Why Capitol Hill Will Be ‘A Mess’ Regardless Of Who Is POTUS | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why Capitol Hill Will Be 'A Mess' Regardless Of Who Is POTUS | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Politico's Jake Sherman discusses the state of the race as of Wednesday morning. Aired on 11/04/2020.
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Why Capitol Hill Will Be 'A Mess' Regardless Of Who Is POTUS | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Comments on "Why Capitol Hill Will Be ‘A Mess’ Regardless Of Who Is POTUS | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Christina Estrada | November 4, 2020 at 8:12 AM | Reply

    The fact that biden isnt winning with a landslide shows what kind of AMERICA we are living in……sad, depressing…..

  2. Dark days ahead. Not only for America, but also for the world.

    • @Amanda Leopold The “Blue Wave” would have eventually double your taxes to pay for their Green New Deal & Medicare for All nanny programs…Over the next 10 years. You dodged a bullet! Rejoice!!

    • Amanda Leopold | November 5, 2020 at 12:41 AM | Reply

      @freebirdpv I’ll rejoice when Biden becomes president which will be anytime now. And I live in CA, I’m used to paying taxes, thanks. 😉

    • @Amanda Leopold Enjoy your lockdowns, wildfires, mass homeless population, high taxes, excessive rent, Cancel Culture, riots, destruction of property, and welfare nanny state. I’ll stay in the Lone Star State we cherish Freedom…

    • Amanda Leopold | November 5, 2020 at 1:17 AM | Reply

      @freebirdpv I’ll think about this comment watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean tomorrow while celebrating Biden’s victory with a glass of Napa Valley Cabernet. Or maybe I’ll think about it while hiking through the beautiful California redwoods on Saturday. Or maybe I’ll think it over enjoying a lovely farm to table meal by the Bay. So many options. Anyway, enjoy the regime change, I know I will from my CA hellscape. 😉

    • @freebirdpv Your argument is and has always been a weak lie but keep living your best life.

  3. America is so screwed.

  4. There’s something very fundamentally wrong with America. Something is broken. There needs to be a new look at education and history.

    • Nadia Silvershine | November 4, 2020 at 7:03 PM | Reply

      @crusaderesper Ignorant.

    • @Nadia Silvershine I guess if you want to be nice about it.

    • @Nadia Silvershine Truth is according to census stats in Trump’s first 3 years in office, median incomes for all households rose more than $6000. In the previous 16 years under Bush & Obama incomes rose less than $3000. You are being duped by the Media’s propaganda then are perplexed when the heartland votes their pocketbook and values. So Sad!!

    • @Aquarian Light When you can’t say anything intelligent, you pull out the Race Card…

    • Aquarian Light | November 5, 2020 at 8:21 AM | Reply

      @freebirdpv but it is TRUE! United States is fundamentally racist. Did you forget the CIVIL WAR, and don’t say that was a long time ago! There are still some southern states that refuse to give up their Confederate flag. Perhaps you should check your IQ.

  5. I don’t like America anymore!

  6. Donald Trump is literally the human version of a pandemic, because he infects everything that he touches!

  7. You can kiss any stimulus goodbye. He no longer needs any of us.

    • there will be Healthcare we will pay triple the price
      Have a good day be safe god bless

    • @july mash It’s what the people want.

    • Especially since grim reaper is still in charge – wasting and stealing our tax dollars in the senate since 1984. Doesn’t it have the feeling of being rigged by Koch and others like that?

    • I am still hopeful for a Biden win. We shall see. The stimulus on the other hand, I can’t see it if 45 wins because he has gotten what he wants. To be in power.

    • He showed he didn’t need us when he instead choose a new justice over the needs of the people with stimulus

  8. joandollie Doyle | November 4, 2020 at 8:23 AM | Reply

    I think it’s tempting to blame the Democrats and in some ways it would be easier but it comes back to the people. If people prefer a conman that says more about voters critical thinking and morality.

  9. It’s been a mess for a long time. Will only get worse. Nothing is getting better.

  10. That’s what happens when you have a corrupt president, voter suppression and cheating.

  11. Walter Sickinger | November 4, 2020 at 8:28 AM | Reply

    The true face of America has been exposed…..

    • america the prostitute….long been claimed ….now is reality

    • The true face of America is that the economic system is failing everybody but the media has been successful at blaming each other instead of the wealthy that are feeding on us and destroying our hope.

  12. evelyn hopkins | November 4, 2020 at 8:29 AM | Reply

    This country no longer has claim to the shining city on the hill. That light has been extinguished with no hope in sight.

  13. Nathaniel Anderson | November 4, 2020 at 8:34 AM | Reply

    I just can’t believe how many ignorant people are in this country. They have fallen for this conn man because they don’t care about the issues enough to think about anyone besides themselves.

    • Michelle Carter | November 4, 2020 at 11:24 AM | Reply

      @Chiplaka Sorry. Cant find anything except good economic policies. What were they?

    • @Chiplaka How is that you dont know the GOP couldnt be bothered to put together a platform for this election? Biden talked more about issues than Lardass did; all he talked about was ‘please like me’ and “I saved the suburbs from the minorities’ and oh yes ‘covid covid covid”.

      He didn’t DO anything about COVID, just made everything harder for responsible governors to do anything about it, and allowed 230K people to die. So THATS why you don’t vote for a feckless, lazy moron who uses the office of POTUS to line his own pockets and ignore his responsibillity to the american people.

    • @Michelle Carter Voter suppression??? You snowflakes don’t realize more people by percentage and numbers voted this election since 1900???

    • @Michelle Carter Criminal Justice reform, 10 years funding for Historical Black Colleges who use to have to beg every year for more help. Opportunity Zones in inner cities to encourage investing in businesses and raising the community. To name just a few…

    • @imiss toronto It is the China Virus developed & released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology according to Chinese Whistleblower Dr Li Meng Yan. Global pandemic the worse in over 100 years now causing Great Britain, France, Spain, and Belgium to shut down again…Drama Queen

  14. Never heard of a president wherever the country refuse to count all the votes. Does usa still wants to be a democratic country?

  15. I am shocked after this summer. How is there still this many people willing to vote for hate and division? Did the people splitting their tickets not realize if the Republicans keep the Senate we’re stuck with McConnell again so nothing will get done???

    • @Aphrodite1018 he has grandchildren but doesn’t care about climate change, so I don’t think our being heartless would bother him at all.

    • @imiss toronto in the debate against Amy McGrath he chuckled like some creepy cryptkeeper when she was talking about covid deaths. So what’s good for the goose…

    • @Aphrodite1018 Right Biden will be lucky to make it 4 years teetering around mumbling nonsense…

    • @Jen 2870 Vaccines are coming drama queen. Luckily the death rate over the year has fallen from 3% to 1% due to better treatments…Schumer looks like the Grim Reaper!

    • @freebirdpv I mean wer survived Trump’s hate rants and all his criminal activity and nonstop division so I would assume we’ll be fine considering as bad as Biden may be he’s better than Trump

  16. The Party of Putin will destroy this country.

  17. They couldn’t even get rid of Graham. Disappointing. The US is staying on its downward trajectory. America wants to be the dumpster fire that it is.

    • “But my 401k……”

    • Forget about Graham, look at McConnel landslide winning in Michigan. If he’s still there and Rep wins Senate majority, guess what, 2012 era happens again

    • Graham is white, his opponent was black … says it all about the state.

    • The 2020 US elections just had a dead person ‘elected’, because you can essentially vote for “a-person-from-that-party, who cares who it eventually turn out to be”

      Given that, there will be at least some of “Graham’s votes” that are really not about him at all.

    • It’s not that “they” couldn’t get rid of Graham. It’s more like the voters re-elected him after his rank hypocrisy and his 180-degree turn on Trump. Shame on them. I find it nauseating. The same with Kentucky and McConnell. Guess Republicans have no problem with the rushed, illegitimate confirmation of Barrett after righteously stating that no nominations should be made in the final year of a president’s term.

  18. America shows its true self, now the final chapter can be written.

  19. Gather round and watch: America has committed a very public suicide.

  20. I think the Dem just do not realize how many racist are in the US.

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