Biden Announces End Of U.S. Combat Mission In Iraq

President Joe Biden met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi at the White House to discuss ending America’s combat mission in Iraq. Al-Kadhimi thanked America for the partnership between countries and Biden said the counter terrorism operation will continue. 
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    1. @SuperThumpasaurus on the contrary, Socialism especially democratic socialism gives the power back to people. See we have had different types of government and of governing bodies from monarchies to fascism. Fascism is the most dangerous not socialism. That is too much power to the government. As somebody who is a democratic socialist you should look more into the ideals of Socialism through the eyes of socialists rather than through the eyes of people who are bought and paid for. Socialism it’s so that you and me have a voice and what happens to our world.

    2. @Kiara Helen
      If you mean Social Democracy, that is Liberal, not Socialist. Most people talking about socialism these days really mean Social Democracy. That’s what Bernie is.

    3. That is their fault because they signed up knowingly to go fight banker wars. There is not one facet of foreign policy that is not crystal clear and especially these miserable failure wars.

  1. “President Obama declared an end on Tuesday to the seven-year American combat mission in Iraq, saying that the United States has met its responsibility to that country and that it is now time to turn to pressing problems at home.” NY Times, Aug 31, 2010.

    1. @Equality For All No, when Trump instigated Iran and threatened Venezuela I called him a terrorist. Now Biden’s failed policies are losing, and especially economic.

  2. It was a lose lose war. Unfortunately the question of pulling out is a lose lose one also. It is an unsolvable problem.

    1. Daa, don’t you see? Biden already dropped five hundred pound bombs in Syria, he cannot wait to drop 20 more on targets his handlers say gotta go and their targets will be just like the Ukrainian Prosecutor Mr Potatohead got disgraced and forever unemployed in the Ukrain, innocent.

    2. Someone asked him a question today…His response, “You are such a pain in the neck”. Obviously, he has not prepared for over countless hours of studying the cue card. Shame & embarrassing!!

    3. @jaycooooo where are your sources to so confidently proclaim that’s the next military strategy?

    1. US is always carefully managed to not be STUPID enough to start a war against a fair opponent and bite off more than it can chew.

    1. They’re probably preparing for a bigger war.. Maybe for a large scale war in Yemen or Iran or Syria..

  3. Even Obama’s doctor says the potato is unfit.
    The media of course is still squealing over his choice of ice cream

    1. @Wigit Pretty funny how they talk about Biden choosing his ice cream but completely walk over how obese Trump is.

    1. you mean mission fail, 20years the war still going on, your soldier has to leave at night, that a disgrace

  4. Why is everyone mad about this? It’s a very good thing, less people dying is a good thing right?

  5. Just thinking about those kids and families in that country I feel sorry for them. Years of bombs random deaths everyday, dudes are changed forever..Whole bloodlines wiped out, dreams vanquished..good luck

  6. It’s unfortunate that things have gotten to a point where whatever I see as a headline in the news, I immediately assume it’s false or at best propaganda, but I’m just gonna take this headline as it reads and hope that it is real…and if that is the case, it’s great news.

  7. Someone asked him a question today…His response, “You are such a pain in the neck”. Obviously, he has not prepared for over countless hours of studying the cue card. Shame & embarrassing!!

  8. How sick are we of Joe Biden’s baseless claims that hes president of the United States.? We live in a world where people just make stuff up.

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