Biden Administration ‘Saying Domestic Terrorism Is A Problem’ | MSNBC

NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams discusses the Biden administration's plan to combat domestic terrorism. 

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Biden Administration 'Saying Domestic Terrorism Is A Problem' | MSNBC


  1. Did Trump incite the crowd on Jan 6? Hard to prove. But we know that he did watch them trash the Capitol and did NOTHING to stop them. CASE CLOSED.

    1. You know who else did nothing to stop it? Pelosi, Wray, Irving and Mayorkas who had intelligence reports that violence was planned for Jan 6th and “did NOTHING to stop them”. They intentionally allowed it to happen when they had the power to prepare or prevent it.

    2. @Joe Strmiska yes. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and others all continuously called for/and participated in the national riots that have been destroying government buildings, and cities for over a year now.

    3. @evan doe Hundreds of legal experts including constitutional lawyers and retired judges have all said that Trump clearly has incited violence and insurrection. But I suppose next you’ll tell me that you are smarter than all those hundreds of legal experts and that they are all wrong and only you are right. And then you’ll tell me you got your education at Trump University…..

    1. @Barnard Flapdoodle …I challenge you to name just one klansmen who’s NOT a trump supporter…

      Hold your breathe until you come up with something

    1. With Trump spying/looking for leaks, by that rationale alone Biden should pull all repugnant media records. And find out what traitors are sitting on the red side of the aisle.

  2. As you know, these people are delusional. While most of us live in the world of facts, science, etc. They live in some kind of fantasy land, where Sheriff Taylor runs a peaceful little town called Mayberry. Instead of trying to improve our lives, they do the opposite.

    1. Most Americans allow themselves to be deluded because the truth of what is really going on in geoeconomics and geopolitics is too frightening to face.

  3. As long as these “domestic terrorists” aren’t seperated by political ideology then yeah absolutely. ALL domestic terrorists groups need to be flushed out.

    1. @thegags have right wing extremist groups caused $2 billion worth of damage like the Democrats peaceful protester friends? Your FBI is full of BS.

    2. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? Actually, in their report, the FBI did not even list left wing groups. They apparently have not been very active the last few years. Report came out june 2020 under trump. The Centers for Strategic and International Studies did an independent report and they concur. So your statement if factually incorrect.

    3. @Dog Poo Fairy That same report also stated that most of the mayhem last summer was caused by white supremacist groups trying to blame the protesters. More has come out about that recently. And what you describe sounds a lot like the riot at the capitol, which was attended by thousands, not hundreds. But I know you only take your queue from the shameful republican representatives trying to rewrite history. We won’t forget what we all saw.

    1. That is the Democrats plan so far, and it is working. Create division and civil unrest, until they have an excuse to exercise complete authority, silence all dissidents and create a socialist government.

    2. @PJ Celeste troll? or brainwashed like the rest of them? Trumps entire speech at the capitol on jan 6 is but an example of “How to Brainwash 101”. look it up!

    1. I am hoping that Biden is having the FBI infiltrate all of these right wing, white supremacist militia groups. They are constantly plotting and conspiring. That will get you prison.

    2. @Barnard Flapdoodle WOW !!! Joe Biden and Kamala look like SHI! Joe will be lucky to make it through 1ST Term and Kamala will be destroyed in any Presidential elections, Democrats really screwed up on picking these two idiots.

    3. WOW !!! Joe Biden and Kamala look like SHI! Joe will be lucky to make it through 1ST Term and Kamala will be destroyed in any Presidential elections, Democrats really screwed up on picking these two idiots.

  4. Hmm who would name themselves something as stupid as da proud boieez, da boogaloo boieeez 🤔 only an orange 🍊 🤡 would come up with such a juvenile idea…

  5. In America A-Holes have the right to be A-Holes… That’s their Right… What they don’t have the right to be, is A-Holes breaking the Law…
    Trump… for instance…

    1. Don’t forget about “Equal Justice”. To believe one party, or politician, is more righteous than another is pure hypocrisy.

    2. ​@PJ Celeste
      Not at all… A-Holeism is non denominational… but Trump is a shining example… far superior as an example of sheer egotistical self aggrandizement than any I’ve ever seen… It’s not that he’s a Republican, (but even that is questionable), it’s that he is an A-Hole of A-Holes… If he has one talent that shines… it’s his A-Holeism…

  6. 🛑💯I think Jim Jordan should go in with Marjorie Taylor Greene on the trade to Putin( when you add in Trump and Bill Barr) for a bunch of our journalist and soldiers…. 😳💬🤳Can I get an amen?🛰🙏🙏🙏


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