GOP 2020 Election Review ‘Absolute Nonsense’ Says Penn. Attorney General

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s Senate have launched an effort to investigate nonexistent voter fraud during the 2020 election, something Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro calls a taxpayer funded “charade and scam” to appease the loser of the election: Donald Trump.
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    1. Apparently, Cyber Ninjas got $5.7 million and then got too sick to give their report.
      I’m wondering what the next excuse will be. I’m hoping for “our computers were hacked and the information is lost” or “my dog ate it”.

    2. @Zig Zag Who cares if the report ever comes out, 48 states are passing laws against voter fraud, and democrats are f*cked. That’s the important thing. The tyrrany is coming to an end.

    3. We are trying to get evidence still from our county… they won’t hand over evidence needed so the forensic audit can’t finish without it. So they have been subpoenaed to hand over information… they have found many things… but with the DOJ trying to stop it and get all the evidence and our own county making every step harder, it’s not easy. Especially with such a bias media narrative. These people aren’t journalists or reporters, they are big government owned media. Like the nazis had, or like any dictator has, control of the information

    4. @Zig Zag more like Democrats are violating the law by refusing to turn over routers that are being requested by a federal judge under subpoena. Hiding the evidence because they’re guilty AF.

    5. @Zig Zag lol dominion just defied the court order and did not give them access to the routers or the machine tabulators. This is the only first world country that let machines add the votes

  1. I can’t wait to hear you whine after 2022 midterms, about voter suppression lol. Tell me when was there ever a free and fair election? Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and other big cities have always run crooked elections

    1. We are still hearing 2020 elections fraud from Republicans why wait for 2022?? I can’t wait to hear more whining from Republicans when they lose again!

    2. @Starkissed Wow you missed the news… 2020 republicans picked up 15 seats when the prediction was a loss of seats. Democrats are already scared of just how many seats will change next year. You are obviously uneducated, uninformed and unintelligent….

    1. Lol this is MSNBC they have no interest in educating their viewers. It’s all justified rage for the media conglermerates

    2. Look it up yourself..
      NOT their responsibility cause you tend not to believe the truth anyway..

    3. Let’s see video of ballots put in garage .I myself can careless .there is no proof or not proof of fraud just mouths running as always

    1. Costs taxpayer money to do these. Sets a precedent that whenever there’s a sore loser they can just investigate over and over again. Multiple counties where these fake audits have occurred have compromised their voting machines by doing so. The list keeps going, but I’m sure you’re lost…

    2. @tc LOL, so you’re okay with 2 failed flimsy impeachments costing Millions but a few audits is a no go? lol, can’t even make that make sense.

    3. @tc They investigated Hillary Clinton for years after she ran.. I believe THEY ALL SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED by an all PUBLIC FORUM.. Let ALL THE DIRTY LAUNDRY BE WASHED OUT..

  2. me investigating you: stunning and brave
    you investigating me: nonsense and fascism

    never change, msnpc. never. change.

  3. It’s amusing that democrats are still focused on proving they didn’t rig the election, when Americans have already decided that they did, and we already in the penalty phase.

  4. Okay if there’s no voting fraud according to one report, then according Muller, there was no Russia collision.


    1. If they’re so absolute that there was no fraud, then it should be able to bear the scrutiny? It was never never found to be wrong. It was simply met with closed eyes and finger plugged ears.

  5. Interesting how msnbc is calling out nonsense when their ratings and dislike is literally saying msnbc you are nonsense

  6. I love that they choose to show just that small clip. In reality trump won fulton county but Hughes never said trump won, all he said was there was no fraud. So all they proved is that in a county that voted heavily in favor of trump, there was no fraud. Its weird that they don’t mention that at all. Almost as if they are trying to spin a narrative, but we all know the media would never do that.

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