Trump Backers Unwittingly Drained Of Cash By Campaign Trick | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Randall Wyatt he can’t make me think anything since I got my own thoughts and I have a brain that I use. Unlike people like you who get easily con by a well known con artist.

      As long as it isn’t trickle down economics, the economy does great. It’s really simple if you read on economic principles, and it’s easy to see why trumps economic policy was terrible, since al it was a high tax cut for the rich. A penny on the dollar extra for income earners, while removing our tax breaks. That was literally the only thing trump passed, and yet he still did way more damage with his dumb trade war with China that cost American tax payers billions of dollars because trump crippled American Farmers.

    2. @Randall Wyatt I know you won’t read my comment since it’s too much reading for your likings. Just commenting for other people to see on why the trump cult got easily con, when they can’t even read a short paragraph like this one 😂

    3. @bLoWc16 I just gave up on them if trump say all he needed was 50 million dollars to be president again these fool will take out there mortgage money to fuel his demand bunch of dumb sheep

    1. @Horace Ward i agree, get your kindergarten certificate now…i’m sure you were able to recite your abc…lol…btw , it is double o , as in T-O-O not T-O , ah, never mind, the irony of your statement is just TOO hilarious

    2. @Horace Ward Elementary schoolers probably know the difference between “too late” and “to late”. Do you?

    3. @You’re Terrible Muriel you’re still at this…just ask one of your fellow elementary school students for a dollar, so that you can take a bus downtown to get non-drivers ID to vote!

    4. @Horace Ward Thanks for the tip, but I already graduated college ages ago. Got my drivers license ages ago too, but hey – I’ll put in a good word for you with my 6-year-old, maybe she can sort something out for you! She could also help you with your spelling and grammar. I can do this all day … and I’m much better at it!

    1. @Chris Gio I could be mistaken… but I think pig behaviour has shown that they actually have a hierarchy, so I don’t think they are socialist or communist. I’m no expert though. You seem like a nice guy though. You don’t sound unhinged or triggered at all… not in the least.

    2. @You’re Terrible Muriel i still haven’t gotten a an explanation what an occupied minor means, so from now on I will coin it for Gaetz future victims.

    3. @Chris Gio you’re so triggered it’s hilarious.
      trump lose, inspired an insurrection, now he is months away from getting subpoena and if the world is lucky it will be sooner.

    4. @bLoWc16 you just keep watching that communist News Network most of that Insurrection I don’t care what Democrats say was full of communist socialist treasonous Democrats plain and simple try watching some real news networks like Newsmax Australia’s new sky reports that Joe Biden is a dementia ridden president that was elected by fraud so you’re telling me other countries are spreading lies about Joe Biden and this Democrat coup Enlighten yourself try turning the channel away from communist news networks and Democrat propaganda rags

    1. @James Scott *”the most fair and honest election in history”, why can’t it be disputed or talked about?….Why does the opposing voice have to be silenced….?”*

      I don’t mind someone giving their views or disputing something. People have a right to do that. But talk with facts and strong evidence. Like a grown adult. Not with allegations! Trump merely SAYS there was election fraud and you then have the sheep and crackpots out there believing it. With NO good, solid proof! And they’re ready to risk their lives and take other lives on his “alternative truth” (Weds. Jan. 6th, 2021). I come to realize that most politicians lie, but Trump takes the cake! Trump is a habitual liar.

      Just look at some of the right-wing networks, Trump lawyers, etc., responses, after hearing that they were going to be sued. Their tone changed. To paraphrase, they said: “No reasonable, thinking person would believe their reporting / conspiracy theories. They weren’t being serious.” What?! After all the press conferences, rallies, etc., for months?! They weren’t being serious? One would think after got the subpoenas, they would say: YES!! We are ready to fight in court with evidence and facts! Etc., etc. But they: Sidney Powell, Rudolph Giuliani and the other Trump zealots didn’t say that.

    2. @Scott F I hear you on that – if Biden did say those things, shame on him! But with that being said, i’ll take the lesser of two evils – i would still have to vote for Biden over Trump.

    3. @N 827

      Trump and his supporters are the losers, try to keep up, dumbfuck.

    4. @CLASSIC ROCK FULL ALBUMS & CONCERTS “Trump and his supporters are LOSERS, you dumbfuck”…
      “Grow up kid”…….

      Either typical hypocrite dirtbag liberal or Super Troll.

    1. which is sad, because we have sympathy for the people who un knowingly elected a president that would raise gas prices, raise prices on prescription drugs, raise taxes taking on average 2k from most citizens a year,

      a president who made it impossible for people on benefits to receive stimulus, this includes veterans. a president who has made a crisis at the boarder,

      a president who shook off and accepted genocide in china, saying he wouldnt speak against cultural norms.

      a president who promised support to union jobs, then shut down the operation only to out source the resources from over seas.

      we have sympathy for all the people that democrats have caused.

      but yall supposedly about unity.

    2. @Winter yes, learn not to attach your bank information too the internet .

      a lot of people dont know twitch subscriptions are re occuring. i had spent about 350 dollars one month by accident on them.

      i had extra money to spend and supported a lot of friends.

      almost depleted my savings until i realized what iw as doing.

    3. @dbspaceoditty Hah…you think the tax changes proposed will increase taxes for most Americans by 2k yearly…you have most obviously not actually looked at any of the propositions…tax increases are for extremely high earners, and as you probably know, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not extremely high earners, the overwhelming majority of money is made by a very small fraction of people.

      The entire Republican party literally voted against ANY stimulus…I can’t imagine what kind of narrative they’ve fed you that’s led you to somehow believe it was Biden and the Dems decreasing the amount of money people received. FYI, even most of your own base didn’t believe it; that vote hurt Republicans politically according to polling. Shame you’re deep enough in the rabbit hole that you’ll buy whatever excuse they made, like “only 9% of it was stimulus, the rest was for Dem pet projects” (this is incredibly easy to disprove, and it’s easy to discover which slight-of-hand they used to get this crazy number…21% of the package was literally direct checks to Americans, and that’s not counting the rest of it…just so the math…).

      They tell you other narratives about how Joe and the Dems are being bad about giving people stimulus and it’s their fault, and you watch every single Rep vote against it, and somehow still come out with the conclusions that Dems are the problem keeping people from adequate stimulus…news flash, Dems always spend; that’s part of their strategy. Reps are deficit hawks that want to avoid increasing the national debt, and so work hard to avoid spending. That’s what happened here…and with you, they got to have their cake and eat it, too, since they finagled you into believing the Dems acted to decrease spending 🤦

      We know about increases in gas prices, we aren’t idiots. It’s worth it to not, you know, not destroy our childrens’ future. Some of us actually listen to scientific consensus.

      I can’t imagine why you even spend time in comment sections like this. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind. You probably just like telling people they’re “misinformed” over and over again…

  1. And the idiots who were scammed by that ConMan will say “ thank you sir, may I have another?“

    1. @Lisa Ortiz No he did it. You talk about conspiracy theories. No truth whatsoever just propganda.

    2. @Debra Johnson Of course you don’t Debra. I mean – why would Trump try to scam his dumb supporters – it’s not like he and his children have been banned from ever running a charity again because they used their last one as a piggy bank. And it’s not like he ran a fake university and scammed money off unsuspecting students for the promise of worthless fake qualifications and then had to settle a class action lawsuit over it. And it’s not as though he ever stiffed any of his builders or suppliers or contractors back in the 80s and 90s and refused to pay their bills. He’s totally a stand-up guy!

    3. @dbspaceoditty – Um, NO, he got scammed by the Trump campaign. The “INTERNET” did not make those checkboxes; the Trump campaign did. Congratulations, you wrote the dumbest thing…that almost ANYONE has ever written. That’s how ridiculous it was.

    4. @wolfman02 well, thats typically how online subscriptions work…

      all the people blaming trump obviously dont use the internet for purchaes often.

      netflix, amazon, xbox, playstation, literally any streaming service, or any monthly subscription has monthly payments.

      its not this poor old mans fault he tried to donate a large sum instead of five dollars a month like most people do when paying for only fans.

    1. @hank hill 😂 be only appears to be lying because you live in an upside down world 😂. Once you get out of your delusional world, you won’t be this triggered about nothing 😂

  2. It sounds like the old scam used by BMG records, where they would send you a record at full price if you didn’t check off to not make that choice, every time a special offer was sent to you.

    1. There was a business called “Paperback Book Club” (IIRC) that would send you a catalog every month. If you didn’t mail back the insert that came with it — and you had to put a stamp on it yourself — they’d send you the “book of the month” and charge you for it. At least you ended up with something to read if you forgot to send back the card. With trump’s scam you got nothing.

  3. Put a spotted leopard on the throne and voila the spots are still there. Moral – you cannot change a spotted leopard.

    1. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 🤣. What about the border! Where is corrupt, cheating Joe and his “on her knees” Fake VP Harris. What a bunch of losers all of you are.

    1. ​@Alex Hamilton True Democrats will always struggle to understand how people still support Trump regardless of how much they get hurt by him.

    1. @Alex Hamilton Oh, stop being silly and snide. Either behave like an adult here, or don’t post a comment. Your comment was juvenile and spiteful.

    2. It’s so sad. And the sad thing is: their friends and relatives who are trump supporters continue to support him.

      What can anyone do?

    1. @Belmar Bean Eater Trump tower going to have to rent by the hour and the republicans children of the corn and Charles Manson and Trump cult made more republicans aunt fifa felons in one day that now can’t vote for life so I say let Trump do it again I’ll give Trump one dalla in yein or peso for every Republican turned felon it’s a good investment

  4. if you let the devil put a straw in yer milkshake he will drink it all up and leave nothing for you every single time, HE DRANK UP YOUR MILKSHAKE

  5. 160 people gave this a 👎🏾because they got duped by Dump, but they don’t want to be told they’ve been duped because they think Dump is the chosen one😊😂

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