Biden Administration Facing Pleas to Extend Deadline To Leave Afghanistan

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Evelyn Farkas and former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama Ben Rhodes discuss whether the U.S. can safely evacuate Americans and Afghan allies by Tuesday’s deadline.

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    1. @Shemeat Mc Douglas Zone Trump may not be in office but he signed the Taliban Agreement which led to the current exit from Afghanistan. You Trumpettes have selective memory. He doesn’t at all live in my head, you people are the ones obsessed with him and follow him like a cult.

    2. @Live ToYourFullest I never said I supported or even agreed with trump. I said you were obsessed with him. And you just proved me right once again.

      Im a trumpette because I can see you got trump derangement syndrome?

      He lives in your head rent free.

    3. ABC, CBS and especially NBC/MSNBC…
      “Mostly peaceful bombings, today, as President Biden leads the Greatest Evacuation from Kabul (mostly NOT Americans) harkening back the days of Dumbkirk! While, on our Southern Border… we’ll, there is no border as hundred of thousands rush into the country to escape the Taliban. On the financial side, whatever “free money” you got to stimulate is now officially LESS than the inflated prices of groceries and gas… so call this a progressive eight months!”

    4. @Shemeat Mc Douglas Zone he doesn’t at all live in my head. I stopped watching the news while Trump was the president after he overturned the Clean Water Protections and got off Twitter because he’s an annoying subhuman pathological liar. I also detest his trophy hunting sons. Nice try.

    1. Of course not. Competent Commanders in Chief don’t illegally draw down troops to 2500 in a potentially hostile theater and then go play golf either, but Trump did.

    1. Miserable defeat with Biden leading. And to think Congress was afraid. They dont know fear like the Afghans do.

    2. @John Yost yes but they need to be there, only thing is they didn’t realise how much their live maybe in danger.

    3. @Ryu Rwar they have been told repeatedly for 8 months to leave. No way they needed 80,000 plus there till this week. No way!

  1. biden must ask permission from the taliban for more time?…democrat leadership in full view. It would seem abortion missed most of the biden administration…and THAT is a travesty.

  2. *NO* !
    The tally bois say get out…
    You had a year… But, chasing gold, you stayed, hoping the Stany government would stand…
    You had a year, you knew the deadline this whole time… NOW OR BE LEFT BEHIND!!! RUN OR DIE!!!

  3. It’s amazing how many people in the media and in políticas can talk about they know nothing about, how about listening to the opinion of the soldiers that were their for years, what do they say.

    1. @T85 Reloaded Well, because he is a real president, he owns anything that happens on his watch. He has said as much. Trump owned nothing but took credit for others’ achievements. TR45H.
      Here is what we won’t hear from Biden phone calls to the families “well, he knew what he was getting into”.

      This was always going to happen, it was written in stone when trump surrendered somebody else’s country to a terrorist organization on February 29, 2020 and then didn’t have the balls to complete the job before he went on permanent vacation at marlardo.

      I knew it was going to happen just like I knew mercenaries would attack Congress on January 6th – you knew it was going to happen because that’s what ISIS does, and herr drumpf knew it was going to happen because he laid the plans.

      It would have been the same thing in May and it would have been the same thing at Bagram. Biden’s only other option was to start a new war after trump already surrendered and then the word of the United States of America would be as worthless as that of a failed casino owner, carnival barker, and faux folk hero.

      I will be writing to the Attorney General tonight to suggest that Trump be arrested for dereliction of duty and the deaths of these brave men and women as well as any more that are almost sure to come.

      Dereliction of duty – to whit – continuing to draw down forces after Congress passed a law forbidding the expenditure of any funds to do so without Secretary Miller first providing them with a risk assessment.

      Trump vetoed that law on December 23rd and both houses over rode his veto on January 1 – his only veto over ride. The override vote was 81-13 in HIS GQP Senate

  4. It’s sad to be the greatest country in the world now to be considered the last great country of the world. We lost all respect we lost our dignity and we need to abolish the government.!!!

    1. You mean hunt down Trump and arrest him for breaking a law that HIS Senate overrode his veto on in January 1 to stop him from drawing troops down any further this year? That’s what I thought you said. We can get to the rest of the trump surrender debacle after he is in Gitmo for that.

  5. The deadline will be extended as long as it takes to continue to divert attention away from the Arizona Election audit. Now do you see what’s going on here and why the sudden chaotic Afghanistan pullout was timed when it was? Wake up people! Nothing is a coincidence!

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