Trump Loyalists Matt Gaetz And Marjorie Taylor Greene Seek To Purge GOP Of 2020 Truth Tellers

Trump Loyalists Matt Gaetz And Marjorie Taylor Greene Seek To Purge GOP Of 2020 Truth Tellers 1


    1. That’s what I’ve been calling the Republicans for the past 4 years, ” Trained seals,” flapping their flippers.

    2. @Larry Mc Neely stick with any msm and let them do all your thinking for you. And you’ll wind up in a land where you’ve willfully given up all your freedoms.

  1. The level of delusion, corruption, and outright stupidity within that party is mind blowing.

    1. @_ Ika the autopsy did NOT say that. I heard what the prosecution said about the fentanyl. There was NOT significant amounts of fentanyl. The defense team had liars like that south African expert who is now being investigated. But you dont Cate about any of that . Are you a Russian- or a criminal or just another lunatic on the fringes Nobody injeSts fentanyl or heroin..users will extract the drug from the skin patches so as to smoke it or shoot it . He would have dropped long before if he overdosed . its very fast acting . You know all this any way. Your religion makes you want to lie non stop . LYING and constantly accusing the other side of what you are doing is an old communist tactic which the Republicans are now using .

    2. @Florida Gal It was never about Trump,but the message…this eludes the left…..want me to prove it….people are moving out of blue states and going to red states…the homeless and drug addicted are moving from the red states to the blue states….who will end up better?

    3. @Joe Latiolait no…am certain i am not…find flaws in Trump,break out the devil’s contract,it rolls out for 2 city blocks.There are 2 choices on the ballet,Trump is the best choice,his message is better

    1. I hope they continue their tour all the way up to when Matty boy gets taken away in handcuffs. That day is coming, just be patient…

    1. @Favour Bridgette opening the southern border stops trafficking and abuse of children 🔴 finish the wall reenact remain in mexico 🇺🇸

    2. Yeah, your country needs you to vote ALL Red. Someone needs to control the Geezer and Skelator in the White House.

  2. Psychopaths require constant adoration … that’s why they need to hold these “love-me” rallies… they fit the description to a T

    1. Seach Mayo Clinic Narcisistic Personality Disorder and read the symptoms. You would SWEAR they were written with Trump in mind.

    2. Love me rallies, that is a riot, thumbs up for that one 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅😂

  3. it honestly boggles the mind why anyone would willingly listen to what either of those two had to say about anything.

    1. @heavyd777 If you were a literate person, you would understand that my comments did not exclude Joe Biden. But you’re not. The original comment was about these two particular individuals. You do understand the concepts of individuals and groups? Or did you drop out before third grade?

    2. @My Tale now that is the realest statement that I’ve heard on here you are absolutely right


  4. How can Gaetz and Greene still even be in their respective positions? These people are ‘disturbed’

    1. This is almost some sort of “I dare you to do anything” tactic by Gaetz and Green towards the DOJ for their absolute betrayal of democracy.

    2. They are, but not as disturbed as those who “voted them into power” in the first place

    3. @Andres Miguel Cervantes
      Exactly. Trump declaring himself as president of this country in another name is sedition.

    1. Hey joker may be a psyco but he’s also against Nazis, see captain America and Batman teamup comic from 90s

    2. I’ve been looking at Gaetz and trying to figure out who he reminded me of. You are right, it’s the joker.

    3. @Debra Deroos nah jokers insane but hes also smart so that to big of a difference between them.

    1. Joe “Chy-Na By-Den” as you call him is merely a new “character” for Season 2 of “America:The Realty Show” started by Donald J. Trump. This is like “Forrest Gump meets House of Cards”… show on the web!!

    1. @Danny Martinez Sadly you’re right. And the reason it works is because they are pandering to peoples darkest, most hidden emotions and feelings, exploiting them. Same technique people like Hitler and Mussolini likewise employed to their fullest.

    2. @Nuclear Christian still though there’s less of them than us. Numbers mean more than their ignorance

    3. @Republicans are terrorists there’s more of us but everything is set up to keep them competitive. If it weren’t Republicans would have no hope I’m any elections or congress.

    4. @Danny Martinez It’s both and. Some are stupid. Some lack self awareness. Some know exactly what they’re doing. Most probably have various mixtures of the three.

  5. Meanwhile their speaking to a crowd who receive Social Security and Medicare that are Social Programs.

    1. @Charles Davis – Their loaded because they’re benefiting from those programs. I’m sure they’re all receiving Social Society, tax breaks and any other codes/programs to receive additional money that the average American doesn’t know about….

    2. @Tyrone Donovan you mean Republicans can’t win the popular vote even when in our idiotic system they win. Lol. Even when they win they lose.

    3. @Charles Davis yes they do. They paid into it. They will collect it. Even if they’re loaded.

    4. @Charles Davis personally know people who own businesses and cried socialism when they did first stimulus under trump. Then they bragged about how they scammed the unemployment. Lol. No sht

    5. @Charles Davis one of whom owns an $800k house and never paid a penny into unemployment and never stopped working.

  6. A wise man or woman speaks because they have something to say, and a fool talks because they can’t help it.

    1. I can see Donnie so excited at his TV, pumping his fists and chattering on about “THE RATINGS!!”

  7. grandma and grandpa OK’s their grandkids to go out of state with older dudes that pay . Have fun kids. And OK’s carrying that AK over your shoulders , just like the two people they went to see.

    1. @Vicki Bertrand Alzheimer’s disease is a typical disease of the aged. 2% of 65y olds are affected, in 75y olds it’s already 6% and 85y olds almost 20%.
      True, MTG sounds completely demented. But there are other forms of dementia besides Alzheimer’s.

    2. I would think the opposite in Greene’s case, she need’s to put on something and at times heavily sedated

  8. Anyone who has worked retail or food service recognizes that psycho Greene smile… shes about to very “politely” call you sweetie or honey then, make some wacky request in the sweetest condescending voice then ask for the manager and try to get you fired when you deny her

  9. ” It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ~ Upton Sinclair

    ” It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain

  10. I don’t usually stoop to this level but these are two of the funniest and weirdest looking people I’ve ever seen.

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