1. Given Russia’s competence shown so far, if they did launch a tactical nuke against Ukraine, they’d probably hit Belarus by accident.

    1. @xpact Pretty much back to where they started at the cost of 1000 tanks and 50000 men. Fun fact Russia has only 6.5 men in the mobilisation demographic and a horrendous birth rate, over 1 million have already fled the country and won’t be back. Now think about it you need money and an education to drop everything and start a new life so this is a severe brain drain of talent and potential fathers.
      This is Russia’s last war no matter how it turns out the population is in severe decline since the 90’s

    2. @RubixKweub They tested a single prototype of the new sarmat ICBM, and they haven’t even started to produce them, also, the warheads are still soviet era, and poorly maintained, which likely means the deuterium and tritium gas has decayed. You are boasting about things you clearly don’t understand.

  2. “Pentagon doesn’t have to be asked” lol that rung gangster as hell to me. Really though that is how it should work, and does now for sure.

    1. For the moment, as a foreigner, i can appreciate american military supremacy.

      But you guys are one election away from having the Blotus in power again. That is so scary to think that that man is supreme commander.

      But sometimes i wonder if the Pentagon and military is so strong in U.S that it would be impossible for Blotus to use them to dismantle American democracy.

      Maybe Pentagon doesn’t need asking then either?

    2. @Jumbo Storm ….cheering on the military industrial DEFENCE complex !! :)) yes they are right to cheer !

  3. Go to an English grammar text book. When Biden used the word Armageddon he was using the grammatical conditional. He said that if nuclear weapons were used he couldn’t see how that wouldn’t lead to Armageddon.

    1. To raise tensions all over the world they can use any word 😂😂😂
      Just raise tensions all over the world and make trillions by selling weapons in the name of peace 😂😂

    1. @Chris Hughes 😁Do you know … Chris… Every morning… with my cup of coffee…I start my day with this mind… Human race…so…so… strange…and…ugly… Anyway… have a nice day , Chris! Sorry for my poor English with pronounce …world hate today…😉😜

  4. What a great interview! Thank you Mr. Tapper for the straight forward questions I have been wondering.. I think Biden could have given more info but he was pretty straight forward himself. All in all informative and I do not feel let down by either person.

  5. I strongly recommend professors Richard Sakwa and the late Stephen F. Cohen. Both have great books on Ukraine, and they have insightful talks and interviews online.

    1. The problem is they don’t know Putin first hand and have never dealt directly with him. Consequently, their thoughts on Putin and the Kremlin’s motivations are just conjecture. If you really want to know about Putin and his Kremlin then listen to people like Bill Browder or even better Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
      Cohen, Mearsheimer and the rest have just given Putin talking points. This isn’t about NATO

    1. So you would rather be warm and fuzzy, but on the brink of nuclear warfare.
      Instead of slightly offended by mean tweets, but zero possiblity of nuclear warfare.

  6. That was extremely impressive.
    I’m from Scotland in the UK so I’m not used to political figures making sense.
    Biden seems a lot more self assured than we’ve been led to believe by the media.

  7. I’m pretty conservative, but I definitely agree with the idea that we can take this seriously and not act on a trigger.

    1. @Norman Nabatar i’m quite sure he just considers the source and moves on
      no sweat off his brow type of thing

    1. He’s right though. The pentagon already has a plan. Don’t underestimate the U.S. High Command. Afghanistan, Iraq these weren’t the Pentagon’s wars they just did what they were ordered to do. Life and death is different.

    2. @Ahklys he was being diplomatic pretty important when the second largest nuclear power had an itchy trigger finger

  8. “Did you ask the Pentagon to game it out in case Putin uses nucle…” , without missing a beat: “The Pentagon didn’t have to be asked”. Hear that Putin. You are walking to a dead end.

    1. @AKSHAY AGRAWAL Tell that to a wounded, cornered animal. Such dynamics almost always lead to a desperate lashing out. American felt such an existential threat with the Cuban missile crisis.

  9. Sometimes, questions cannot be answered correctly for preparation of coming threat, or for security concern, or . . . for better . . outcomes if something happens. Because this interview is not only for US, it is for the enemy also.

  10. From Australia very interesting ,thought provoking interview. Listen to the question then close your eyes and listen to the answer not one question was dodged like a usual politician. We need to see reply / action to the Saudi problem

  11. Joe actually sounded pretty coherent here. That’s a breath of fresh air. Especially considering the subject matter (s).

    1. lololol did he though? funny he never stuttered until 2020 but everyone pretends it was a “lifelong” problem like there isnt 40 years of his senate speeches with no stutter whatsoever 😑

  12. Putin doesn’t talk about using nuclear weapons, he says that he’ll use all possible weapons to protect Russia and it’s people. These are different things. You, you don’t listen to him

  13. *Tapper asked some challenging questions, and Biden gave well thought out responses. Solid interview, big up for CNN!*

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