Dr. Gottlieb: Virus Outbreaks Happening In Parts Of U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb weighs in on the spike in coronavirus cases in the South and Southwest, why he says wearing masks helps lower the rate of infection, what he thinks about a fall resurgence and the promise of a steroid in the fight against COVID-19. Aired on 06/18/2020.
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Dr. Gottlieb: Virus Outbreaks Happening In Parts Of U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Bunker Boy doesn’t want to wear a mask because he doesn”t want to smear his orange make up.

    2. William Bailey Freedom of choice to infect others and die. That’s freedom? Lol. Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you William.

  1. I wonder how many people attending Trump’s rally will die, I also wonder if any of them have tried Trump’s cure suggestions like injecting lysol or bleach.

    1. @Joyce Duncan Aaaaand spread and infect even more of their own people. Let them proudly wear that signed death waiver badge…

    2. i wonder how many of the protestors/rioters/looters will get covid and spread it to their families

    3. Let’s Hope These Cultist Don’t Pass Down the Covid to Their Kids or Ours , These People are Adults and Suppose to Use Their Brain , But the Kids Have No Choice , That’s a Lot of People Going Back to Their Home Towns Around the Country , 19,000 pop

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound cynical, but since a disproportionate number of Covid victims are black, this may be Trump’s devious way to rig the election by culling the herd.

    1. Doesn’t sound cynical at all. I always thought it was the catalyst for the rush to get everyone back to work and open up once they concluded that minorities were being hit worse than others.

    1. @oftenlucid answer this question if MSNBC was such a honest network. Why do they delete people comments in the comment section that don’t support there agenda sounds like a commie to me.

    2. @Peter Rodriguez easy solution, don’t watch the news if you don’t like it. Otherwise you come off as a masochist.

  3. Trump and his supporters are making false and misleading claims about COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and testing!

    In a tweet, Trump claimed that the U.S. testing program “is so much bigger and more advanced than any other country (we have done a great job on this!) that it shows more cases.” Although the U.S. has completed the highest number of coronavirus tests, it still lags behind other nations in tests per capita, and a higher proportion of tests have also come back positive.

    National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow inaccurately said in a television interview that “hospitalizations may be going up, but that’s because elective procedures are now permitted.” COVID-19 hospitalization figures, which are increasing in some locales, are limited to those with COVID-19 diagnoses.

    Vice President Mike Pence, Trump and Kudlow all suggested that the uptick in COVID-19 cases seen in some states is driven by increases in testing. Testing accounts for some of the rise, but doesn’t explain all of it.

    Oklahoma, the site of Trump’s rally, has seen an increase in the number of people who are “currently hospitalized” with confirmed cases of COVID-19, state data shows. But GOP Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma falsely said of his state: “We continue to see hospitalizations decline.”

    Similarly, Pence wrongly said that COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma have “declined precipitously.” The state Health Department reports that “Oklahoma has begun experiencing over the past two weeks an increase in the number of cases,” reaching a new single-day high on June 16.

    1. @Edwin Slee The county I live in ( pop 20000) went from 20 cases May 20 to 109 in four weeks. Love live the GOP. m/fers

  4. “No punishment in my opinion, is too great for the man who can build his greatness upon his country’s ruin” – George Washington.

    1. Evidently our first president foresaw Trump and Republican policies so harmful to America. Let’s hope President Biden holds ALL those responsible accountable for the huge loss of life and harm caused to this nation.

    2. @DC Means I I agree. Biden needs to make sure every criminal on the Trump team is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including Trump.

    3. Yes, and, let’s count all the money and see how many people profited off this, and charge them also.

  5. I’m currently in Fl and I noticed a few days ago upon my arrival that nobody is wearing mask. I just start seeing people wearing mask yesterday.

  6. Trump supporters are already one step ahead and using their smarts. They know embalming fluid is a cure for COVID-19.

    1. @ps91 212
      I’ve got my tippy top lead scientist on it right now….”WHATCHA’ SAY TRUMP?….BLEACH?…LOOK UNDER THE SINK, SHOULD BE HALF A BOTTLE IN THERE STILL! FOUND IT?…`banging, clattering, cursing’… Sorry about that, just my top scientist misplacing his cure again.

    2. Robbie, shhhhh, we don’t want MAGA to find out about this magic elixir cure all. We don’t want an embalming fluid shortage. Wait a minute, maybe we do.

  7. If you have to go to a closed room gathering and have to sign a contract, why would you go? The risky shyt people will do to reelected a conartist.

  8. Republicans had the opportunity to rid us of the gangster in the White House, but they refused. We need to kick Republicans out of office. The health of this democracy depends on it. They have done more damage than Putin ever did. Remember that (R) stands for Rich, Regressive, Racist, Repugnant, and Russia. VOTE in November.

  9. You’ve had a massive outbreak happening in the whole of the US for 6 months. It’s just that most of you seem to have stopped caring.

    1. The Republicans have set Darwinism into play. The intelligent will protect themselves and their offspring. The rest are dying or will die off in masses once the second wave hits. By November the deaths in America will be horrific. If Trump and his Republican allies dispute the election results, Trump gets four more years. Like it or not America we are on their own until Trump and the GOP can be removed from power.

    2. @DC Means I I have a horrible feeling he’ll refuse to step down. I think you may have a dictator on your hands. And as we’ve seen, few people around him, including the military, have the guts or inclination to stand up to him.

    1. For you I reccomend plain Koolaid with one cup of pure cane sugar and two shots of Jack Daniel’s per serving. It’s a healthier alternative to Trump’s version.

  10. Businesses have the right to post, No Shoes, No Shirts, NO MASK, no service.
    >>Or if Every business, large and small were to go to Policy where proper masking is required for entry, people would either get used to it or continue to order on line. If you don’t want to comply you can stay at home and still get what you need.

    1. Darwinism. Natural selection. Covid kills the weak, reckless and fools. Trump leading the fools and the GOP to extinction.

    2. DC Means, the extinction is going to be televised. The crescendo comes on November 03, 2020. Upon closing of the East Coast Polls the truth of the future of this country will be known.

      We are either going to have the greatest after-party in recorded human history or we are going to see a nation/world in shock. Does it burn?

      VOTE! For your life.

  11. why does the media keep telling us that “we can’t shut down again, the people don’t want it”. That is not true. Trumpers are literally the only people complaining about the lockdowns. Everyone else, while they may be bored, understand that we need to do this. If the gov did what every other major country has done and just paid people’s salaries and froze various bills and such, we wouldn’t have the negative effect on the economy that our lockdown has caused. (actually if corporations and companies had been paying people a reasonable amount prior to this and provided the basic benefits that everyone needs, we wouldn’t this huge effect on the economy and have so many people in need of gov assistance right now)

    1. ps91 212 I provided the link to backup what I said. I had no illusions that you would let facts get in the way of your opinion

    2. It’s like rowing or paddling upstream, or into a stiff wind–if you ease-up too much or stop, you will only have to paddle twice as hard to make up all the previous hard-earned progress that was quickly lost. Failing to maintain isolation and other measures for sufficient time to stop the spread of COVID-19 transmission will cost U.S. more in time, effort, money, and LIVES. Reopening and relaxing measures too early in defiance of the science and data is the ultimate in colossal ignorance, greed, ruthlessness, and arrogance.

      We have a segment of Republican cult willfully ignorant, who malevolently seek to sabotage containment efforts. But many do not grasp how important it is that we treat ourselves and everyone else as being infected.

      This is because people know that is very unlikely, especially outside dense urban areas, where incidence rates are low. Because of the delay in onset of the disease and asymptomatic carriers, COVID-19 is a stealth killer that uses Americans against each other as its foot soldiers, transporting it, keeping the disease and its train of transmission alive. This is further complicated because people cannot see a virus, see it attacking, see it spreading, until it is too late. For many of us, seeing is believing, and people are incapable or reluctant to make that leap of logic required to keep them and everyone safe–even with the massive public education efforts.

      Of course, the problem becomes greatly exacerbated when the President refuses to wear a mask, and his administration works against itself in fighting this deadly global pandemic, sending conflicting messages to the public. Toxic Trump, his administration, and all the Republicans who have aided and abetted him, are directly responsible in our view for the senseless deaths of tens and thousands of Americans. The dead are the worst of it, but there is also the tremendous needless suffering and economic loss accompanying their wanton criminal negligence.

      No national testing, no rational national coordinated pandemic response. Republican governors reopening too quickly in defiance of CDC guidelines are only following the President’s lead. Democratic governors in many states likewise being adversely pressured by Toxic Trump’s pandemic disinformation and Republican opposition to requisite lockdowns. Problem starts at the top. Don’t fault even the worst Republican governors as much as this President. The President needed to take the lead, take the hit for the hard decisions–not put all the weight on governors as he as.

  12. In Hong Kong we have only had 4 deaths in total and none for weeks and weeks yet we AII wear masks when we go out, travel on bus / train, go to beach, go to shops and shopping mall etc., This is because we are not as arrogant / ignorant / deluded / selfish as the American people !

    1. America is an Olympic Gold Medal winner for stupidity They have after all turned it into a national sport.

    2. Tom, don’t generalize dude. Not everyone in the USA is a trumpanzee. Those regressive nerds are uneducated inbreds. But, let me reming you that in the USA we don’t really have a democracy when electing the president, we are a republic where citizens don’t really elect the president. The citizens of the United States of American elected Hillary Clinton, but, the electoral college betrayed the will of the American people because we are a republic, and only swing states get to tip the end result of the election. Swing states have the key, and have an excessive electoral “weight” when deciding the outcome of the election. So, nope, Americans are wiser than that, but, we do have a really corrupt and flawed electoral system that allows republicans to cheat left and right using proven techniques like disenfranchisement, redistricting, blocking mail-in voting, and like a hundred more.
      Some of us know it and are trying to establish a more realistic democracy by doing away with the Electoral College.

    3. @Erik Haugen Thank you, we are trying. But, incredibly, there are real nerds who still support this orange face clown. Although less and less as the days go by; especially the elderly who feel abandoned in their nursing homes. They are seeing their friends and relatives dying more frecuently than young people.

    1. Vegeta from DBZ had the same kind of foolish pride Trump supporters have and look where it got him; not one win in the entire series against any major villain. Lol. Trump and his cult aren’t going to have a terribly fun time choking to death on Covid.

    2. @ps91 212 Way to project your own inadequacies!! I see therapy has been a total waste of your money and the therapist’s time. Stick to the shallow end of the gene pool….it’s safer for you there. Nobody has any high expectations of you.

  13. Because people won’t take basic safety precautions, I’m not dining out, carrying out, or doing delivery. No malls or non essential shopping. I’m good staying at home and not listening to the lying government.

    1. @sk8queen Wow….You almost painted my wall with orange juice! I wasn’t ready for that! lol! Thanks for the laugh! #staysafe

    2. @Cleon P. They’re being belligerent. If Obama had said don’t wear masks, you would have seen all sorts of skull and rebel flags coming out the woodworks.

  14. The wearing of face masks need to be made mandatory. Making it optional just does not work. Because there are many selfish, self-entitled people who just don’t care about others. You must treat these people like children.
    We have speed limits for motor vehicles set because for every sensible person who drives at a reasonable speed, there are those who believed they are entitled to drive as fast as they want to drive.

    1. Masks are mandatory in New York and look what we did! We will still wear masks because this is not over! Thank you Cuomo for saving our lives, you are my hero

  15. Hello USA, can you kindly close your airports so you don’t infect everyone else, thank you, The World

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