Rep. Mo Brooks Asks Court To Grant Him Immunity From January 6 Lawsuit 1

Rep. Mo Brooks Asks Court To Grant Him Immunity From January 6 Lawsuit

Rep, Mo Brooks is asking to be granted immunity from a lawsuit filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell that alleges he helped incite the Capitol riot on January 6 after his remarks at a rally with former President Trump. NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell reports from Capitol Hill.

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Rep. Mo Brooks Asks Court To Grant Him Immunity From January 6 Lawsuit


    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone go say that to the families of those dying of the Delta variant. They are younger and healthier than they were a year ago

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone With 35000000 cases confirmed and 615000 deaths that’s a mortality rate of 1.75%. Where do you get the 0.05% from? Then there are the people whom didn’t die and may have life long debilitating effects of long covid. Also those who survived after being on a ventilator for weeks will require long term rehabilitation.

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone There were a reported 14000 arrests made during blm protests US wide. Between 30th May to June 2nd there were 427 arrests made for civil unrest. You say there is one rule for Democrats? Whi was in power while the protests took place? Did the police answer directly to Democrats even in republican run states? Your just making stuff up as you go along.

  1. The nerve of these people to ask for immunity is just disgusting, full accountability and prosecution according to the law is what is required and needed!!!

    1. @Peggy Ferrera You got it backward’s are there any blm and antifa in jail for there so called peaceful riot’s and murder’s ?

    2. @Rachel Give me one good thing that biden has done to help American’s ? This is going to be a while for you to look it up and repeat something someone else has said huhh !

    3. I’d wager it’s more delusion and projection, with a heaping help of cowardice, that typifies most Trumpists. But yes, accountability is definitely needed.

    4. Thousands of Democrats attacked Federal property last summer, not many served time, lock them all up & toss away the key

    1. @Peda Peda wow Mandela effect… but “unarmed women” or domestic terrorist, sure she wouldn’t be there if not for Trump and these crooks..

    2. @Azn Mien also bet you don’t think the same about Kamala telling blm to go out & protest & let their be “no rest” blm a democrat organization is responsible for 3.5 billion in damage, 27 dead, that were killed, murdered, they didn’t commit suicide buddy. & all of sudden democrats care about government buildings? Y’all didn’t seem to care about them when y’all burnt down 6 of them, especially the court house in Portland that had workers in it. Do the world a favor & bite on that barrel

    1. @We Need The Truth
      Neither was right, BUT…if we are going tit for tat here….there is a huge difference here too. One is base on the truth, the other base on a lie. You do know the difference…right?

    2. @We Need The Truth there’s no point explaining the difference to people who just play dumb. Unless you really are that stupid, drinking from the fountain of Orangina

    3. @Beverley Ibrahim Well I agree, people play dumb mostly because they are dishonest and don’t want to give up that pride for the truth because that would mean admitting they’re wrong. But that’s just my guess.

  2. He can have _partial_ immunity as soon as he turns state’s evidence, and agrees to a plea deal, as far as I’m concerned. Not that anyone’s asked me.

    1. @matt lol the reason someone gets immunity is because they are forthcoming with evidence. Try to keep up. If you can’t, I suggest taking a few classes at the local community college.

  3. Why is Brooks still not in prison? In front of millions he asked for a terror attack of the US capitol.

    1. Brooks’ verbal attack on America makes him responsible for his part in the attack on the Capitol. Brooks needs to be held responsible for inciting the attack on the Capitol and the brave Americans who were defending America.

      Five Americans died on January 6th as the result of the attack on America. Brooks, Trump, Giuliani and anyone else who directed the attack must be held responsible for their anti-American and anti-democracy behaviors.

  4. He should ask “President” Trump to grant him immunity, and then see how that goes down with the courts.

    1. @We Need The Truth of course the truth and facts are always hard to read and comprehend for dumblicans. Bask in your stupidity. GOD BLESS

    2. We Need The Truth Covid-19 is the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The 19 denotes the year 2019. Research and development of messenger Ribonucleic acid or mRNA started over 30 years ago and was developed by hundreds of scientists working collectively. Vaccines do not protect people 100% but they do prevent severe symptoms if there is a breakthrough infection. The breakthrough infection rate of vaccinated Americans in .077%. The hospitalized percentage of vaccinated Americans with Covid is .004%.

    3. @138 Cycle Fabrication never gon get the truth no time soon anyway as with the other diseases snd viruses that popped up. Point being it was made for a reason and only those behind it truly know

  5. Mo Brooks doesn’t deserve immunity but he certainly deserves to be held accountable and brought to justice.

    1. It’s called making it official. We do it with everything; otherwise, you could just pull awards off the shelf….

      How do you not understand something as simple as this? Educate yourself!

    2. The Republicans voted against the bill giving them medals, which is why the President had to step in.

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