1. This world is actually so sad and scary. Everyone in the world knows what is going on and what is about to happen. It’s not about red or blue anymore. It’s all division and control. If we are divided we are easier to control. It has gone too far though and it’s probably to late to change anything. I honestly hope I’m wrong because in the end we all lose.

  2. Most Americans like the job he’s done? Didn’t realize less than 30% of the population counts as most now. Then again, when 2 is considered 3 now, then why not? Alright we got rid of Trump. Can we get rid of this guy next? If only my wallet can vote….

    1. if you look at alot of the individual things that have been signed and passed into law a lot of them are overwhelmingly popular. he himself is dissapproved of but not most of his agenda

    1. DT has used several pseudonyms, including “John Barron” (or “John Baron”), “John Miller” and “David Dennison”.

  3. Hunter commited a felony when purchasing a firearm. What is the confusion there? Google it , you can see him holding the pistol …without pants. Also he got a Stripper pregant and boned his dead brothers widow. He’s a train wreck that his father is so proud of.

    1. seems like Hunter would be a great candidate for the republican ticket for president then: that resume is spot on!

  4. Such hardball questions(LOL); tax crimes and misleading answer to a gun purchase questionnaire – but what about “The Big Guy” kickbacks in the Burisma deal, nepotism, Hunter’s laptop, etc., etc.

  5. Had this been Trump son the media would have been reporting non-stop. You have to love the double standard of the media yet the media never calls Joe out like they should.

    1. @Carol Stasuik Trump did interviews with both sides though. When is Biden gonna do an interview with Fox, Daily Wire, Newsmax, or One America News?

  6. Biden is amazing!! This was all before he was elected anyway.
    He can’t control what his son does!!
    I just wish it wasn’t all on the laptop 😢
    The Biden’s will pull through 🙏🏽
    I know this!!

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