Barrack Pleads Not Guilty, Out Of Prison After Posting $250 Million Bond

Tom Barrack, the chairman for Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee pleaded not guilty to charges that he was acting as a foreign agent of the United Arab Emirates and lying to the FBI when questioned. Barrack is out on bond after posting one of the largest bonds in U.S. history at $250 million. 
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    1. Access to private planes, homes in other countries…but sure, turn him loose. Meanwhile the guy that lives in a trailer gets busted for selling weed and is denied bond because of having no financial ties to the community.

      Makes perfect sense.

    1. I dont think he actually pays the bond… i believe he only posts it to which it is like a holding of the bond…if he doesn’t show up on his day in court, the bond gets cashed and he loses it.

  1. $250M is a drop in the bucket for Tom. Wish is that he turns on The Don. Certain he made $$$ off Tom “dealings” for years.

    1. The cell door slams behind another GOP. The smell of stale urine and mold permeates through the cell. In the darkness a set of gold teeth start to glow.

  2. Poor baby, He can only go to NYC, LA, and Aspen. I hope he can find something to do to keep him happy.

    1. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Rich people have many avenues of escape unfortunately.

  3. Typical Voldermoron supporter – deny, deny, deny – and if that doesn’t work – lie, lie, lie.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas and the judge will sentence accordingly for failure to admit the truth.

    2. @bombastic attitude Defendants in a criminal trial aren’t required to testify against themselves. It’ll all come down to the evidence.

  4. Big deal…..the guys a billionaire.
    10% 250 million, 25 million….a guy like that can get that money in under an hour.
    He’s playing a different game.

    1. If you were a Bondsman, would you carry that bond?
      If he splits, you’d be out 225 million dollars!
      Besides, they said he put up 4 huge properties, gave up his jet, passport, and is being monitored.
      I don’t think he used a Bondsman.

    2. @Larry Garland: Yeah, but the bondsman probably charged him a 10% fee to write the bond, instantly earning him $25 million. I’d take that in a heartbeat! If he runs I’d have $25 million to finance my bounty hunt to find him.

    3. @Reason , Do you know that he is a citizen of Pakistan (or a similar country) that has no extradition agreement with the U.S.? If he made it there, how are you going to save your 225 million dollar losses?
      You’re not thinking very hard about it, are you?
      Bottom line…it’s a moot point because he has way more than 250 mil!

    1. Watch out my critical thinking friends, the Trumpsters showed up. 🙄 Her comes the stupidity.

    2. @Paul Machowski It’s mostly “reality” and her troll accounts. This lady works for a PR firm that spreads falsehoods on YouTube and other social media platforms. She has several channels. Timmy Truth, Tweatles, William Music Hall, William Music Hall 2020, etc… Just ignore her.

    3. The cell door slams behind another GOP. The smell of stale urine and mold permeates through the cell. In the darkness a set of gold teeth start to glow.

    4. @reality What a weird, weird **bleeped** up human being you have become.

      You better hurry back to one of your safe spaces to have all your psychotic world views reaffirmed.

  5. Make no mistake. Trump would never say anything nice about the UAE unless there was an enormous paycheck in it for him. The feds do not want Tom Barrack. They want his cooperation.

    1. Trump couldn’t spell UAE, much less know where it is. But he found out there’s money in it for him.

  6. I envision a world were someone capable of paying a 250 miljon bond is considered a criminal for that fact alone.

    1. @Reason And it is not based on a person wealth? How is an American bond determined? I read that the severity of the crime was a factor. That would make Barrack a bad man, I guess.

    2. @Bas Koller: A number of things can determine the price of your bond. Mostly it’s the severity of the crime (most crimes have a standard bond amount) but THEN the judge can also add more money depending on flight risk and the net worth of the individual. The whole point behind a bail bond is to save the State money by not having to pay to detain you. So they allow most people (who aren’t an imminent danger to society) to post a bond gauranteeing that you’ll appear in court for hearings and a trial. The amount has to be enough to ensure that the accused person will show up to court (if they don’t show, the bond is cashed and they will lose that money). So the more a person is worth, the more a judge will add to the bond.
      A typical tax fraud charge would usually warrant a $25,000 bond. But because this guy is so wealthy, that’s hardly enough to ensure he’ll show up to court.

    3. @Reason Thanks for the explanation. That made my first comment a little ignorant. But how is it that I often heard that people couldn’t afford their bail? Did these people not show up?

    4. @Bas Koller They get remanded into custody if the bail can’t be met. Bail doesn’t mean guilty, but the accused still have to wait till the mention/hearing/trial/sentencing date in state custody (pick one). State custody typically implies a penetentiary housing cell with appointed amenities.

    1. Nobody. That’s why it’s called a BOND. You don’t actually pay $250 million unless you skip out and don’t show up to court.

    2. @Tim: YOU should. When you post a bond, all you pay is between 5-10% fee of the bail to a bondsman. (Plus collateral in case you run). Barrack’s bondsman only charged him a $5 million fee (less than 5%) and accepted his real estate and stock holdings as collateral which he only loses if he runs.

  7. How many more of TRUMP’s cronies are going to get arrested & get jailed before the LAW catches up with the
    HEAD HONCHO? Not much longer I hope as Trump poses a ‘Clear & Present Danger’ to the US

    1. @Tim it’s not that he has a small brain. These people have been indoctrinated into a clult they aren’t mentally right anymore this isn’t about politics. It’s about the soul of the nation.

    2. @Orange Taco you soul of the nation people seem more toxic then anyone I’ve met on the right or left alone.

    3. @William Parks ‘It’s a Witch Hunt’…What a Criminal says when they get cornered by the Law

    4. @Leo Redfield how was anything I said there toxic? Does any opinion that differs from you toxic?

  8. If he leaves the country there should be an international warrant with Interpol so that he can only just remain in the country he escapes to, though knowing that he’ll go to the Middle East, at least western countries will be able to arrest him.

    1. If he flees most of his assets will be frozen, and UAE is not going to protect this guy, what would they get out of it? And think of all the diplomatic consequences

    1. That guy’s lawyers and financial planner probably already found a way to write that 250 mil off.

    2. The first question Trump asks at a job interview is if the interviewee can afford to post bail.

  9. If he has so much money. Why can’t his children visit him. Trump and his crooks. Everything trump touches dies.

  10. The fact he had 250 million to post bail proves he shouldn’t have had a bail. What is an ankle bracelet going to do?

    1. The cell door slams behind another GOP. The smell of stale urine and mold permeates through the cell. In the darkness a set of gold teeth start to glow.

  11. List of trump associates that have been found guilty or have been charged with crimes.
    (More to follow)
    Steve Bannon
    Roger Stone
    Paul Manafort
    Michael Cohen
    Michael Flynn
    Rick Gates
    George Nader
    George Papadopoulos
    Richard Pinedo
    Tom Barrack

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