Biden Campaign Launches First General Election Ad | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @David’s Garden Nothing that can be said about Biden’s health will make him look worse than Dementia, traitor trump. That’s a very weak attempt on your part. Fool.

    2. The ad does not mention his under the table deals with China and Ukraine or answer the question “where`s Hunter”.

  1. Trolls will be reported and muted. I was for Biden before, but this shows a man who is for the people, and I mean for real. Biden is about us while Trump is for himself. Biden is humble while Trump is prideful. Biden is a virtue, Trump is a sin. Virtue over sin, vote for Biden.

    1. A freaking emo video does NOT show if someone is for “the ppl”. Actions do. Anyone can make an emo video. Jesus ppl!!!

  2. Find out who your state’s electoral college members are, as soon as possible. We cannot afford another four years of this mess.

    1. @Michael Whitted Schiff’s evidence? Come on man…. I am still waiting for Biden’s explanation why he wanted Shokin fired. And The Evidence of why he wanted Shokin fired.

    2. @Michael Whitted One more thing.. As an independent, I never look at at The D or The R next to their name. Am I huge fan of Trump?.? I keep trying to figure him out. But I will tell you this… these career politicians have got to go. As far as the 47 year politician Joe Biden goes.. Look at his record. Not what he is saying.

      1. Lost on Trans rights 2. Lost on DACA 3. Losing against Biden
      4. Facebook pulling ads 5. Twitter fact checking 6. Forced to change Tulsa date
      7. COVID spikes 8. Bolton’s book: Trump OK with concentration camps & murdering journalists

  3. TV networks should give candidates free ad time. The amounts of money changing hands to post a video is obscene. Corporate Greed is a huge problem. #endcitizensunitednow

    1. @Scott Baxendale The electoral college is a good thing. It will not go away any time soon. So Democrats need nominate candidates who can win enough states. If they can’t even do that they deserve to lose.

    2. @Scott Baxendale That’s an idiotic, even tyrannical way to look at it. Those people in Flint need to fix their own problems with their own money. They shouldn’t pick my pocket in California to pay for it. You just want the authority to tell everyone else how to spend their money.

    3. @Don Jindra Don’t think thats what he is saying……its the money, big problem when 1% owns most of the wealth whilst people are starving or have nowhere to live

    4. @Joe Hampton First you’ll have to prove that the 1% fund elections and that they agree politically and that the rest of us follow without question. I doubt you can do that.

    5. @Don Jindra WTF…you’re on your own agenda here…do you even know what you’re talking about…..”Corporate Greed is a huge problem”… the Question …why are you so angry…..I never said I was going to do anything …..angry little man…Why do I have to prove that the 1% fund elections??…I think you’re confused with which troll you are on….

    1. *the Disastrous Effects of Liberalism, Obama, and Hope & Change*

      CONSUMER CONFIDENCE – plummets


      ECONOMIC FREEDOM – plummets

      U.S. Worker Productivity – plummets

      Wages Stagnate

      the Middle-Class shrinks

      Unpopular Health Care Law – forced on Americans

      ACA promised to save $2500 per family, reality a $7450 yearly increase per household

      ACA doubled premiums and tripled deductibles to $12,000

      Health Insurance companies Lost $Billions in the Obama-Care SCAM

      “Subsidized health care creates disincentive to work.” – CBO / spring 2016

      10’s of thousands of businesses closed as a result of the ACA

      Millions laid off and forced into part-time work as a result of the ACA

      Stock Market – Flat in Obama’s last 2 years – No gains

      Crushing Government Regulations – lost Money, Freedoms, and Liberties

      <1.6% GDP growth Obama's last 6 quarters - couldn't wait to get rid of him

      Worst Economic Recovery on Record

      Spiraling Health Care Costs

      New Business Startups - plummet

      Lower Academic Standards

      Taxes - skyrocket

      Job Opportunities - Dry Up and slow to a trickle

      Obama broke a 50 year old record for Poverty

      Unemployment, Poverty, and Homelessness Rise

      Cost of Living goes up, and Buying Power Drops

      Millions Dropout of the Labor Force - unable to find a job and left Destitute

      Blizzard of regulations passed in 2016, draining economy of $2 trillion

      Falsely Blamed GW for the Great Recession Democrats caused

      Falsely Accused Trump Campaign of Colluding with Russians

      Scandal and Corruption Rampant

      - Liberals only know how to Steal Taxpayer Money

    1. @Robert Smith Guess you learned nothing from 2016, when they said everyone was against him except millions of Americans enough to put him in the White House. I hope you can soon enjoy the outdoors when Cuomo allows you to go out without being arrested. We have been enjoying the outdoors for 2 months now.

  4. Just play the part where t’rump tells America to inject bleach, with him walking onto Air Force 1 with toilet paper on his shoe.
    “Is this who you want representing America?” 🤔🤨😄😅

    1. They cant do that bc he never said that….so its gonna have to be platitudes from here on out😉

  5. “Not me, US” … oh thats tough to hear I heard it from another great candidate before. But hey, it is what it is. Biden 2020 ! Trump must go

    1. We need Trump to be president to put the United States back on track. It’s time not to be weak and worthless. Democrats have put us on a road to destruction.

    2. So true, my brother from another mother, still mourning Bernies dropout… 😭😭

      #FeelThe Bern ✊✊🔥🔥❤️🇺🇸🗽

      #NotMeUs #BernieOrBust2020

    3. Because he’s working with Bernie!!! Bernie’s channel had a video the other day talking about how Biden was willing to go left on some of the issues he was against before. I wanted Bernie too but anybody, and I mean anybody, is better than trump!

  6. Biden may not be the best choice but he is definitely a whole lot better than bunker boy clown Trump.

    1. @Lisa Glynn – Americans Elected Republicans in Record numbers to Stop the Crazy Man in the White House

    1. @jefree You should be, one critical poll Fake News never mentions is Rasmussen (Jun 5th) 25% “strong support” for Trump among blacks. They avoid it because it does not fall in line with their approved narrative.
      Check this video (if you can all the way)

    2. It’s not about you and what you can’t take America can’t take a creepy perverted hair smelling little girl fondling skitso ear whispering uncle Joe that will let evil destroy America.

  7. “Duty to care” Yes indeed! ❤️


    We love you essential workers!

    1. @joseph, awwwwwwww you’re upset waaaaaaaaaa, we must love trump, we must obey, we must inject disinfection, thank god those 15 cases of coronavirus are now down to zero, Joseph really defend a president who has 120,000 dead Americans he is always #1

    2. @Tony Barden how you call black republicans dude?..if you had any black friends you woukd know some or really conservative…cmon…be a man…answer..tell me they are Kkk or nazis..cmon

    3. @Tony Barden HOW YOU CALL BLACK CONSERVATIST …BLACK REPUBLICANS….are they nazis or kkk??? answer..easy question…😅😅😅 empty left. Total emptyness.

      1. Lost on Trans rights 2. Lost on DACA 3. Losing against Biden
      4. Facebook pulling ads 5. Twitter fact checking 6. Forced to change Tulsa date
      7. COVID spikes 8. Bolton’s book: Trump OK with concentration camps & murdering journalists

  8. I hope Biden is hinting at PPP when he say’s we have to pay our front line workers. Trump and his goon Mnuchin have refused to reveal how and where the billions of dollars of PPP funds have been allocated. If big money is going to Trumps Mar a Lago members we have a right to know. Do some homework Joe.

    1. @A.Mishal The paycheck protection program, part of the government assistance due to COVID-19.

  9. Record deaths, unemployment and civil rioting.
    Wake up Republicans and get rid of Trump.
    Vote Biden

    1. Elad Noslo Both the executive branch and some states share the blame. However this doesn’t mean Trump gets a free pass. He still has a responsibility to listen to professionals and protect American lives

    2. @Fregit You make me laugh…..WOW…..I’ve read them all obviously or I wouldn’t keep responding….

    3. Stone Men Well if that’s so that proves me that you mischaracterise me on purpose. But I’m really tired of typing and I feel there isn’t anything productive here so keep yourself save from the covid crap.


    2. @Daniel Rose I’m a GOP supporter you dunce. I didn’t vote for Obama and I will certaintly not vote for your master, little snowflake !

  10. I’m an American voter and I approve this message! Biden 2020 🙌🇺🇸 praying to bring dignity and integrity back into the White House!

    1. holy Ng
      America will never become communist. Ask yourself who tf would want that? Stop repeating nonsense that isn’t even in the realm of factual information.

    2. @Diana , dignity and integrity????? Wtf is that. dignified and integrified are feelings. America doesnt need feelings. America needs the TRUTH. and the truth IS God. God is the only LIVING being thats worthy of being worshipped today. Why? Because the spirit of God still lives as you read this! Go ask your mother and fathers, they will tell you. Dont forget…..Jesus ROSE from his GRAVE, which can only mean one thing: Jesus(GOD) , walks AMONG us TODAY! I cant believe people still trust these evil politicians. 😂

  11. God bless Bernie Sanders for setting the gold standard for what a president should be. Hope Biden can live up to it.

    1. @pointerdogman you are stupid, you are ignorant, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t even have proof, you just said “I’m sure” go educate yourself

    2. @Rod How is bernie a communist please explain. If you were actually educated you would know that Bernie isn’t even that socialist let alone communist, he just likes to say he is but he is a social democrat. When he called Australia socialist they even asked him to stop calling them that because they are a free market.

    3. @Rod… dam your dumb. Do you know what the communist philosophy is. Most of you ignorant people aren’t old enough to remember or vote in the 2008 election. Obammmma was the worst president ever , but got only positive lies by the news media. If you want to live under socialism or communism then move there stupid people. I am very educated and I can see thru the falseness of the global elitist democrat agenda. Maybe its because I have lived a long time.

    1. Wow, you have no idea ‘who’s pulling his strings or controls him’. You’re just stupid or provocateur. Neither answer is good.

    1. Rod which is why we dont need ANY of them. imagine a world without them. they BOTH cannot see the TRUTH😂

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