1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Either I do know “WTF” I’m talking about, and I do, or I don’t. Only borderline literate idiots feel the need to add the word *even*.

    2. @robert caldwell You sound like an honorable man. One who doesn’t hide his opinions behind a childish screen name as many on this thread do.

    3. @S.D. C Remember trump saying “Yo Semite” National Park instead of Yosemite national Park? Talk about a combination of Freudian slip and dementia on display for all to see coming from MR “Law and Auto”, dj trump. Pathetic.

    4. @brian bullivant thanks… I’m not looking for accolades. I’m just offering my opinion. I do however agree that hiding behind a pseudonym, and hurling insults at someone you do know is not a shining example of heroism. I understand not everyone agrees with me. If that’s the case, state an opposing opinion ,stamp it with your name, and move on. This is my outlet. I keep my opinions to myself in public because I don’t want that Karen moment. Getting into a shouting match with someone at a grocery store,or work, isn’t going to solve anything. I’m not going to change any diehard Trump supporter. I will say I get a bit of a kick out of it when one of them come at me. They have no coherent argument. They’re like little kids lashing out. I’m all grown up. Doesn’t hurt my feelings. Thanks again. Be safe.

    5. @Randy WheelerYeah, 20 years in Afghanistan with less than 2500 US service people killed, compared to the 8 years in Vietnam, where the US incurred 58,281 dead service men and women. Do the math on that one and tell me if you really think Afghanistan to be the greatest blunder in our history. 24 times as many US service personnel dead in less than half the time, concluding in the fall of Saigon and the American Embassy there. Maybe you should read/learn a little history before making such asinine and clueless statements.

    1. @N Q I can speak 3 deferent languages , and the friends I communicate with from deferent countries are of the same view as me.

    2. “i am the chosen one ”

      “- Asylum Patient 45”

      Aint so funny when that patient is creating reality 😂👊 and they can’t even proof that! Bam! Killer 👊

    3. @BlaQ Bay17 “I am a Chump lover, follower, one the the many uneducated loved by my hero, Agent Orange.”

    4. @Jim Burley Just read all the comments. You are in a small minority here! But that’s ok. I 😘 be all the answers from people I agree with so you could say that to everyone else too! You bore me, as tRumpers often do. So I will leave you with this:

    5. Johnny English. for a few years i have thought he would not end up in jail, but on a secure mental ward. the men in white coats are long overdue

  1. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

    – Eric Trump

    1. @Thomas Jackson – both said it in different words. Those particular words were a direct quote from Eric.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply Under a deal “negotiated” by Trump. At least 80% of the problems with the withdrawal are Trump’s fault, fact.

    2. @JERRY RICHARDSON Trump doesn’t give a crap about any of you! 🤣 Love how he lives in your head. I feel sorry for you cheating lying trader Joe fans 🤮

  2. But it feels like every time we get a step forward finally, they always have a way to stop or slow it all…every time so far.

    1. The GOP is going down, now that Biden is in office. He’s had enough of this circus and so have a lot of people. I’m surprised trump isn’t in prison yet. All the corruption and lies need to come to light, no matter if they’re Republican or Democrat.

    2. Seems like nothing more than just regular PeDOJ theatrics we have seen for decades by now. Doj is compromised and needs to be cleaned up coś justice matters. Just lock this orange perv up and stop efing around. Same goes for all his perv buddies.

    1. @Blake JonesII this is going to happen and that’s a fact….IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN…WHY ARE YOU AFRAID HE WILL BE CAUGHT

    2. @Blake JonesII It doesn’t actually matter – there are many possibilities here for charges – that is clear (to most if not to you).

      But as an examples: conspiracy to incite the Capitol riot, racketeering, violations of election fraud law, false statements to state and local government bodies

  3. 81million Americans waiting dailey to hear Trump is under arrest and in Jail
    Cut off from his power
    Like John Gotti

    1. @Jim Burley So far the only “dead votes” that have been found were FOR Trump. If you are referring to the ones in Georgia, they were confirmed to be legitimate votes. They were female voters voting under there married names such as “Mrs. John Doe” and they were elderly and had been voting this way since they had been married and there were no votes found for their DECEASED husband, but keep spreading that lie too. In Trumpsville if you say something enough, then it must be true.😒

    2. Biden will be in a prison. The participants of the 6th January were heroes and patriots. Indeed, Trump was the best president, the USA ever had. Trump will be a president again. No job, and prices are up for 500% since Trump left the office. We need Trump back ASAP

    3. Farel Hettinger – LOL …. your Delusional
      Different rules apply to the rich and powerful
      The Trumps will NEVER see the inside of a jail cell

    1. @Aedammair Ornóra he’s never coming back get over it. The chances are better that he will go to prison troll

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra it’s you idiots that are betting with your life. You know as well as I do there’s a better chance of him being incarcerated than ever being president again.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra the only way he could come back if he won in 2024. And would have support this drop now to less than 30%, he just doesn’t have the numbers

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) Evacuate Civilians
      2) Dispose of military equipment
      3) Pull Troops

      *Traitor* Joe “accidentally” did it backwards

    2. Yes, he was always on the cusp of crazy, until He LOST TO J. BIDEN, Traitor Trump hasn’t had a sane moment since.

    3. @i dont have time 2 reply
      Sure Traitor Trump had a plan
      LOL, like his plans for;
      Infrastructure week
      The uncompleted wall
      Plans to pocket the “Check from Mexico”
      Plans to Release his Taxes after the audit
      His Better Healthcare plan
      You have
      T rump
      D elusional
      S upporter

  4. Executive Privilege?
    United States’Supreme Court
    US v Nixon: He had to turn over the tapes
    US v Clinton: He had to Testify to Congress.

    1. @Judith Sprague yeh! And half the house is still prodding worshipping gold! Getting paid in gold! You get paper just like the rest of the slaves!

    2. @fsinjin60 whoever told you that you know something would not be smart enough to know if you did! Talk to idiots on your boat! Have some ice cream to cool off the taliban!

    3. @fsinjin60 talisman! Would take two pages to state clintons crimes! Everyone in Arkansas voted for em to get em out of Arkansas! Hillary was involved in Watergate to begin with! Was a mail delivery girl, guess that’s where she got xpertize to hide e mail in bathroom! Amazing in the bathroom she’s a FREEDOM LOVER! THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE DESTROYING THE USA!

    4. @fsinjin60 Hunter and Joe got millions of money on government time! Tell the airlines he wasn’t there you really are not smart ! God what waste of a human!

    5. @Scott Manerez Because he kept telling you how great he was, and said “believe me” so you could help believing him? Or can you actually back that up with something, cause I though the former sucked.

    1. @孤独בין מיליונים & Still became one of the best presidents in US history you acting everything you stated caused him to fall off & become a failure in life name one person who survived all that & still became president 🤔

    2. DC , dictators council in DC , it’s making the world go crazy! Biden just joined! What a mess that can be blamed on none but the willing wicked participants!

    3. @john doe and by the way, the reason Twizzlefuck didn’t win re-election was that he totally screwed up Covid.

      He was actually hoping for a reason he could cancel the election (he had doubts about winning) and Covid was his best option. Think I’m crazy? Answer me this. Why else did he call it a hoax, tell people not to get vaccinated, or wear masks?

    1. @darryl haynes As long as Trump remains in the USA he cannot be charged with a crime because of the many Trump goons (his ace card) placed in each Federal Department including the courts. But if he does get charged (because someone squeals, etc.) with a crime it will be to late for him & the children to get out & hide in some country to avoid jail in the USA. Trump & the children will get out of the USA (with the help of the Trump Defense Department) just Before he gets charged so they all can hide somewhere on earth. It will be up to the bounty hunters (worse than the military) to find out where they are hiding & bring them back to the USA for trial & conviction. That’s what I believe will happen.

    1. @Aliza Kessler TRUMP CRIME FAMILY. LOCK THEM UP. But keep giving him YOUR pennies. He NEEDS the uneducated to keep grifting.

  5. Trump is a victim of his own actions. If he wants to see who ruined his life he needs to look in the mirror.

    1. @pkmcburroughs and he needs no cap, and he has peace in his heart, he can live with himself, not scrambling and blaming others for open borders!

    2. @Nonya Bidness Yeah. That’s how Donald Trump presents himself to the world–A MAN WITH PEACE IN HIS HEART.

      Umm. You’ve seen him, right?

      OH–and this “open borders” thing is a fairy tale, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and Trump blamed Obama for EVERYTHING. Unless, of course, I’m just imagining the phrase, “The cupboards were bare, okay? The cupboards were bare.”

    3. @pkmcburroughs I’m not yours or his judge! He did not bring war, death, pain, debt, or open borders! If you need a savior talk to Jesus, You are a man, what have you done in your life? I’ve had more money then I could count, and it never made me content, and you could not buy me! You can’t buy many things peace is one of those things! Do you leave your door unlocked at night? I used to have neighbors I could interact with and speak to, I still can but I have to get my phone to translate from English because the last 3 families in the last 5 months that are playing musical apts next door don’t speak English, and I don’t speak Spanish very well, and It makes for division, separation, none communication, my dear friend from Trinidad can’t rent a place in the USA because she is not a citizen, neither are my neighbors! I think they are scared! I’m not their enemy, I am beginning to feel like a foreigner in my home state! People are people ! I love people, I love truth! Trump harmed me in no way! Biden has me concerned for my own safety, which is a some what normal thing, but I see the big picture we don’t need every country in the world to be under a dictator! That’s what those running Biden are! Personal responsibility is a virtue, without truth , it dosent exist!

  6. I hope that this is actually a big deal and not just an MSNBC big deal…It would be wonderful to see Trump held accountable

  7. In a right and fair world, those records should be seen by the select committee in Congress! America should never have another president do the awful things that Trump did!

  8. They didn’t just do it, they didn’t just do it on his behalf, they did it AT HIS BEHEST…David Warren

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