Biden Announces Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives, Mandates For Federal Workers

President Biden announced new Covid-19 vaccine incentives including encouraging states to use federal funds to award unvaccinated people $100 if they get the vaccine. He also announced new Covid-19 vaccine mandates for federal workers and contractors and urged other workplaces to follow suit.

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    1. @Drew B and just when I thought my fellow democrats couldn’t be anymore brainwashed and say something even dumber than before ….no wonder so many of us had to leave the left

    2. @Mary Kunst Mark Mark. Why don’t you just use logic instead of looking for someone to blame. The Pfizer board member already came out last week and told all of you that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid. Stop with the finger pointing. Even the European medical think tank said issuing vaccines in the middle of the pandemic was a horrible idea and would likely lead to mutations or a surge in cases. Get some logic up there please

    3. @Lane Atkinson lane. Fascism has absolutely nothing to do with right or left …. and you seem to forget your statement…. hitler was a SOCIALIST. … by defeating the CONSERVATIVE party. The influence of Marx in the prior years clearly evident. So no. Get the far right lie out of your head.

  1. Yet airlines are flying full flights ,zigging and zagging across the country . 20 people within 6 ft radius….masks off to eat snacks and drink…..but strict social distancing “to board” the aircraft …….it’s all absurd…

    1. What’s absurd is all the people dieing of stupidity! It needs to be on their headstones! Get the shots NOW!

    1. @Abe M. Biden cancels American jobs & creates jobs for the Human Traffickers. Yhat’s no laughing matter

  2. Here’s an “incentive” that hasn’t been offered: rescind the policy that indemnifies pharmaceutical companies from being sued for damage or death caused by the vaccines.

    1. @Cary ooooo!! Two whole things. Do you really want to go down that path? We could go all night listing companies that produced products that killed people and we can also list the 1000s of products that those companies produced that helped people. What’s interesting is you named products by J and J and then you named celebrex, a nsaid produced by Pfizer for the treatment of inflammation due to arthritis but those are not vaccines and its fairly clear that you don’t have a medical background because the way medications work and the way a vaccine works no where near the same and trying to use a standard that you won’t use something from a company that had a product that killed someone leaves you in the very tough place of having to give up all medications and treatment of any kind. No OTC medications and no food produced by a company operating in America, no beverage company…unless their only product is water. No spice company that has ever touched salt or products with other words….you can’t eat or consume anything unless you are full of crap. The plain and simple truth is because of your lack of information and education you have only the rumors and conspiracy stories you’ve heard and to change that requires the slightest bit of personal effort but that was to much….to tough to go educate yourself. It’s easier to believe a ridiculous story….is that really the situation??.smh

    2. @John Brown keep believing that propoganda. Jesus, ppl like you read about Hitler and then say you’d never fall for it. How about live a healthier life, fool

    3. @Cary I look up Celebrex and I am confused on what the problem is. It has a chance to increase heart attacks within certain ppl but most drugs do things like that. They got into a lawsuit over the drug but it was on the business side, not due to issues with the drug itself. Am I missing something?

    4. @John Brown here here I’m John brown of the state ha ha poopoo funny goo goo

      You must have a stepdad that loves you too much

  3. “We must do everything possible to protect our veterans from getting covid”
    Why not do everything possible to keep them off the streets Joe!!??

    1. Homeless vets have been a thing for atleast 40 years so what’s your point? why didn’t Trump Obama bush Clinton bush do anything about it

    1. @Sal L And especially if you croak or have a debilitating illness as a result of taking it. You can’t put a price on your health and you can’t spend money if you’re dead.

  4. Why?! The bribery and bullying?! This is far nefarious than people realize! Don’t vaccinate!

    1. Democrats don’t need to take it so personally. If anyone else lied to me every day of my life and then told me it was a good idea for me to inject something, I’d tell them no too.

    1. @Dian Dian There are people who are being forced to take or lose their jobs…that is called. ….Coercion. The federal govt is the largest employer in the USA. Any y thousands have already had covid and have antibodies that the existing vaccines , according to scientific fact, could never improve upon. The push to do this without debate is not right.

  5. So the Feds are gonna “pay employers” to force their employees to get the shot.
    Got it.

    1. I know an employer who’s company received government money for COVID lockdown and that employer reduced everyone’s pay by 30% for the year while he pocketed the government payout! When the plant manager ask him when are we getting back our 30% that everyone got shorted that year he told manager he doesn’t know if the government is going to hit him up to pay it back. That’s his lame excuse!

    2. Actually, since this “vaccine”/gene therapy has not been approved by the FDA, THEY CANNOT LEGALLY MAKE YOU TAKE THE VACCINE!

  6. Address the medical concerns and huge financial costs if there is an adverse reaction instead of just $100 bucks.

    1. exactly, but instead those with adverse effects are shunned and ignored by the media and medical community

    2. @maria zzz it’s not that it’s shunned, the ends justify their means. 🙂 Blessings to your family, protect them.

    3. Of course you can have the 1000 times more likely/serious effects of getting COVID for free without any Govt Intervention😀

    4. @P OR sure, mRNA sm 102.

      Let’s talk serious heath issues when the jab is gene therapy by design.

      My kids may get sick, but at least they’ll be able to have kids 🙂

    5. @Cheyenne Brunner mRNA sm102 is transported in chloroform, which is a carcinogen. However, the chloroform is removed before it’s added to the vaccine.

    1. @Norman Alvarez Do you have any old people in your family? All you morons call other people sheep finally learn how dumb they are while they’re standing over their family members lifeless bodies after they suffocated on their own bodily fluids. It’s not my favorite Schadenfreude, but it’s certainly enjoyable.

    1. me too — people really can’t stand the dem crap anymore. Used to be funny – now it looks stupid.

  7. This just feeds the people who are afraid of this in the first place, it’s scary to be forced to do anything of course everyone thinks it’s a trap

    1. @Matt I’m vaccinated and not putting my life on hold at all. It is the unvaccinated who are taking up ICU beds and prolonging the pandemic, putting others at risk. And “recovery” for some has meant ongoing oxygen at home all the way to double lung transplants. If you find that acceptable, you are the moron.

    2. What trap? When the CDC has literally decades of successful experience in handling this and the anti-vaccers have nothing at all? I’ll go with experience everytime! LOL!

    3. @Clayton Gunter let the anti people die if that’s what they choose you should be a-ok with that vaccine right?

    4. @angel seda Not one person is impressed that you learned the word “shill” from a Facebook meme. Stop acting like a teenaged girl trying to get “likes” on Insta.

  8. Regarding an authoritative take over, how many times in history as the tyrannical Satanic forces always use the “it’s for your protection” deception?

    1. No one knows history they will repeat it. It’s going to be the unvaccinated an people who refuse to be vaccinated who are the threat to society.

    1. @Jake Hancock at least someone with a gun is obviously a potential threat. Someone who is sick but asymptomatic has no such visual indication. They could wind up killing more people than a shooting would, depending on how many people they infect (and how many people those people infect and so on)

    2. This has never been about peoples freedom! What you decide affects ALL PEOPLE in this country and the world! If you’re dead, YOU don’t have ANYTHING!

  9. “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’”

    1. @Dian Dian Becauseanybody has a choice whether or not to get a chimical injected into their body or not. You can choose what to do with your body but not with someone elses body, like an innocent, unborn baby.

    2. @Capitcha That’s not very pro-life to refuse a vaccine that will end spread of coronavirus as well as future variants….
      People are getting very sick and still dying from it.

      Furthermore, the unvaccinated are taking up ICU beds from other usual cases & conditions, which is very selfish.

    3. @Dian Dian Even with a vaccine covid can still live in a host and mutate, spread, and create more variants for the future.

  10. “Si la Vacuna te cura, por qué te apuras? Si la Vacuna no te cura, Por qué ME apuras?”
    (If the Vaccine does protect you, Why do you worry? If the Vaccine does not protect you, Why do you hurry ME?
    VARIANT of an old Spanish proverb.

  11. DC has had 2 Two, Covid deaths in the past 2 weeks. There were 8 citizens shot dead in the same 2 weaks.

    1. Why don’t you wake up and count the whole country? The CDC has DECADES of successful experience in dealing with this, but the anti-vaccers have NO TRACK RECORD whatsoever! Use your brain!

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