Biden Admin Releases Public Intel Report That Saudi Crown Prince Approved Khashoggi Killing 1

Biden Admin Releases Public Intel Report That Saudi Crown Prince Approved Khashoggi Killing


Biden administration releases public intel report saying Saudi Crown Prince approved the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Biden Admin Releases Public Intel Report That Saudi Crown Prince Approved Khashoggi Killing


    1. GREAT MBS has nothing to do with the rogue operation, and no need to talk about human rights in ur country, so shut up u disgusting.

    1. @Daniel Morse You people are CERTAINLY making my point and Trumps he can shoot a soldier in front of you and you people will defend him STILL it’s called FASCISM

    2. @Brian Levine Trump has been escalating his harassment of Iran since he LOST in a landslide even go so far as cutting the head of the Pentagon and refused to start the transition program delaying our response to the attack on a American contractor and American soldier Why would a TRUE American president do that? Why would Trump do that when he LOST and had less than 60 days in office because Trump is COMPROMISED he was selling out America to pay Putin… you well know Comrade

    1. @Ramon Gonzalez What did I lie about? If you’re going to call me a liar, prove me wrong. Everything i’ve said can be verified with a simple google search.

    2. @Shadow You LIED about Biden’s medical deferments and you told a OBVIOUS LIE about the journalists NOT being a American you people LIE because you are DEPLORABLE human beings that EMBRACE dictatorship it’s PATHETIC

    3. @Ramon Gonzalez Except I didn’t lie, and a simple google search shows as much.

      Here. I’ll do your job for you, since you’re a Democrat and by definition LAZY.

      “Biden received five (one more than Trump) student draft deferments, first as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware and later as a law student at Syracuse University.

      And after a medical exam in April 1968, he received the “1-Y” classification, which meant he could only be drafted in a national emergency.

      Biden released his Selective Service records to the Associated Press in 2008. At the time, a spokesperson said he was “disqualified from service because of asthma as a teenager,” per The News Journal.”

      Biden has never been on prescribed asthma medications. Only prescription allergy meds like claritin. He also played sports in highschool and college, just like Trump. Biden’s deferments were nearly identical to Trump’s that the left mocked and derided constantly…but WORSE, because Trump had FOUR, and Biden had FIVE. Google it and stop being such a twit.

      Same with the journalist. He was a RESIDENT of the US. He was NOT a citizen. There’s a difference. Go back to school and learn it.

      So literally both things you claim I lied about, you’re just too dim to even bother educating yourself about. And THAT is pathetic.

  1. Why did tRump hide this information? Shows how rotten he was to reporters and then doing business with the Saudi’s.

    1. @Josh M it was sarcasm to a comment… Because someone mentioned now that we bombed some place a war started… Biden bombed the same place as Trump and no war. I’m not sure why you didn’t catch that. But then again… You didn’t know Trump bombed any place in your infinite bootlicking you sycophant.

    2. @Jeff Regan Not sure about that. I live in the south and almost every day I have to hear somebody whine about how the election was stolen or how Biden is the antichrist. Republicans are definitely the biggest snowflakes. You guys hide behind this tough guy act.

    3. @Jeff Regan You made a sly remark about liberals only caring about their gender. I’m telling you that from somebody who is neither, Libs are at least trying to do something for this country. It’s republicans who sit around and whine all day and want to keep the country from progressing.

    4. @Taylor 99 right now liberals are pandering any issue to get votes. Biden is already costing Americans and he is just getting started. Not a huge fan of Trump but if you think Biden is a solution I’d say you are watching a lot of msm. Don’t worry racist joe will fix

    1. ​@jools2323 When you bring your assassination plots into the USA and shoot over 400 people killing 60, you’ll need more than a “Bobby the Frameup Mueller” to cover your tracks bud.
      Aaron Rouse thought that he could run another “lone gunman” stunt to cover up the mayhem the night of October 1st, 2017. Jamal was killed EXACTLY one year later. To the hour. Adjusted for time zone differences of course.

    2. @Yourname Here I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please post a link to a credible source to explain it.

    3. GREAT MBS has nothing to do with the rogue operation, and no need to talk about human rights in ur country, so shut up u disgusting. ur little country is a disgusting one

    1. GREAT MBS has nothing to do with the rogue operation, and no need to talk about human rights in ur country, so shut up u disgusting.

    2. @Justin Smith don’t forget the liberals dove into Vietnam at the request of their power donors. Of course they had to take out JfK first though. Also never forget how they killed Bobby after he embarrassed the party in the 68 California primary

    1. @Danny Camacho As I said ask the republicans who are trying to block this and who are voting against an increase in minimum wage. Your ignorance is very apparent

    1. @Zach Schaefer didn’t Trump carry water for the Crown Prince when this originally happened. Trump literally went against the assessments of his own Intel agencies in public to try and defend MBS, instead of condemning them and or punishing them for killing a US resident. It told the world at the time the US was going to be a purely transactional democracy from now on, even with our own citizens.

  2. Our current President picking up where our former one failed. Good to know that Biden is taking a harder stance against the Saudis. Although it would be far better if we were to get off foreign oil.

    1. @David Boryszewski Haha really im sure hes the only president to ever sellout some strategic resources to a foreign power ever I mean in my vast memory thats capable of only going weeks into the past.

  3. The smartasses crying, “We already knew!” are completely missing the point. It’s the US’s public acknowledgment and confirmation of this information that’s important

    1. GREAT MBS has nothing to do with the rogue operation, and no need to talk about the human rights in ur country, so shut up u disgusting.

    2. @MysticFiddler1 Does it or is it just another lie from the intel community that said there were WMD’s and Russia collusion? No one trusts anything they have to say anymore.

    1. “We” knew that some time ago. Biden thinks it’s news that’s all that counts. Saudi Prince won’t come over here,he’s hiding at home

    1. I’m excited for you to find out what really happened in LV on October 1st, 2017.
      Khashoggi was killed exactly one year to the hour as that event, when adjusted for time zone differences.

    1. @Andrew Whitfield oh I know but try convincing the people who only view Americans as being synonymous with “white”

    2. @RaidersACDC 489 it’s messed up but true I bet if he was a white American we would have sent everything at the uae

    3. jose becerra look I feel bad the man died the way he did. But skin color shouldn’t make a difference at all

    1. @Hayden Williams
      How..???…I am an Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics and Political Science at Stanford…and a part time Neurosurgeon at John Hopkins…

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