Biden Adviser Reacts To Pfizer Selling 100M More Covid Vaccines To U.S. | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Biden Adviser Reacts To Pfizer Selling 100M More Covid Vaccines To U.S. | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, Biden Covid advisory board co-chair, tells MSNBC's Hallie Jackson the Pfizer news is "the first step of many others." Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Biden Adviser Reacts To Pfizer Selling 100M More Covid Vaccines To U.S. | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

37 Comments on "Biden Adviser Reacts To Pfizer Selling 100M More Covid Vaccines To U.S. | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC"

  1. Trump said he will veto stimulus checks unless every American receives $2,000

  2. Lol. Dems trying to take credit Go figure, no surprise

    • just like trump did when he inherited the improved economy from Obama….

    • Bro they not stop sucking Trump wee-wee

    • @Sir Garwy you could said Germans and I’d taken you seriously. So the third world brought their scientific genius over to help out us dumb racist bigots? But why? I guess you gotta take the good with the bad

    • Joseph Jr McNamara | December 23, 2020 at 8:10 PM | Reply

      You inbreds are taking credit for a vaccine made in Germany by a German company whos CEO is a German/Turkish immigrant who had funding provided by the EU America never had anything to do with the vaccine 🤡

  3. Reminder: t’rump turned down their offer in the summer because, you know, he totally knows what he’s doing. 😅😂🤣

  4. Why are we buying a vaccine that they don’t now it it works on the new strain when they knew it was around in late August. How was this vaccine approved when they knew a new strain was all ready infecting European countries

  5. Hallie Jackson😍🤩😍

  6. Why are we buying a product we paid to create?

  7. Trump playing political game… Choas Coming 2021 Prepare America

  8. Buy Guns , And Food for 3 mth.

  9. Health Equity. Bravo! This is the heart of social -ism / universal health care. Look after everyone, and the country as a whole is stronger and healthier. A Win/Win. Dah….

  10. We need 750M doses total doses not 200M

  11. Reminder to everyone, at administering 1 million vaccinations a day, it will take one month to vaccinate 31 million, and 10 months to do 331 million. So don’t take it for granted that just because people got vaccinated they are safe, there are mutations, and there are people who haven’t been vaccinated yet. Still be responsible and wear masks and practice social distancing. We MUST get this virus under control and from spreading so there is less people to vaccinate. The only way we can reopen our economy and get back to work is if there is no more spread and infections.

    • Good luck. That is like saying we need to get the flu under control. Never going to happen it will always adapt

    • Protect the elderly and vulnerable is all we can really do.

    • @Alex Guolo S. Korea got their first infection the same day we did. They gave out free masks to everyone who needed one. They tested 20k people a day. They wore those masks and they practiced social distancing and self isolation. They have in the 10 months since they got it, 49.6k infections and 674 deaths.
      Americans were told it’s a hoax, that masks are voluntary, and people chose not to wear masks. We have 18 million more infections and 324,000 more deaths than S. Korea. Seems that just wearing a mask was more important to S. Korea and protecting themselves and others than Americans think.
      Sure America has 331Million citizens and S. Korea has 51Million. Per capita, out of every 75.6k they had one death, we had out of every 1,027 people one person died.They have out of every 1,027 people someone is infected, we have out of every 18 people, one person is infected.
      Is it easier to avoid the virus going to the store if one out of every 1,027 people have it, or going to the store and one out of every 18? Is it easier to vaccinate 331 million, or 49.6k?

  12. resistance is futile | December 23, 2020 at 4:35 PM | Reply

    While the death penalty should be abolished, trump should be an exception for such high treason.

  13. Remember: Trump publicly labeled Covid-19 a Democratic hoax AFTER he was
    taped telling Woodward how bad this virus really is. Unforgivable. 325,000 dead in 9 months. Never forget. NEVER.

  14. Granny Grammar | December 23, 2020 at 6:22 PM | Reply

    Congratulations to Pfizer, a.) for getting the vaccine out, and b.) for initiating Donald Trump’s education in the art of the deal.
    It’s a little late for poor Donnie to start, it’s true, but better ate than never, right?

  15. The biggest story isn’t being covered…I have proof

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