California Gov.Gavin Newsom Goes One-On-One With Ayman Mohyeldin 1

California Gov.Gavin Newsom Goes One-On-One With Ayman Mohyeldin


California Governor Gavin Newsom joins Ayman to explain the logistics of requiring vaccination or weekly Covid-19 testing for state employees.
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  1. “You can’t chose to drive drunk you are a danger to yourself and others…”

    That is exactly how this vaccine should be sold/advertised.

    Make it simple. Basic. Clear. Obvious even. Make people understand there are other things that are mandatory and no one feels like their rights are being infringed upon. So like drink driving is enforced against in order to save lives, so must the vaccine.

    1. Except there’s no proof of how this virus is transmitted, like there is with a drunk driver wrecking their car.

  2. Well thank goodness somebody is doing something to slow that spread who is this New some guy he’s smart?

    1. Your just a sheep you go and take the shot for everyone is there choice not his if they want to take it why are you worried if you took the shot you safe right

  3. When you choose to work in Healthcare you are required to have proof of vaccinations, and continued testing for tb. I’m shocked how many Healthcare workers/first responders don’t get vaccinated. It just blows my mind.

    1. In most countries you do. Medical expenses are free, but you identify by your social security number.

  4. I don’t blame him, we need mandate’s now because the sheep are following the blind and shameless.

  5. Thank you governor Newsom for doing the right thing …I’m so tired of the stall in vaccination , my brain is boggled , if your old enough to remember the polio shot that left a dime size scare on your arm then you may feel that the stalkers are a bit ridiculous…

  6. Has to be done. Delta is too dangerous. We can’t indulge anti-vaxxer tantrums forever. Enough is enough.

  7. He’s a great Govenor. Trumps minions want him recalled. He use to date Don Jr’s girlfriend. I’m sure this is partly Jr’s attempt to satisfy his ego. I’m a state employee & had 10% of my income cut for a year due to the pandemic but he did what he had to.

  8. I knew a surge was going to happen. I wish they held off till Labor Day. I don’t know why they rushed everything.

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