Biden Administration Plans To Require Foreign Visitors To Be Vaccinated 1

Biden Administration Plans To Require Foreign Visitors To Be Vaccinated


The Biden White House is developing a plan to require vaccinations for almost all foreign visitors to the United States. Washington Week anchor and moderator Yamiche Alcindor and Dr. Patrice Harris join Morning Joe to discuss.

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Biden Administration Plans To Require Foreign Visitors To Be Vaccinated


  1. There’s probably hundreds of variants circulating in the US already. We have had the nasty levels of community transmission in the World for nearly two year, the rest of the world should be worried about our variations or the current OMaga Variant.😁😂

    1. @sammm bou NPR did not claim to be qualified. Sorry you read in things that are not there.
      NPR reported that someone in medicine had proposed that as a hypothesis in response to the question, asked by someone else, that widespread masking “MAY” have brought about the eradication of the common flu.
      They expressed it far better than I.
      My apologies for not having stated it simply enough for you to understand.
      I doubt NPR rakes in huge subsidies from the gov.
      Unlike fossil fuel industries which receive doles rivaling the Pentagon.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I think the figures in question represented worldwide deaths.
      Practices vary across the world.
      Our laws are not universally applied.

    1. Those who have ACTUAL health issues that discourages taking a vaccine:/
      Right wingers are too stupid to deserve an explanation.

    2. @Ok N the only ones I heard this about are unaccompanied minors being sent to live with relatives.
      One plane or bus ticket is far more frugal than paying for room and board, medicine, education and GUARDS for possibly years.
      Usually children, occasionally women with children seeking asylum with family.
      It seems more rational and humane than locking them up.
      Standing law requires we grant refuge to migrants fleeing for their lives.
      Standing them against the wall to be shot or casting them back for the sharks seems to be distasteful to most of us, and totally against our self images.
      How do you imagine we should handle them?

  2. The Hypocrisy is alarming and will weigh heavily during upcoming elections. Dems just fornicated themselves…again

    1. @E E hmm, lots of minorities have trouble with the English language, you have a problem with them?

    1. @john smith tell me, that vaccine protecting people from getting covid? Looks like your comprehension skills are non existing

    2. @Guy North why a mask after vaccination? And how would a third shot (still wearing a mask) help against a different strain of a virus?

    1. @Kendall Wright Robert A. Heinlein wrote that politics are an improvement over beating each other to death with clubs.
      Or something similar, I paraphrase.

    2. @Pat Shelby sorry, the ccp engineered bioweapon funded by the democrats with Our tax dollars is not God. I will pray for you though. Have a nice night and please educate yourself. Thank you!

    1. Do you have more than 2 million untested undocumented migrants flooding across your border, then being seeded all throughout your country by the administration intent on spreading this virus?

      Did you know that not one of these migrants is tested before being let into the interior of this nation where they’re being shipped by plane?

      Do you not see the utter hypocrisy, incompetence, and disregard for the health of citizens in this administration banning people from flying in, and requiring its citizens to muzzle themselves with masks?

      These people are evil who would allow this, and exemplify Democrat

    2. @Scott I very much think this is to be put into the cathegory ‚fake news‘, other than on ‚faux opinion‘ I have not found a source to confirm that. But the US is not the only place with undocumented refugees, that are hard to keep track on. Partly also very much thanks to the wars the US has started, Europe is full of them. So please stop your whining and get vaccinated, if you have not already done so.

  3. Funny wonder why vaccine deniers aren’t screaming about people who aren’t vaxed being allowed to travel too

  4. Wow if Trump did this..the media would go crazy and attack him non stop every single day

  5. But the people crossing the border. Aren’t, asked, or tested.
    This administration is a not funny joke.
    What a mess…….two hundred thousand a month!
    That’s ok. Right?

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