1. Sir you got my vote. Can we get the rif raf off United States payroll and on Mar-A-Largo payroll?

  2. My brothers and sisters have to come out in way larger capacity to VOTE next time to show these clowns they can’t STOP you!!!

    1. Yes!! I hope these type of voting bills bring even more motivation for folks to get and vote!

    2. @B Bodziak it’s not 1918 anymore for all of us but some ppl with power trying to take us back to those dark times!!!

    3. Yeah it’s working so well. How many more years are you going to let Democrats the party of the KKK and slavery exploit you? You even had a black president in Barry and got nothing.

      Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

      Here you are AGAIN at another election about to make the same mistake.

      Now that’s STUPID.

  3. Still can’t understand how on earth any none white person is a republican?! Or how anyone is a republican for that matter !!!!

    1. Well, let’s look at the numbers. Back in November of 2020, roughly 33% of the total electorate were Republicans. In the weeks since the Jan. 6th insurrection, that number has dwindled down to a tiny 24%. based on that sudden plummet in the number of Republican voters, I think it’s safe to say that the Republicans are currently strangling themselves.

    2. Easy. Ask any person who voted for Trump why they voted for him. You will see that their motivations can be attributed to one or more of greed (taxes), religious extremism(Roe v.Wade), racism, guns(2nd Amend.), and/or general ignorance of the issues.

    3. the 2 party system are the same with 2 distinct differences. Republicans believe in getting corporate taxes to be lowered and capital gains to be lowered. Democrats are the opposites ………when it comes to everything else…….the same

  4. The definition of a stolen election must be when more city folk vote than non city folk. I can’t see any other explanation.

  5. ‘Calling an Election unfair does not make it so’ ‘ Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here. The campaigns claim have no merit.’
    – Trump appointee Judge Stephanos Bibas Pennsylvania Supreme Court

  6. I think when it comes to voting again in the U S, they should have foreign voting observers here to overlook the voting so that GQP don’t cheat, you know like the U S does in other countries

    1. @James Mullins
      Absolutely! Just like they do in undemocratic 3rd world countries. Since Don The Con hijacked their Party, the Republicons don’t believe that democracy is a good thing. They are purging from their party anyone who criticizes their orange-skin führer.

    2. @Pierro Jules Shamelessly !!! this is really bad. If someone told you this you would not have believed that this could happen .

    1. HR1 and HR4 have passed the House of Representatives. Since ALL the republicon US senators oppose those bills, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats must get rid of the filibuster in order to pass it. Unfortunately, both Joe Manchin (West VA) and Kyrsten Sinema (NV) oppose getting rid of the filibuster. History is watching them. The Democrats MUST pass HR1 and HR4 to save our democracy from its destruction by the corrupt Republicons.

  7. So, how long before these suppression laws are brought up to the Supreme Courts?

    1. The Supreme Court won’t do anything because they are conservative instead of non-partisan. Republicans made the Supreme Court 8 when it suited them, blocked Obama from selecting a justice, and crammed through the unqualified Justice Barrett in two weeks. President Biden needs to change the court to be bi-partisan and set term limits. No one should be given a job for life. Those judges overstay.

  8. Why they want to stop people from voting: they don’t want the people to vote for policies that will benefit the working class. Period.

    1. Yes and I hope this motivates even more Georgians to get out and vote and make Stacey proud!

    2. @B Bodziak We were already motivated! I’ll even drive my newly minted 18 yo to send Stacey to the Gold Dome and Sen Warnock back to DC in 2022.

  9. The words of the late ……JOHN LEWIS…..
    is….. ALIVE…..and is a beacon of truth…..
    “LET US HO FORTH AND MAKE SOME GOOD TROUBLE “……and this we shall do
    For the good of all mankind and all
    HUMANITY in order that humankind can
    And will progress and PERSEVERE into the future for the betterment of all .

  10. Remember when you did sh*t that you knew was wrong back in jr. high & high school – knowing if you got caught you’d just say something like “We didn’t know that was wrong!”?

    Yeah ^that’s texas republicans.

  11. GQP: “We’re not racist.”
    Everyone: “Go on….”
    GQP: “We just want to ensure the right people vote and that we preserve the whites of those voters. Errr, I mean rights. Uhh, oof.”
    Everyone: 🤔🙄

  12. “We have to make big trouble to those who want to trample on voters’ rights in Texas.” Rep. Rafael Anchia. Well said. Not just Texas, but every state. From Alaska to Florida. Maine to Arizona.

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