The Unvaccinated Are Threatening The Fight Against Covid | MSNBC 1

The Unvaccinated Are Threatening The Fight Against Covid | MSNBC


Global health policy expert Dr. Vin Gupta speaks about the efforts he thinks the Biden administration should take when it comes to boosting vaccinations as the unvaccinated threaten the fights against Covid.

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    1. So many unvaccinated and covid infected foreigners surging the boarder. Foreigners threaten our safety daily yet Congress does nothing but Gag Mask vaccinated Americans.

    2. @Nikhil Newse Trump spent 4 years trolling everyone but his base. You guys cheered it on. Not sure why you don’t want to claim the results of that behavior as well.

    3. @Nikhil Newse Nope, Fox News is responsible for the divide. It can be traced directly to their birth in 1995. Carl Sagan even predicted it before it happened. Fox viewers are uneducated sheep and just believe what they are told. Fox has an accuracy rating of less than 35 percent. Trump just rode the wave of flyover ignorance. There are so many uneducated and stupid people in the middle of our country to make my head spin. I’m glad i live in a metro area of eight million that voted for Biden by 86 percent. There were zero Trump signs or any red hats here. We laugh at those people.

    4. @Matt Democrats, media, and Hollywood millionaires spent 4 years trolling and Hating Republicans. Hillary started the divide by calling Trump supporters ‘Deplorable’. Trump never insulted Democrat voters, he only insulted Democrat politicians, but morons still got upset over that. Hillary insulted Republican voters. To all the Democrat asswipes, don’t dish it if you can’t take it.
      “Whoever controls the media, controls the masses”- Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was a Nazi. Democrats control 95% of the media in America.

    5. @nosuchthing8 Tell that to inner-city minorities. They are the ones not getting vaccinated in every major US city.

    1. People who are vaccinated can still get covid but the symptoms are mild, people who are unvaccinated catch covid and get the worst symptoms and possibly death, the perfect world scenario the CDC and news outlets are trying to make.

      In reality its all just a toss up as every single persons body reacts differently to how negatively viruses and pathogens effect them. Some people will not get vaccinated and will never get sick, some are also physically immune to Covid-19. And then some people who are fully vaccinated with a booster will still catch covid and die. But I still recommend you get the shot as you got literally nothing to loose, its free and for the most part is peace of mind.

    2. because its rushed and given emergency authorization.

      creating a vaccine that fully protects takes years. the covid vaccine uses relatively new bio technology. if you dont want to get the vaccine, thats fine but at the very least be considerate and minimize contact with other people.

    3. @Known actually you may have A LOT to lose. Please Don’t spread disinformation when you don’t know what your talking about. My fathers best friend, a healthy middle aged man with no pre existing conditions, died less than 24 hours after getting that poison shot into him. There is no viable research on the short or long term effects of this billion dollar big pharma cash cow.

    4. @Known Some who were vaccinated and still caught COVID because they were on steroids or had problems with their immune system and couldn’t produce enough antibodies. They are recommending a third vaccination for those >65 or have a weakened immune system.

  1. If anyone believes the main stream media…. Then I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you!

    1. George Strait is gonna be right about that property if this keeps up the quakes will make it so. God will make AZ a shore!

    1. @J Scott Hatcher Are you stating that nobody has died from the vaccine? That is simply untrue. People die every year from all vaccines.

    2. Or the people who were fully vaccinated who caught Covid. In some cases got really sick and in others who died .

    3. And the fact that the swine flu vax was pulled off the shelves when there were far less deaths caused by it?

    4. My fathers best friend died less than 24 hours after getting that poison shot into him. A healthy middle aged man with no ore existing conditions, murdered by Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma & The Biden Administration.

    5. @Sam Popp don’t forget gain of function! Smh . Sorry for you loss . This is very serious. People deserve the right to know it’s unsafe !

  2. are we still talking about the virus that has a 99% survival rate? if you have underlying conditions, do what you need to do to protect yourself. get the vaccine, wear a mask and if you feel the need to.. stay home. this is all so blown out of proportion…

    1. But then what will the media drone on about 24/7? Where will Dr. Fauci go? What about all the billions of dollars Moderna and Pfizer were looking forward to? What will they use to scare voters with? Who will tell me what to do?

    2. Isn’t it bs?
      And that 1% number is using their numbers.. which you know its inflated because money is involved.
      “Doctor: We get gov funding if we treat a covid patient” “Nurse, does he have Covid?” “Nurse: No but he did cough” “Doctor: That’s close enough!”

      Your more at risk of getting cancer and dying then getting covid and dying.
      Risk for driving… Walking in a storm..
      This is ridiculous

    1. @Ivan Magana well, maybe you could check out the data on what people died from 100 years ago vs today. So yeah, vaccination seems like a good idea. Why do you think vaccinations are bad?

    2. @Kevin sd70 bro did you not watch those video links? From bitchute? Or are you trolling me? 100 years ago? There wasn’t that many disease 100years ago I have done my research. Do you know who dr.fauci is?

    3. @Ivan Magana It’s a fetal tissue line created from the cells of a fetus that was collected over 5-6 decades ago. New fetal tissue is not being used. That same cell line was used in the testing of Dear Leader Donnie’s Regeneron. The treatment that he credits with saving his life.
      There is much more mercury in the fish you eat than in a vaccine.
      The monkey tissue is also from a cell line. They’re aren’t cages full of monkeys in the vaccine manufactures labs.

    4. @Suomy Nona I don’t eat fish or sea food. If you think it’s ok to use dead baby parts I can’t change your mind

  3. Stop shaking the unvaccinated! It’s half truths about everything and you need to start telling the truth please… Seriously the shaming is going to far

    1. Well they want to justify shutting down small businesses again. Put that final nail in the coffin.
      Anyone with a brain knows Covid mutating is not a bad thing (It was doing it over a year ago) and its mutating does not stop with a shot. You think giving yourself covid (shot) kills it or something? Silly…
      Imagine if this was true.. The flu could of been gone years ago. The flu and covid are going to be here every year and they will have new variations from time to time. Good news… is those variations are often always less lethal. Delta is no different.

    2. @bobs hanery They need to stop taking funds away from education and invest in teaching science in schools. This is so sad. It’s a good thing there aren’t any outbreaks of smallpox, polio, tetanus, diphtheria or pertussis. God help us!

  4. There are over 12,00 vaccinated deaths as to date. They are underlining conditions like being a big fat fatty… That is the truth and needs to be reported.

    1. I hoping common bacteria,virus etc. will clean-up the rest but I’m sure threw natural selection some wont,they will have the right genetics to survive perhaps.And maybe thats whats its all about who ever left they have the cure in them,then they will make treatments based off those people genetics.Thats how I would do it like a big experiments quite genius of them honestly and hey we got plenty of willing test subjects

  5. Its my body, my choice. If the vaccine works so well, then you are fine having gotten it and dont have to worry about me not getting it.

    1. @AC3 Do it for the children, right? It’s the delta variant, it’s the delta variant, run for your lives! Okay, finish drinking your kool-aide then off to bed with ya.

    2. Can we just agree that “My body, my choice” is a deflection from the idea that you’re killing someone.

      And yes, killing a fetus still counts as killing. If you never intervened in the fetuses growth, then the baby would have been born and lived a full life.

      Face it, your body may be your choice. But when a life is in your hands, you’re accountable. Albeit a virus or an unborn baby.

  6. Let’s be honest the issue in no longer Covid… it’s our goverments responses to covid we’re now dealing with

    1. @guitarandrums because they spent billions of dollars on it? Follow the money if. You want answers

    2. @guitarandrums first off you don’t everyone to be vaccinated to efficiently eliminate a virus.. current estimates are >70% for herd immunity to kick in… second goverments want everyone to be vaccinated cause they gave companies like Pfizer billions to sell them vaccines… if Americans don’t take them it’ll be pointless. Let’s also not forget the influence campaigns going on where they say white republicans are the ones not vaccinated in order to manufucate consueues and make u feel like an outlier when really Black People around the US are only 38% vaxxed…

    3. @Nathan Bustamante Yes. I understand that you don’t need 100% of people to be vaccinated. But we don’t have 70% of people vaccinated. So it’s still a problem? I don’t understand your point.
      From the data I’ve seen, black people in the US are vaccinated pretty much in proportion to their population. But again I’m not really sure what that has to do with it.
      That’s not the point. The point is that one political party is pushing anti vaccination rhetoric, and the other is not.

  7. They’re simultaneously saying that people who take the rona jabs can still spread the virus, whilst claiming those who don’t take it are putting those who do at risk.

    They’re not even attempting to be coherent.

    It’s pure divide & conquer. Turning neighbour against neighbour. ZUBY

    1. People don’t understand what the shot is.
      Its basically giving yourself covid. Once you get it you can spread covid to someone because you just gave yourself covid. The odds of doing this with no symptoms is pretty dam low but you still can.
      Also.. These shots dont last. We are talking a few months.. Anyone who got the shot months ago has nothing more then a placebo at this point. We have flu season for a reason and dont take this stuff in the summer heat.

  8. Thank you keep showing how how much freedom we have “land of the free”
    Guess I might have to use the 2nd Amendment sooner than I thought

  9. At this point we are also threatening those attempting to wield the power of the state to force vaccinate us. Try it, we the armed people of America dare you.

  10. The lie is crumbling. Educate yourself but don’t “google” it. Use a different search engine because Google is erasing the truth.

  11. “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln
    They know what they are doing.

    1. … because Donald Trump supporters are all about tolerance, bridging differences and unifying the nation

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