Biden Argues Dismal Jobs Report Shows Need For More Investment | The Last Word | MSNBC

AFL-CIO Chief Economist William Spriggs joins Ali Velshi to discuss what the “startling” job losses in April means for the economic recovery, why the Republican argument that expanded unemployment insurance is stopping people from getting a job “doesn’t make sense” and how President Biden’s families plan can stimulate growth by helping women return to the workforce.
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  1. One thing is certain: the jobs report is way better than it would have been under Trump.
    Everyone can be thankful for that, at least.

  2. So long as Senate gets paid $174,000 a year each swearing to only vote everything down I don’t want to hear complaints from them. Especially on child care and unemployment I’m in my 60’s and have 0 problems with either.

    1. @Mullah Baksheesh If you want to criticize, Talk about CEO’s making $30 million a year.

    2. @Mullah Baksheesh Apparently, being a 53 year veteran in the Civil Service with a medical degree is a good thing.

    3. @Ronald King 1. If you’re talking about Dr. Doom, recall that he hasn’t sat across from an actual patient since c. 1990. He is a STATISTICIAN, more properly a STATISTICS COMPILER.
      2. If you have time, read (in its entirety) AN OPEN LETTER TO DR ANTHONY FAUCI “”You are responsible for all government funded AIDS treatment research. In
      the name of right, you make decisions that cost the lives of others. I call
      the decisions you are making acts of murder.”
      Larry Kramer
      “An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci”
      San Francisco Examiner, June 26, 1988
      3. “Fauci is all about Fauci.
      He loves being the headline.
      It’s his ego.”
      — Dr. Jonathan Fishbein,former chief of ethics and regulatory compliance at the National Institutes of Health

  3. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security rather having different investments is the real deal… So l really appreciate your transparency

    1. @Anthony Browne seriously, the problem is endemic and it’s exploitation of workers, the onus to improve their own lot shouldn’t be on the one being oppressed with poor conditions and low pay to keep them exactly where they are, unable to save and invest.

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    1. I have never heard or seen any of her client complain of lost.. I think she’s just too perfect

    2. @Kelvin Barron Hey your not far from making profit, she has taken care of my account for months..I have 25 wins so far

  5. we arent being lazy nor is the additional $300 a disincentive to go back to work. the Fed $300 additional benefit on top of UI benefits shows how underpaid we are and were pre-pandemic. in florida the additional fed money means we can actually pay bills and eat without having to choose which to let lapse resulting in late know, that thing called living. that said and because DeSatan is so bad at doing the right thing and anticipating him earning his nickname to withdraw from the Fed $300 benefit i am beginning to look for a job before he follows his a-hole GOP dirt bags. that said job hunting is 3x harder than it was pre-pandemic because there are fewer jobs or companies still underpaying wages or offer jobs that dont financially support candidates with lower hours.

    1. “anticipating…withdraw from the Fed $300 benefit I am beginning to look for a job.”

      Wow, I’m shocked.

    1. @atheist28403 It would entice more people to go back. There are many Americans that could barely buy food for themselves and their families before and during the pandemic. I understand their frustration about how the private sector is treating them.

    2. @THE JACK HQ As a former restaurant employee, I can tell you firsthand, I got paid much more working for private businesses than I ever did working for corporations.

  6. No it shows the need to get rid of lockdowns and stop screwing small businesses.

    1. The small businesses having a smaller demand is the only thing that is mitigating supply chain issues.

    2. Lock down is a small part…..ask the SBA why they are lagging on loan help?????????

    3. and yet Melbourne Australia did a 6 month lockdown, with even gardeners banned from working alone outdoors & look at the number comparisons now! Your claims just don’t stand up to any level of scrutiny sorry

    4. Styxhexenhammer666 Don’t get too frustrated. 🙂💁🏻‍♂️ Here, I’ll tell you what I told someone else on this thread. First, the unemployment aid runs out in September, it won’t last forever. Also, there are people who have exited the sector of the economy that they’ve worked in and looking for a new sector to try out. There are also more women who have exited the labor force than men over this pandemic period, which is also affecting the numbers (due in part to childcare costs). There are people trying to form their own business or interested in finding more flexible independent contractor work, but can’t quite find it yet (the hybrid schedule has become more popular during this pandemic as well).

      Age-adjusted labor force participation rate is now at 2014-2015 levels when the economy overall started tracking back up after the Great Recession. There are still millions actively searching for a job. I have faith that we’ll pull through.

      If more businesses take the route than CEO Dan Price took in Seattle, we might see more people be intrigued to shoot back to work even sooner.

      I hope this helps you breathe a little easier 👍.

  7. They’re not looking at all aspects of the situation….many small businesses had to close their doors for good, many people have been made homeless due to evictions and also, many people were forced to work and contracted the virus and has either died or are suffering from the affects of the virus.
    Added infrastructure is the only way out of the economic crisis.
    And then it has to be long-term to ensure that it’s going to be a viable force.

    1. Added infrastructure? Do tell, how is that going to dig us out of the current economic situation?

    2. @atheist28403 If you don’t understand, why should I trouble myself explaining how new infrastructure is beneficial?
      Besides, it was already covered on all news media outlets and television unless you only watch fox news.

    3. @JR Blackstar In other words, you don’t know…you’re just parroting what you hear from the MSM.

    4. @atheist28403 You think? Infrastructure is a very lengthy subject and if it’s not done correctly would defeat it’s intent to create a society that can prosper and grow.
      So my advice to you, research what it means to have an infrastructure in any society.
      But let’s try this one subject: Jobs.
      In Biden’s plan, implementing the Green New Deal will create jobs at all levels from entry to managerial positions and contractors to build, engineers for designing, maintenance crews and, etc. It will provide training and long-term employment. It will not require college degrees for the most part of the positions.
      When one thinks about it, they’re sure to wonder why it hasn’t already been done.
      There are many electricians who seek employment and with the Green New Deal, they’ll be in demand.
      There are other fields as well, Research and Development….. Technological advances and Medical Advancements.
      It’s a long list to add to the current structures that are in place.
      You have Education, Childcare, improvement for roadways and a whole lot more.
      I’m not one to talk about a subject without knowing anything about it as the republicans are known for.
      With the type of moniker you use, I can relate, although I suggest you do some research on your own.

    5. @JR Blackstar As a business administration major (PhD), I do quite a bit of research into such policies and plans.
      The jobs you speak of will be paid for by the government (i.e. tax-payers). That means increasing taxes and not just on the rich. The Green New Deal has been analyzed by many different organizations and institutions; none have predicted positive ROI.
      Also, the amount of jobs created will be offset by the number of jobs lost once we decimate the industries being replaced. Even for the low-skilled jobs, it will require a great deal of investment in training and associated costs.
      Electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, welders, etc. are in high demand across the country; mainly due to younger people being cajoled into the belief they need higher education to obtain profitable work. Most of my students have no business in higher education. To be honest, I don’t know how 25(+)% of them even graduated high school.
      Lastly, we have continued to pump more and more money into education, only to have our public education system continuously rank as one of the lowest among most other industrialized nations.

  8. What are these states doing with the $ that was taken off the public by the unemployment office….the money was provided by Washington to these states for their people and now they are with holding the money…..who’s pocket is this money going into ???

  9. Then NO MORE government subsidizing Corporations! ALL the money that they got on Tax cuts and used for stock buy-backs rather than reinvesting is coming home to roost.

  10. On the disconnect of workers & employers, that didn’t have to happen. This was anticipated & resolved at the start of the pandemic in Australia, employees were paid government benefits VIA their employers. Any company that lost 30% or more of it’s revenue could apply to the tax office to get $1,500 per employee per fortnight paid to the business, conditional to passing it all on to the employees. In return, they could have the employees work for them, at no cost to them, as long as the hours of work didn’t go above $1,500 per fortnight.

    As the pandemic ended, they increased hours & paid part of their wages & then after a year, the benefits stopped & they returned to having to pay wages again, for their staff that by then were all back at work fulltime. Companies that made record profits in 2020 (which was most) found themselves under moral pressure from the public to repay the government benefits taken, so it didnt’ even cost very much to do.

    These problems are fixable in rich countries like America & Australia

  11. republicans actively are wishing the US recovery goes poorly – people still out of work, businesses struggling, schools not opening – just so they can blame Biden.

    So, about that GQP “America First” stuff…🤔🙄😅😂

  12. Idaho will be next they jumped right on canceling federal food benefits can’t let seniors receive their full federal snap benefits. And with covid relief all they got was what their supposed to get anyway. Would like to see ol Governor Little or Crapo live on 63 dollars food a day let alone a month on 800 a month income.

    1. @Jim Berton They deduct your basic household expenses rent utilities medical if its more then 100$ and 20$ And judge your benefit by that. You aren’t supposed to have, cable or internet, transportation or gas, or car insurance which is required, personal upkeep, maintenance of any kind or even a pet or hobby. Yet they base there poverty level at 1300$, well last time I checked 800 or less is 500 shy of that. Most are grateful for food banks but its all sugars and carbohydrates and limited too. Definitely not a healthy diet. Its disgraceful what Idaho does to its seniors and disabled.

    2. @Alicia Taylor social security pays my mom more than 800 a month. She worked a low paying factory job and didn’t make a fortune. I thought social security payments were based on how much you paid into the system.

    3. @Jim Berton Yes but only receiving 17 to 63 dollars in snap a month above your 800 or less is hardly eating.

    4. @Jim Berton I guess my point is those Seniors and disabled living on 800 or less a month live well below the federal poverty limit already. The snap benefits are based on that poverty level of 1300 a month. I believe the benefit is around 234$. Republican states have no right to pocket that benefit and think anyone can l eat on 70 dollars a month of that federal benefit.

    5. @Jim Berton They are but many seniors either faced early retirement from illness or debility . Many women were homemakers and only receive a fraction of their spouses benefits. Some are handicapped . I made over 60 dollars an hour in the latter part of my career should have divorced sooner, but was foolish enough to be a homemaker and mother for 30 years. Paid lots of taxes on my rental properties during that time I was married. But it didn’t benefit me filing jointly. This states minimum wage is 7.25 doesn’t put anyone over poverty. The point is social security hasn’t been reformed in 60 years. And Idaho just keeps the most vulnerable down. They don’t have a right to pad their state with federal funds meant to aid these people.

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  14. The American Jobs/Families Plan is a Blue Collar, Blueprint, for a prosperous Blue/Green America.
    Uncle Joe will Build Back Better.

  15. “Just to be clear, $300 a week is $7.50 an hour, it’s $15,760 a year…if you work full time. Ehh….if that’s what you’re robbing the system of you’re not a very successful robber.”

    Say that louder for those in the back Ali, not just to the Chamber of Commerce.

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