Biden Administration Will Need To Move Heaven & Earth To Address Underlying Issues | Stephanie Ruhle

Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro discusses what the Biden administration can do as the number of migrant children at the border spikes. He says the White House will "need to move heaven and Earth" to address underlying issues in the Northern Triangle but that unlike his predecessor, President Biden has taken a compassionate and "competent" approach. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Biden Administration Will Need To Move Heaven & Earth To Address Underlying Issues | Stephanie Ruhle


    1. Not sure about wealth.. Bloomberg got close but did not win. Joe only takes in millions for foreign affairs. I think our politicians value power more then anything.

    1. 🚫Democrats and incompetent Biden open border policy will flood the country with illegals and taxpayers will be picking up the tab $$$$ not to mention all the diseases to bring it in the country. 👎🏿

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been saying ad nauseam..its the only way, think compassion and the answers will come !

    1. @Anthony Belvin And as a parent I agree because I would not have my child taken away from me. However the way it was handled, while legal was heartless. And unless you are a parent you would never understand. Unless any of us are refugees, we could never understand fleeing your home.

    2. @Chaos Nope. You seem like an intelligent person. Do your research. Democrats are trying to put processes in place. They want to reform immigration laws. Who obstructs such measures every time? High ranking Republicans. That’s not a matter of debate. That’s a matter of public record.

    3. @Kman8962 they’re failing, admit it. They talk the talk and sound wonderful, but are they? Doesn’t seem like it to me. They brought all this upon themselves inviting people in with promises of free everything and calling border security an immorality under Trump. Everyone’s making their way to the border now and it’s a complete mess, Fact!

    4. @Chaos I understand your argument. And no one is against border security. There seems to be a big difference of opinion of what constitutes good border security. But no has an answer to the immigration process. Trump messed up when he decided to villainize immigrants…Excuse me, brown skinned immigrants, both legal and illegal. He wanted to eliminate the dreamer’s protections. Even though the are productive members of society, taking better advantage of the American dream than most of us who are born here.
      Dems are too soft and too lenient. Even too slow and ineffective getting the necessary legislation passed. If both sides worked together, something could be done.

    5. @Kman8962you’re right both sides refuse to work together. Pelosi said that the wall is an immorality, which can only mean that the idea of stopping illegal immigrants coming in is immoral. That’s just plain stupid and doesn’t even make sense. Under Obama none of them thought it was immoral to stop illegal immigration.

  2. I don’t know the answer to this problem but I do know that we have way to many Americans that are homeless.

    1. Exactly! How are we supposed to solve the problems of other countries if we can not solve our own problems?
      There is no viable answer….

    2. They are not a priority – no TV = no vote.. Immigrants on the other hand are made to idolize Biden after being granted free entry and will likely be given voting rights.

    3. Enforcing the laws that were previously on the books is a start. But honestly, Joe doesn’t want to solve the problem. He wants to import a permanent democrat voting bloc.

  3. Contemporary English Version
    Ask God to bless everyone who mistreats you. Ask him to bless them and not to curse them. Romans 12:14

  4. It’s every moral humans godly obligation to help and protect innocent children from danger and injury and certainly death we all need to work together to end and repair the damage the trumpublican administration has done to our humanity

    1. Tom Nagel. Thank you! You couldn’t be more right! We are ALL responsible for INNOCENT children! Together it could be done. ‘A,loving heart is true wisdom. ‘ Charles Dickens.

  5. Sending money to Mexico won’t help because the government is corrupt the money will go right into the pockets of the cartel.

    1. Are you stupid? Do you think the government of mexico is the cartel or something? The money more likely will go to pockets of corrupt politicians and that is it.

  6. They don’t want to give the Aboriginals and Americas descendants of slaves our reperations but they find a way to hand that slave labor money out to others

  7. SOLUTION: United Nations Refugee program can immediately set up camps along Mexico and Guatemala coasts

  8. Wow what spin. Total and complete BS. meanwhile on covid we have sent 7 TRILLION bad Biden wants to spend another 3 on “infrastructure.” That’s 10 TRILLION in one year.

    Wake up America. These people didn’t even win.

  9. The steady cake emotionally delay because production steadily poke alongside a pumped passenger. disgusting, macho bandana

  10. How come there are no vote totals for the DISLIKES ???? YouTube are you trying to HIDE SOMETHING ???

  11. So here we are, again, Mr. Biden has over 80 million voters behind him not even counting the millions they suppressed, that in case anyone forgot is the people wishes and we will, and I mean all of us will make it happen, you can take that to the bank Jack! You either help making this happen or get the fok out of the way!

  12. No you can’t get asylum in your home country. NEVER. Unless you buy it, but that is not the purpose.

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