‘Biden Admin. Will Make Sure Capitol Is Protected’ At ‘Justice For J6’ Rally Expert Says

Donald Trump supporters are planning a so-called ‘Justice for J6’ rally for September 18 to advocate for the jailed insurrectionists arrested after attempting to stop President Biden from rightfully taking office after winning the 2020 election. Joy Reid and her panel discuss what may happen at this rally.
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    1. @FAFO Hmm a 1month old account ” incel ” is creating ad hominems about relevancy; didn’t you create your faux account too seek attention because you are irrelevant or is it because you are a coward in hiding? Irony isn’t perceived by you Trumpies is it.

    2. @Stephen Johnson correction Trump is a the traitor we all feared he was ,there has been no insurrection under Biden .. try harder

    3. It will be interesting to see how many of the folks showing up are there as vendors. Gotta move that old stock whilst you can. 😉

    4. @Cody Russow Trump didn’t commit treason goofball. Biden is actively taking away rights to privacy and is basically declaring wars on states who have “wrong” policies on handling the plandemic. But whatever you do, don’t question what is going on.

  1. Trivia question: Name the only terrorist organization that was successful in breaching the walls of our nation’s Capitol?

    Answer: MAGAs.

    1. @Jay Gibson no evidence those deaths were connected to BLM protests or protesters. I thought you people do your own research., lol!

  2. I’m thinking they’re going to attack earlier than the 18th and at state capitols not DC.
    They put tail between their legs once the National Guard showed up.
    Leaders called their people to say don’t show at your state capitol , there’s too many Guard troops.

  3. Make examples out of all those that defy the rules of law. When they try to break in or carry arms, bring the military with orders to maintain law and order by any means.

    1. @FAFO You are trying way to hard. Why are you so desperate and angry?. Stereotypes aren’t based on truths. You being dumb however its apparently so from the blunder there.

    2. @FAFO show me where Democrats have challenged the U.S. government with QAnon paranoia. Leftists are a product of your QAnon paranoia.

  4. Here McCarthy goes again on a lie spree for his good buddy Trump. Recall that right after the Jan 6 Capitol takeover, McCarthy publicly announced that Trump “was to blame” for Jan 6. Now McCarthy’s trying to walk back what he said in January. His words are contradictory, like Trump’s. Like Trump, his logic falters, even his common sense vanishes.

  5. Are they going to “ touch the hot stove” again? Let’s hope so because the national guard will be there armed and ready this time

  6. You Republicans do understand that you’re demanding justice and demonstrating for a person who was resisting and not obeying orders and was shot while committing a crime don’t you? Can you see where I’m going with this?

  7. I can see why the Republicans support the “rally”…They feel bad…after all it was their lies that landed these yahoos in jail

    1. It’s more of a wake than a rally. Could also be an opportunity for GOP lawmakers to ask for forgiveness and to please don’t name me in any future lawsuits. Imho 😉

    2. It was the fact that those America hating, fascist, traitors attacked the Capitol of the United States of America, that landed them in jail.

    3. I hope that all those hundreds of thousands of people who are in prison for POT are released , so that’s room for all the mental hateful person who don’t have a loving relationship with LIFE ¿ ¿ ¿ ???

  8. I wonder if he’ll actually be stupid enough to lie when he takes the stand ????
    Should be interesting !!
    Zoe , Canada

    1. How much does the DOJ get paid? To turn a blind eye while McCarthy literally puts his Obstruction Of Justice in WRITING and give interviews on Focks, confessing to his crimes against the phone companies? Witness Intimidation and Evidence Tampering used to be serious federal offences! WHY are the DOJ refusing to ACT??? Seriously!

    2. @Ash Roskell Do you know that they aren’t gathering intelligence, or have a larger scheme that this feeds into? Silence isn’t a sure sign that nothing happens. Is all this feeding into criminal behaviour positioning the GOP as an organised crime organisation perhaps?
      I’m still hopeful that the DOJ will do the right thing, but I too am concerned.

  9. Note to viewers: McCarthy is turning a deeper shade of orange by the day and avoids back end camera shots to avoid the revelation of horns sprouting from his cranium. Who could’ve guessed that Trump’s Anti-Christ status in the cosmic grand scheme is contagious.

    1. Isn’t he wearing the same type of Depends as Diaperdon? (Their awful close to each other.)
      Cause he should be sh*tting his pants right about now.

    1. You have got to be kidding me!!! The list of violence inspired by the left is mind boggling. Care to look at cities STILL AFFECTED AND STILL HAPPENING? The only threat to the capital are the very people that are in control right now. Holy cow there’s NOT going to be a repeat at the capital. Interesting to me is suddenly the Capital decides now to actually protect it. Too many questions unanswered. Too much doesn’t make sense. Let me be clear anyone that was involved in it yes absolutely they should be charged. I highly doubt one man caused it.

    2. @Jigga tha kid You can’t get much more anti-American than Trumpers during the insurrection at the Capitol. They came to take lives. The police stopped them. A national embarrassment we witnessed. Banana Republican Party.

  10. Finally, an issue we can all agree on. We want justice for the Jan.6 insurrectionists, they want justice for the Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

    1. Insurrection sounds biblical.
      “Failed tRumper-cult coup”
      “Ignorant tRumper invasion”.

    1. @bryan buhrman so your saying the Ninja whatever recount scheme actually found something of any significance whatsoever? Do tell.

    2. @Keez Jordan There is never going to be a real report, its a huge scam to sow distrust in a proven election. $5.7 mil and all you have is a know nothing brief. Do you feel suckered yet? Did you donate money to that too?

    3. @Your freedoms don’t include infecting others New Zealand has solid elections, glad i voted for Jacinda, though, we really just vote for the party, in local MPs, we get two votes. Parliamentary power changes over pretty quicky, except in 2017, we didnt have a Government for 2 months, things still ticked over. Back to normal for our Summer, need to improve my game on Tinder.

    4. @Jim Hazel Correct, $5.7M reasons in just one state, on the books. I’m wondering what’s off the books in some offshore account(‘s) under some pseudo Corp. That reminds me I have laundry to do. 😉

  11. Don’t be fooled by the word of “justice” because it is not for Justice but it is “Anti-Justice” for themselves. The Jan 6 riot was against the justice and democracy.

  12. Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t be involved in politics at this point all he does is use Donald Trump’s playback for goodness sakes when does the stupidity end?

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