Biden Campaign Leans Into The Cautious On Wednesday | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Biden Campaign Leans Into The Cautious On Wednesday | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


NBC News' Ali Vitali reports from the Biden campaign headquarters on where the campaign stands Wednesday morning. Aired on 11/04/2020.
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Biden Campaign Leans Into The Cautious On Wednesday | Morning Joe | MSNBC

112 Comments on "Biden Campaign Leans Into The Cautious On Wednesday | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. BERNIE FERGUSON | November 4, 2020 at 7:07 AM | Reply


  2. I see a 270-268 Biden victory. He will hold Nevada and Wisconsin and Michigan will be blue in the end.

  3. Ginette Jalbert | November 4, 2020 at 7:10 AM | Reply

    Canadian disappointed here. I was hoping for better results for Biden, for decency, for moral values and basic common sense.

  4. can’t believe its even close, very sad.

    • @adscri see what I’m saying? You are pure evil.

    • @Anthony Stroman yea whats sad is your fake polls and fake stream propaganda machine that you call media. Trump won

    • Thats how out of touch you are

    • @Simgor2 THAT is the power of PROPAGANDA on the vulnerable mind, and USA has soaked it’s collective brain in reality tv and magical thinking for a very long time. Failure of discernment. There ARE people out there that are just plain awful and stupid. A good half of our population, statistically is on the OTHER half of the IQ bell curve. They don’t stand a chance against the constant bombardment of OL FOXY RUP MURDOCH’S 24/7 global NewsCorp propaganda machine, spewing fascist ideals at them for over a QUARTER CENTURY now, while our “Intelligence” agencies said or did NOTHING. THAT. IS. CONCERNING. Fascism is afoot.

    • It’s just the Biden votes are coming in late because absentee ballots are counted last.

  5. Shocking how over 65mill Americans approve of Trump.

  6. GORGEOUSGEORGE | November 4, 2020 at 7:15 AM | Reply

    Absolutely scary.
    Never in my worst nightmares did I think it would ever be so close….half the American population think Trump is a fit and competent leader…America has just lost all global credibility and leadership role, regardless of who wins.
    But very very scary. Will the so called guard rails hold….I can’t see it. This could get really really really disasterously bad and result in the complete fragmentation of USA.

    • Half the population is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. And they’re enjoying it. The attention of their abuser in the context of what is obviously a personality cult makes them feel wanted and special. Bathing in the orange limelight.

    • @J J No….it’s not. And the failure to recognize this fact is why the Democratic Party is not looking at landslide victories this morning. And why Trump has won over a larger share of black and brown voters in 2020 than in 2016.

    • Anthony Breighner | November 4, 2020 at 11:03 AM | Reply

      pebmets Biden is going to win the EC. Trump knows it. The votes left to be counted are from blue areas. 52% of Philadelphia county has not been counted.

    • jacqui brookes | November 4, 2020 at 11:32 AM | Reply

      Strange the guard rails went up so early? Foregone conclusion.

    • I see this a lot in comment sections – “half the population wants Trump”. Not true!! Roughly 21% of the US population voted for Trump. Because of the low voter turnout in “the world’s biggest democracy” these 21% account for about half of the votes. Yes, I know, his approval is around 40%,and that’s bad, but let’s be clear about the number of people who find it worthwhile to cast their vote for him

  7. The fact that this election is so close is an indictment of the broken US political system and the American people themselves.

    • AmandaReada Book | November 4, 2020 at 8:50 AM | Reply

      @CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH I am tired, confused and scared for my future and the future of my country right now. In commenting on this thread, I was looking to find solace in a community who may share my feelings. I do not believe arguing over social media regarding actions taken by America’s founding fathers over 200 years before I was born is a constructive use of my time.

    • @CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH You need to remember that most of us are immigrants who came later on, we genuinely hoped the “melting pot” would work. Turns out the racist infestation just won’t be exorcised.

    • A large part of the problem is that politics has increasingly become a form of entertainment. When that happened the emergence of someone like Trump became inevitable. He lies like a politician, only much harder and without any hint of shame or public responsibility. But he gets away with it because “he’s Trump” – packaging BS as consumable entertainment. The media are all complicit in various degrees. Every successful dictator is first of all a showman.

    • AmandaReada Book | November 4, 2020 at 6:01 PM | Reply

      @Gray Shus You nailed it. Totally agree.

    • Biden is up almost 4 million in the people vote. Though trump should have a 10% approval if reality ruled the day.

  8. The presidential announcement of victory was truly undemocratic and unstatesmanlike, a hint of things to come…

    • Not a hint of things to come just a continued reflection on the way things have been

    • kegsofvomitspit | November 4, 2020 at 8:37 AM | Reply

      thiskidkatits: The only thing lazy and stupid is your comment.

      How old are you? 10? Maybe 15? Sweet Jeebus, I hope you’re not an adult, that would be SO embarrassing.

      At no point in U.S, history have the votes been counted quickly enough in a close election for the real winner to be determined so soon.

      Seriously, think before you comment, otherwise you’ll just continue to look like a moron in front of the entire internet.

    • Debra Clinkscale | November 4, 2020 at 8:38 AM | Reply

      @thiskidkatits Seems YOU are the lazy stupid one, at least finish counting the votes

    • @Semper verum The Donald has won

    • @thiskidkatits joe Biden is up more than 2mil votes in the popular vote. America has decided!

  9. The megalomaniac thinks of himself as the country, a crime has been committed on the country, he means himself. Dictator incoming

    • Trump will win not from the news but from God of the bible to defend morals of Christians who built America Lincoln mlk

    • It looks like there is a good chance the crime spree from the White House is over in Jan.

    • The NY City con man really played the rural white dude. But, the majority see him and his cult and don’t like it.

    • @Fred Freddy Dream today regarding election; saw lots of makeup removers w/ yellow package n blue tag on the ” lid”, the opening with make up word on the lid ,spread on bathroom counter and empty small travel blue bottles and myself in black n behind me is also In black n w/ horn I’m saying lots of fraud it cant then behind me was dark bull somehow hes telling me what to do, then counter cleared ,saw white package on the corner of the counter, it doesnt say make up but stacked about 3 sets each package sealed w/ dove brand the lid is color green it was filled , its different stacked not mixed with travel bottles then it disappeared , then one black package wipes with tomato picture on the lid appeared said to myself it’s like the burts n bed brand charcoal n tomato…..then saw leaking sink below was plastic bucket words marked dangerous fraud and no 6 on the top left

    • @Blu Cheese What?

  10. America, a shining beacon for tinpot goons the world round.

    • @Allex G And it’s sadly ironic that they turn around and say Trump voters are the biggest problem when they are literally working against America.

    • @First Last If something could ever deserve Antifa…

    • @First Last Oh be assured that you’re all full of sin.

    • @Allex G Never fear, your Entitled In Chief (unlike Reagan, he was a very much Johnny come lately to GOP) has outsinned the Democratic sinners, because he discovered a grander lie. I hope you’re proud of that.

    • Stephen Slattery | November 4, 2020 at 10:00 AM | Reply

      The counting just happens to stop in 6 states that trump was winning. And the counting won’t start again until the Democrats know how many votes they need. Hmmmmm. They better be careful this time

  11. The local news stories are coming about The Post Office delay’s ballots and Voter intimidation and suppression
    This is Serious
    We will find out what happened

  12. latest news:
    Georgia Trump +1.8 with 6% votes left to be counted. Still open for Biden due to the blue shift phenomenon.
    Michigan Trump +1% with 13% votes left to be counted. Still open for Biden due to the blue shift phenomenon.
    Nevada Biden +0.6% with 33% votes. Likely to not flip in the other way
    NC Trump +1.4% with 6% votes pending. Still open for Biden due to the blue shift phenomenon.
    PA Trump +12 but 40% votes pending. Too early to comment
    WI Biden +0.3% with 5% votes pending. LIkely for Biden

    Trump’s baseless arguments seemed to have worked in Florida. Point to be noted that most latinos in Florida are Cuban and Venezuelan refugees that are fearful of any form of socialism or communism.
    Makes me truly appreciate McCain’s defense of Obama a not a Muslim or Arab in his presidential debate.

    • @Caniblmolstr wrong. michigan is at .5 percent. wisconsin is at .7% difference

    • @blah blah Now in Pennyslvania Trump has less than 7% votes which was 12.4% a few hours ago. Leads have narrowed in Georgia and North Carolina as well of Mr Trump.
      The red Mirage has done its best it’s now time for the Blue shift.

    • Trump will win not from the news but from God of the bible to defend morals of Christian’s who built America Lincoln mlk

    • As a Cuban Venezuelan, it is painful to see that my people voted for that thing. Democrats are not communists.

    • @Blu Cheese Haha.. Did a voice in the head tell you that? Probably should check with a doctor about that mate

  13. Hooray!! We’re officially a third world dictatorship!

    • There is a good chance that Biden will get to 270 today.

    • do unto others…

    • Hard for democracy to survive if the incumbent runs on a platform of hatred, fear, aggressively exploiting divisions, outright lies, restricting voting access, hinting at post-election violence if he loses and undermining faith in the legitimacy of the democratic process itself. Other candidates have toyed with this in the past. But for Trump it was the main strategy. He has zero commitment to democracy except if it hands him victory. The system wasn’t built to deal with a candidate like that. And his followers who proudly call themselves “patriots” have colluded with him to undermine the political order of the country they claim to love. Tribe before country can’t work – that’s the whole point of having a democracy.

    • wow

    • Steve Kluesner | November 4, 2020 at 11:31 AM | Reply

      @Gray Shus the system was built to deal with a candidate like that , but the founders had the conviction of faith to believe that voters would summon the moral fortitude to reject such an individual. Understandable having just found the courage to fight the revolutionary war to free themselves from a tyrannical ruler of a similar sort

  14. Malicity D'Obscuro | November 4, 2020 at 7:36 AM | Reply

    America should be ashamed that the numbers are so close. It is vile.

  15. No calibration needed. It’s difficult to run against a cult.

  16. Ginevra Williams | November 4, 2020 at 7:44 AM | Reply

    Biden must NOT give up; fight the conman to the bitter end for Democracy is at stake.

    • @Cayman George You think spamming with questions is going to help you? Second why are you changing what I said? I said less than 1 percent of mail in vote are fraud, not .1 percent of the population is using mail in votes.

    • @John Smith that’s fair i did misread your comment. My questions still stand. Why would mail in ballots be sent to every registered voter in PA. Why does North Carolina need an extra week to count mail in ballots. Why is the FBI investigating these Robocalls telling people to stay home and safe. That’s a lot of smoke for you to tell me its coming from nowhere. I haven’t watched Trump once today and i actually didn’t vote for him. The information is public its not just coming from Trump.

    • @Cayman George You do know I am not Trump, Biden or the FBI or live in North Carolina or PA. Best I can do is educated guesses. 1. It is not illegal to send ballots out. If only Democrats were receiving them then one could say that was unfair as long as everyone is being sent them there is nothing illegal at all about doing such.

      2, Who knows perhaps they are not prepared to deal with the massive amount of mail, plus it is possible the Republicans that run the legislator would not allow them to count the mail in votes before or on election day, like what Florida is allowed to so they might need the extra time.

      3. Seeing how the lost robocalls was done against Democrats, it is very possible these robocalls had the same purpose. So of course the FBI needs to investigate this.

    • @Cayman George I think the plan was: If you restrict absentee ballots to Nov 3rd, then that would give trumpian lawyers more of a chance to stop states from counting them. It didn’t work.

    • @Elliott Bethea trump is losing across the board.

  17. Weeping Wabbitt | November 4, 2020 at 7:52 AM | Reply

    The win is in the mail in ballots. They didn’t dismantle the USPS for no reason.


  19. I would not trust 50% of American voters to sit the right way on a toilet. How can so many voters see Trump as the best option.

  20. Patrick Bachelart | November 4, 2020 at 8:34 AM | Reply

    America has a big, big moral and decency problem if even more people gave their votes to this man yesterday. And the bully-in-chief will now do any possible manipulation to get this done.

    • wow

    • The last person to claim he will make his country great again died alone in a Berlin Bunker, after shooting himself

    • Positive Patriot | November 4, 2020 at 12:03 PM | Reply

      @Caniblmolstr “Anyone I disagree with is literally hitler”

      If you have to cite hitler onto your opponent, youre positions are probably wrong.

    • Positive Patriot | November 4, 2020 at 1:26 PM | Reply

      “The bully in chief will now do any possible manipulation to get this done”

      That’s funny, where did Biden get those 300k votes in michigan at 5am when everyone was asleep? Manipulation is right, you just got who is doing it wrong

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