. Now they are all in favor of sending the debt and the cost of living to the moon.

    1. Alternative title. “Sad zombie loser moans over stolen election claim while trawling out performing leader“

    2. Speaking of sad losers, what brings so many Trump supporters to the MSNBC comments section?
      Shouldn’t you guys be on 8kun discussing Matt Gaetz’ studliness?

    1. @theripper121 and very well you could have a vasectomy why only the woman is responsible?? If there are those laws that tell the women what to do with their body there should be laws that tell the men what to do with their body or pay up.

    2. @John Guiseppa 5% of this bill is infrastructure, and theyre trying to defend the other 95% by _literally_ redefining the world “infrastructure” right before your eyes…and you think thats a strong argument?

    1. @Mason Groves it’s cheaper if you rebuild a bridge before it collapse’s. Or upgrade the power grid before a complete melt down. I’m from up north days and days of cold in the winter, Texas could barely survive 5. So yes it’s much cheaper when planned out. I’m sorry but your post has not showed up on my end. So I don’t know what your referring too. But I now live in Texas and have been to all the boarder towns along the entire state of Texas. So I’ve seen the gaps before the caravan started and they were there well before the election and after it also.

    2. Republicans have no problem finding money for the wall. But not that it does not help them politically, it’s all about the deficit.

    3. @Single Stitch Mitch you’re right, Republicans would only make an empty promise to fix a problem they had no intention of repairing. The reason the last recession lasted so long was because Obama conceded less spending and more tax cuts to placate Republican senators, who still refused to sign and made a big show of being disagreeable. That smaller relief package in 2009 ensured the recession took longer to recover from. So I don’t think there’s any dollar amount Biden’s admin could come up with that Republicans would agree to, because their counter bid is always $0. Spending more up front will get the US out of this pandemic recession more quickly and will put people to work in sectors that are receiving more government funding than they’ll have received in more than a decade. Why does the deficit only seem to matter when a Democrat is in the Oval Office? Trump gave away $1.9 trillion in corporate tax cuts that they spent on themselves in 2018. Biden passes a $1.9 trillion covid relief deal and is eyeing massive investment in civil and public infrastructure, and suddenly we’re hearing “WhO’s GoNnA pAy FoR iT?!” My guess is the ones who were gifted free money to buy back their own stock.

    1. @Rurouni Kenshin Are you offended by my long list of independent reporters, lawyers, conservative news sources, international news sources, and political commentators? Do you expect me to be following CNN or MSNBC or something? Because YouTube pushes that stuff to me whether I follow them or not, as opposed to all of the other sources I subscribe to. How many viewpoints do you regularly take in outside of the corporate legacy media’s?

    2. After Trump’s BS this sounds like Biden has the people in mind and not stuffing GOP pockets. This may confuse some of you.

    3. @Chris Daniels Isn’t that sweet – you believe that people with different politics than you should be sent to a facility that is a decades-old testament to how little America believes in justice and freedom – a piece of land with no laws so American fascism can do its’ thing unencumbered.

  2. “Build back better.” Brought to you from the same people who also said, “You will own nothing and be happy about it.”

    1. Build back better all I’ve heard is European Elites talkin about a reset for the world and now the Democrats are talking to build back better same difference

    2. “Build Back” yeah after all the alt left groups like BLM and Antifa burnt down all their cities lol, what a joke the demoKKKratic party is.

    3. @B DAWG all “their cities “, so there is separate cities for whites,blacks, democrats, republicans. Your simple mind doesn’t comprehend American cities, spoken like a true genius white supremacist.

    1. @pauliescott oh and just so you know… you don’t do yourself any favors or make yourself any more credible by revealing how uneducated and stupid some engineers can be. Clearly, economics and legislation are not strong suits for engineers which is surprising but based on your choices in voting…less so. BTW, even if you’re right about Biden, he’s still world’s better than Trump would ever have been.

    2. @Daniel Hostetler Insulted again.
      Forget it….You are right , Biden will be the savior to us all.
      Lets revisit this in say, a year. Mark your calendar.

    3. @pauliescott lol, did I say he was a savior? Don’t try to twist my words into some extreme position. Gross exaggeration is what people use when they lack anything substantive. Maybe you enjoy being so dramatic and sensational but don’t project that on me, I dont do that. I guess you should make better choices if you don’t like being called out for the ones that are stupid. I’m not sure what to tell you but clearly you need to stop using whatever information sources you do because you are unable to grasp the obvious problems within your comments. Here’s an easy one….you mention your objection to pork but nothing about having a problem with criminal activity, lying or presidential grift. Now before you start with the nonsense about impeachment convictions etc, save yourself the effort and go read the Mueller report and when your done take the time to carefully review the entirety of information that is connected to it and if you can manage it, do it with non biased eye and ask yourself if you don’t or do believe it and why? Then ask yourself how did so many people end up with charges and convictions if there was nothing to find? If you are a honest individual with any integrity and ability to be unbiased I know you’ll come out with a different perspective on Donald Trump. How do I know? Now I’ll bet your views on Biddn are based far more on information you’ve heard and read about him and that you have little to no tome in personal fact checking and research about him. Finally, id like you to consider a number….$6.4 trillion or here’s am alternative 1.5 times the entire federal budget for fiscal year ending 2019 or $19,500 for every person living in the US in 2019. Any clue on what that represents? If you are truly concerned about pork then you should know what that number is.

    4. @pauliescott what do you define the left/right paradigm as? Explain what you mean.
      You talk about the results of the election so I went and pulled the data so let’s see what it says. I’ll be using information from the 2012, 2016, and 2020 elections in that order as verified by the Bipartisan Policy Center.
      Total votes for all candidates in order and rounded
      So the total increase from 2016 to 2020 was 23,020,000 votes.
      Total percentage of the voter eligible people.
      That’s a increase of eligible voters of almost 7%.
      Now I’m not sure where your 11,000,000 number comes from but the data says more people voted at a higher percentage….the statistics support that claim. If you take that info and add in the highly controversial positions of thus last administration …all evidence appears to indicate that the statistics are in support kf the claims you disagree with.

  3. The tragedy of the lawful is they think those that write the laws have the best of intentions.

  4. “Laser focused” Yesterday’s article was about the 50 fortune 500 companies that pay 0 tax dollars and now we expect them to pay 28%?

    1. @Dularr yes indeed, When our country was founding it was the opposite, no income taxes for the worker and taxes on company profits that was when it was frowned upon to move all your employment to a third world country 9 slave labor) and unrealistic due to wind power versus OIL. I believe we have to shift our concept of what a successful American compy is and if a company is successful enough to make millions even billions in profit with no kickback to their workers or to pay taxes just like the entity they say they are then they should remove the protections corporations have stating they are considered a sperate entity then there stockholders and employees.

    2. @joseph paradis Except the employees of corporations are well paid. With good benefits including healthcare.

    3. @studioprophet first, you should understand the difference between a corporation, a LLC and a Sole Proprietorship because the comment your criticizing isn’t hat far off and based on the structure of a corporation, as well as the plethora of Republican led gifts covering tax loopholes, writeoffs and off shore haven opportunities the vast majority of corporations are far from carrying their own weight within the economy and any slack-jawed halfwit can figure that out, so why can’t you?

    4. @Daniel Hostetler and LLC is a corporation. A sole proprietorship can also be an LLC, and none of that changes the fact that most corporations are small businesses and not multi billion dollar institutions.

    5. @studioprophet with all due respect, I am a member of a LLC otherwise known as a Limited L Liability Company and it isnt a corporation though members can chose to be taxed like a c- or s- corporation but it isn’t a corporation as a business structure. I’d appreciate you either educate yourself or stfu because I’m not goingvto debate someone who is so clearly not educated enough on the subject. Youre disrespecting my time by not knowing what you’re saying. Additionally, you are making claims and assertion that you have zero supportive proof of and clearly are making up your data. Prove that most corporations are small business, show me your evidence or again, stfu.

    1. @Michael Biggins Pass it on bro. I’m 56 years old, and the younger people don’t know the whole history.
      Generation X has 5% of the wealth. The Millennials have ZERO. The older generations control 95% of the wealth in this country.
      Amongst them, about 1% control HALF of the wealth, and for the rest of the older generations, the white people amongst them control the other 45%.
      And the majority of them have voted for Republicans again and again for 40 years.

      Just the past couple of years, Generation X and the Millennials became the majority. We were in the minority for decades and couldn’t vote Republicans out of office.

      Now that has changed. Look at them scramble to pass laws trying to prevent us from voting and giving themselves the authority to overrule election results. They won’t get away with it and they WILL NOT win the next election or the next one or the next one.

      We are going to drive the criminal Republican Party out of power and we are going to tax the thieves who steal half of all the money every year and won’t even give us a raise in ten years.
      We are fed up with their hired liars in the Republican Party. Organize! Vote!

    2. @Thomas Jackson You do know people like Zuckerberg and Soros are Democrats right. 2 of the richest people in the world. I can list more Democratic billionaires if you like. Your logic is BS. Democrats are not any better than Republicans. It’s all Corrupt.

    3. @Thomas Jackson Corporations ALWAYS PAY ZERO TAXES, YOU DOOFUS!!!
      They pass their taxes to their customers.. YOU WILL PAY THEIR TAXES WHEN YOU BUY THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

    4. @Rick Pontificates Competition mitigates that. If there is a company that figures out how to provide goods and services at a lower price while paying the same in taxes as another firm, they will get the business instead of the higher price firm. Everyone swims in the same sea my friend.

      How do you explain effective tax rates being double what they are now during the most prosperous decades(1940s-1960s) for the largest number of people? That didn’t cause runaway inflation. That didn’t cause earnings to shrink relative to costs.

      I think the Republicans and the conservatives believe their dogma, and it has been wrong again and again for decades.

  5. Mitch McConnell just told the United States people that he does not want to see them go back to work. He told the American people that he does not give a crap about them yet again.

  6. In normal countries like the UK where I live, hospitals and care homes are seen as infrastructure. If for some reason your culture is all about valuing people solely on individual wealth, it might not be.

    1. People who are talking crap.about infrastructure here in America, I guarantee, can’t even name more than bridges and pipes. These are the idiots who say “what about jobs” and don’t realize infrastructure doesn’t just appear itself without someone putting it there. Many Republicans in america arent very educated these days.

    2. Virtually all of the Marxist-Leninist-Socialists in America have never been to such a country but believe government-run services are free and are good enough—but for themselves and their loved ones they want to choose their own private service providers (and avoid Wuhan Bio Lab pandemics and Chernobyl disasters).

    3. @Gerald Juels I have no idea what that means. How would you know? There is no free option. Guess work? Wealthy and middle class people in the UK and Scandinavia use state health care. Unlike private healthcare they actually have to follow safety procedures. You know, they won’t get you hooked on oxy.

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