Biden Calls Out GOP Who Touted Relief Plan, But Voted Against It 1

Biden Calls Out GOP Who Touted Relief Plan, But Voted Against It


While discussing the effects of his jobs plan and economic recovery efforts, President Biden showed a list of Republicans who celebrated legislation passed for Covid-19 relief packages that they did not vote for. "If you're going to try to take credit on what you've done," he said, "don't get in the way of what we still need to do."
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  1. One simply can’t be a Republican without being a hypocrite. It’s at the top of the bylaws…

    1. @Gary Campbell – You are much less “girl’s track coach” than Trump cultist – your posts here hit just about every talking point in the hymnal…

    2. @Godfrey Daniel : First, I am not a fan of Trump, nor am I a cultist, but I am less a fan of the democrat / liberal alternative. Oh, and by the way, been a girls, as well as boys, track coach for 37 yrs.

    3. @Gary Campbell *So my friend is lying to me ?* I dunno, but what “your friend” says isn’t relevant. I don’t trust right wingers in the slightest. They hyperventilate about everything. They see 10 people crossing the border illegally and want to mobilize the whole US Army to stop them. *I may be forced to care about the transgender issue.* Good. You do that. One Red state recently passed a bill to prevent just such a thing. Know how many transgender students are registered there? Twelve. A bill was passed to deal with a situation involving twelve whole students. More Conservative fear mongering about nothing. *AND, I guess in 2022 & 2024 just how many people you should have listened to.* Since 2022 and 2024 are both in the future, you shouldn’t be telling me I “should have” listened to anyone, since it hasn’t happened yet. Unless of course you’re making one of those “Republicans will win everything in a landslide” predictions that Former President Failure and Fox/Newsmax/OANN/Qanon made, in which case I ain’t worried.

    4. @Frthonor Frithers : You are amazing ! You seem to have a justification and answer for everything and anyone who who not fall in line with the democrat / liberal alternative. I would bring up the 2nd amendment, but I’m sure you think democrats have the perfect approach. Well, here in the rural midwest ? They don’t.

    5. @Gary Campbell – Then why do you spout an endless stream of cultist cliches and talking points?

    1. @Chelle Taylor soooo Biden is being a Karen by complaining about the GOP? y’all are intellectually inept.

    2. @Jason M But he can sign an Executive Order raising the Federal Minimum Wage? . This IS giving money… same as erasing debt. Maybe Biden can GIVE people with Student Loans $10G. I thought Pelosi said she controls the Money, but yet Biden increases the Federal Minimum Wage via EO.

    1. @Jones Drew
      Ok, I’m not going to argue with a cult member who likes his own comments. So, you be best. I hope Donald ends up in jail where he belongs.

    2. @Jones Drew you seem to not understand on how economy works nor you understand how gas prices fluctuate. Also you have forgotten that the gas prices was around the same prices before Covid hit under trump. But you want to ignore facts since trump cultist demands for people to ignore facts.


    1. @Chaos nah. When you take a test with a hundred questions and get one right, you don’t pass the effing test.

    2. Believe it, that’s all they are capable of doing—the usual doing nothing helpful or productive but when something works that’s when they want to take credit for something they refused to take part in. They need to get out of the way since they refuse to help the country move forward from the damage they did along with their Orange piece of Garbage master.

    3. @Chaos , no that has Not been proven yet. If it is Proven, it still does Not excuse the lies and mishandling of It from the start.

    4. Here is your introduction to this Republican party. It’s kind of like the guy you had in your group in high school. About four or five of you did all the work but guess who claimed all the credit. It was that guy. That’s who this Republican party. is they’re shameless, opportunistic and liars

    1. Sadly, Milli Vanilli singer John Davis dead! People are dying by the thousands each day in America, get you and your family vaccinated today!

    2. @Chaos Palestinian civilians are, for the most part, good people. It is Hammas that are firing their rockets from streets in front of apartment buildings, in front of schools, in front of hospitals, etc. Why do you think that they pick those launch sites?

    3. @Chaos Spencer renounced the KKK and embraced his religion before Biden would have anything to do with him. The Clinton “crime bill” was in response to Reagan’s racist “Tough on Crime Bill”. Regarding the Clinton crime bill, Senator Biden led a bipartisan effort that added a clause called the ‘Fair Sentencing Act’. Look it up if you are truly interested in Fact!

    4. @Bertha Brown 47 years of….. helping pull us out of the massive recession Reagan and Bush the first put us in…. helping pull us out of the recession Bush the 2nd put us in… helping give all Americans health care, and now pulling us outside of the dumpster fire trump the traitor put us in….. and he paid his taxes the entire time…… impressive dontcha think!?!???

  2. I’m from blowbutt’s district and she been taking credit for the bill she voted against. She has even claimed she helped write some it. Magots have no shame , honor or patriotism.

    1. Typical KAREN behavior. Take credit for someone’s work and get defensively mouthy when confronted.

  3. An adult is in the White House and I love every second of it. He’s right, they voted against it but are bragging about getting all this money sent their way that benefits the average man and woman out there.

    1. they’re COWARDS …. i would respect them a little if they just came out and admitted they HAVE to vote against EVERYTHING….they SUPPORT the bill, but they have to vote against it.
      MarLago orders have come down from the throne!

  4. Man, joe is such a smart legislator. He doesn’t put them on blast by name, but he gets the point across they aren’t doing the work their voters think they are.

    1. The Lincoln Project or some other org. will roast them royally while President Biden stays above the fray.

    1. @Chaos The crisis is been going on for four years and suddenly you care remember Melania’s jacket I don’t care do you Stop being hypocrites

    2. @Equality For All Yes Thank you Trump for being the best President since Regan. I already miss your booming economy and getting us out of war. Now we have a man that thinks that money grows on trees. He is also a pethiphole and has done nothing for forty years besides hanging out with segrationtists politicians. Yes biden is the way dumbas.

    1. Trump is a professional stand up comedian, he’s making his maga people laugh in his rallies for hours by attacking and shaming other people.

    2. I don’t know though. The genre strikes me as mostly “Horror” TBH. Occasionally funny, but mostly horror.

    3. If they don’t get reelected they can always go on tour (stand up). Laughed at and booed they’re used to that.

  5. I never thought president biden would do this, as his tweets are never partisan, but bravo mr president

    1. @Spencer spencer Wow biden spent 4 trillion in 6 months. HELLLOOOOOOO do your research cause you don’t know sht

    2. @James Smith “oh yeah well your mom added 3 kazillion to the debt”

      Lmfao. This is you. You’re pathetic. Can’t even google actual numbers just going to sit there and lie. Btw. At this point in Trump’s only term he added more to the debt than Biden has. LMFAO. You’re so dumb.

    3. @James Smith Do YoUr ReSeaRcH, because I just made up a large number that is easily proven as incorrect, so clearly you’re the one that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. LMFAO

  6. I see you Biden. And I like it. Okay press people, he gave you a long enough window to snap a photo of that list.

  7. “I’m not going to embarrass anyone….but I have this list.”
    Go get ’em Joe!!!!

    1. @Christopher Gill
      All those criminal cases and lawsuits piling up on Trump has got you all in a tizzy, huh?

    1. “I’m not going to embarrass anyone, but I have a list ” -President Joe Biden, May 27, 2021.

  8. “I’m not going to embarrass anyone….but I have this list.”
    Go get ’em Joe!!!!

    1. @Christina Dellanos there are only 237 thumbs down………where did you get 40,000?????? Are numbers hard for you??? Like facts are hard for you???

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