Biden announces strengthening of security alliance with South Korea | USA TODAY

Biden announces strengthening of security alliance with South Korea | USA TODAY 1


    1. @Moonstar He forgot his name, cus of Alzheimer.😅 sorry. He is joe biden or some1 say sleepy joe

  1. President Uncle Leo

    “I’m an old man, I thought I paid for it, where am I? Will someone give me a ride home?”

  2. Where am I. Who the hell is Yoon. I just flew where??. I used how many gallons of fuel to get here.. 66,000 gallons.

    1. When you’re a liar, hypocrite, racist, put America last mentality, etc, and a leader, (supposedly.) I understand it

  3. Come on man! The guy can’t even look up for more than 1 second before having to go back to his pre-written script that someone wrote for him

  4. He needs to stay home and solve domestic issues, instead of looking like an old fool on world stage.

  5. No problem with this… when I served I got to work along side the ROK air force. Great people, and warrior mindset. Funny as hell too and the biggest drinkers I’ve ever met.

    The situation in Korea is intense, and their mentality is so different because they are so close to NK and China. I think its important maintaining a close ally in that area

    1. Because you have lived under severe despotism so long that you only want more? Are you actually terrified of liberty? Do you even know what it means?

    2. @First Name Last Name you don’t know that this government is despotism? You never knew what freedom is. I understand, living in the United States most people never learn. I pity you & you can call me dudette. Tyvm

  6. Why does he need to read everything? You can’t remember anything you just did or talked about or their name? Pathetic actor destroying our country! 🤬

  7. Thank you, Mr.President, for your visit to Korea. Korea will be the best alliance that U.S would ever have and along with Japan/Austrailia we will stop communist spread from China.

  8. It was a place to ask questions about security cooperation, economic cooperation, and defense cooperation, and all reporters asked about them. But one feminist reporter asked a question about gender equality, and everyone laughed. It sucks😂😂🤣

  9. can’t help but be stoked that the homeland of my parents and my homeland are growing closer

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