Biden Cabinet Members Facing Double Standard In Confirmation | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Biden Cabinet Members Facing Double Standard In Confirmation | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Republicans are targeting some of President Biden’s cabinet nominees, most notably the nominees of color are facing outsize opposition. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Biden Cabinet Members Facing Double Standard In Confirmation | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. So as long as there is a single qualified white male, we can just ignore everyone who is neither white nor male?

    2. To Republicans racial history means everything, Trump’s cabinet was 98% white, and most not qualified, it was a revolving door.

    1. True, and if that is what the GOP sees the problem in her nomination…thats fair. But saying that she can’t be nominated due to her mean tweets after all agent orange has done….is just ridiculous

    2. @Neil Patel Her tweets may be problematic, but I don’t care about her tweets! Her corporate funding is the concern!

    3. @Rene Curry But that wasn’t the topic discussed above though. You have a point about her history, but the GOP talking about her tweets is hypocritical….they should be smart enough to talk about anything else..

    4. @Neil Patel rethug hypocrisy is why her tweets mean nothing to me. Again…corporate funding puts me on the side of Bernie for denying her confirmation.

    5. True, and perhaps Republicans should have used this as pushback originally. They have used “whataboutism”, projection and personal attacks as a defense so much that these are their “go to” responses instead of doing a little research and bringing to light legitimate pushback situations. They are conditioned, maybe not even realizing, by trump’s tactics of defense. Our only reprieve will come at future elections where we can vote out those who have let us down.

  1. Isn’t time for Democrats to grow some balls and tell it like it is!! They speak softly but don’t carry a big stick. They must be strong in their position and demand.

    1. What’s the difference? ThugliKKKcans,don’t give a fook if Democrats are soft or are just like them,they still use the double standard chet.

  2. “I carry my experiences with me wherever I go”

    Indeed. As a New Mexican I am so proud of her. And isn’t it time a true native. Becomes secretary of interior?

    1. Yes, we are so proud of Ms. Holland
      Stay strong dont listen to negativity. You do the work. They r just in for the $.

    1. Someone may be able to do that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the challenger will win the general election. Especially in a state like West Virginia. Really what should be done is that someone should call Manchin out on his hypocrisy, which is what Ms. Reid is doing; it would be even better if his constituents called out his hypocrisy as well.

  3. I highly trust and seriously believe in a Native American Woman for Secretary of Interior. More then any wealthy white man that don’t really give damm about my family’s clean air clean safe water and unpoisoned land for food and livestock. If You Dont Believe Me Just Ask Any Texas Resident That Got Left In The Freezing Cold With No Water Or Food !!!

  4. republicans: “Becerra has no experience in public health.”
    Also republicans: “Dr Ben Carson is a fine pick to run public housing.”
    And again, republicans: “And Betsy DeVos who has never stepped foot into a public school should run the Dept of Education.”

    1. Baby Ro, Biden has opened up the same detention center for kids as Trump used for a month and Heels up Harris and Dementia Joe called kids in cages! Walls don’t work and Pelosi builds one around the white house! You Democrats are so stupid and you are hypocrites!

  5. How is it these republicans are able to install whom they want and now these democrats are not. Totally creeped out by this crap. No wonder we never got into these political scenes.

  6. I’m so happy reading the comments that no one is falling for the republicans’ gaslighting tactics! I hope she gets her position which she rightfully deserves!

  7. Goons like Pruitt, DeVos, Carson, Wilbur Ross, DeJoy, Barr, Pompeo, Munchin, et al, sail through the Senate nomination process with nary a peep and now in 2021 qualifications suddenly matter. smh.

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