Biden Criticizes New Georgia Voting Law: ‘It’s An Atrocity’ | MSNBC

President Biden condemned a new election law passed in Georgia that adds more voting restrictions as an "atrocity." He said the law has "nothing to do with fairness" and "nothing but punitive design to keep people from voting." Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Biden Criticizes New Georgia Voting Law: 'It's An Atrocity' | MSNBC


    1. Yes, I do understand that, but to curtail voting rights is CRIMINAL!!!
      It is here!!!!! I am sorry but your country is REALLY TWISTED!!
      Not the virtue of freedom that you portray!!!

    2. @Tod Brown Why do republicans pay their teachers such cheap wages? It’s designed to keep their base uninformed and stupid. You need your head examined.

    3. @Paul Crozer I read your lame “joke” already on another thread. Still no answer from you so you are just a troll or afraid to answer. The latter I presume.

  1. Laws for handing someone a water bottle (a misdemeanor), but no laws for background checks to purchase a gun, got it.

    1. They’d rather not hassle private sales, because “iT mAkEs It HaRdEr To PrIvAtElY sElL mY fIrEaRm To mY nEiGhBoR, dUe To MaNdAtOrY bAcKgRoUnD cHeCkS” — meanwhile Republicans will call it a crime to give water to someone in a voting line. Conservatives are a joke.

  2. The Radical Right is afraid of President Biden, he protects American values with strength. 🇺🇸

    1. @Fitzgerald Anthony Amen, lost little sheep, especially since trump lawyer Sindey Powell admitted the stop the steal nonsense was all BS, said no reasonable person would believe that crap. Some of these trolls are obviously not reasonable.

    2. @Drake Fire Please explain this “Jim Eagle” reference….went over my dense independent mind. I did a quickie Google search and everyone seems baffled. An attorney named Jim Eagle from Mantle Realty in Texas sure had fun with it.

    1. I totally agree letting none citizen the right to vote. Most of the people from South America vote Republican anyways. They are fleeing oppression from corrupt governments they don’t watch Corrupt American news outlets.

    1. @David Wilson So is Biden. How many have died in the last 3 month? You can’t blame Trump bc he no longer is in office…time to move on from orange man bad.

    1. @Fitzgerald Anthony …..incredibly foolish, incredibly foolish. The media told you …..”Donald Trump didn’t tell us the virus transfers through the air”. Donald Trump lied to us? He Didn’t tell us viruses transfer through the air???

      It’s incredible stupidity!!

    2. @Fitzgerald Anthony ……And Joe Biden deals in reality?? Yesterday he said he’s been in the Senate for 120 years. Well….maybe he has.

    3. If they don’t like the way the election laws are they can move out of the state. Nobody’s forcing them to stay here anymore SMH

    4. @Saber These trolls are truly irrelevant and EXTREMELY IGNORANT. You notice when faced with FACTS , (especially about that frauds admitted lie on tape in regards to the pandemic and not being honest with the American people) the only thing they can fall back on is nonsensical stupidity. Tells you a LOT about their level of denial as opposed to dealing in reality. Low Mentality people like these sad trolls are the primary reason the United States struggles to realize it’s full potential. Bigotry/ R@cism has that kind of toxic affect on the mind.

    5. Don’t worry Trumps new platform will get rid of all the Racist Republicans. My mixed race Republican family will be downloading the app on the first day. 🖕🏿🖕🏻

  3. Isn’t voter suppression a crime? If not it definitely should be. What are your constitutional rights worth if you can’t vote?

    1. @S. Lee Mccauley By design. They want voter fraud so the “right” party and career politicians can be in power. We desperately need term limits.

    2. @muuuuuud what does that date have to do with it? You saw something you never saw before. So what? Get used to it. One mans late is another mans “right on time”.

    3. @Tod Brown Yeah, its right about time we pull the plug on the GOP. They’ve degenerated into an authoritarian party.

    1. “Rep. Park Cannon (D-Atlanta) is placed in handcuffs by Georgia State Troopers after being asked to stop knocking on a door that leads to Gov. Brian Kemp’s office at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Ga., on March 25, 2021. (Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

  4. It’s now easier to buy a gun in Georgia than it is to cast a vote. Is this a Communist state now?🤔

    1. @N 827 TrUmP wOn! JoE cHeAtEd! (the trolling was cool back in November, it’s getting old now. And if you’re being serious, I have some beachfront property in Missouri I’m willing to give you a good price on).

    2. @Some ToMFoOLeRy see this is why socialists need to be exterminated. They’ll believe whatever they’re told without questions. Mail-in ballots are unverifiable. I could vote 5 times an you couldn’t prove it.

    3. @David Wilson I am not stalling, I’m making people use their brains. If you give people answers all the time without making them think they don’t learn anything. Biden is calling for more gun control and his administration has even stated they are considering using an executive order to pass it.

    4. @Chris Davis So you agree with bidens remark to Trump in which he said a president that has to force policy through executive orders is a dictator right?

      Isn’t it ironic then that biden has already signed more executive orders in this time span that his predessor did? And don’t start with “they were undoing trumps executive orders” that accounts for less than half of them.

      Isn’t a dictator totalitarian? 🤔

  5. Actual Patriotic Americans want every eligible American to be able to easily cast their vote for WHOEVER they choose. Republicans don’t want THAT!

  6. GOP is literally trying everything to cling to power. To the power they badly want it back. At any price!

    1. @ra5928 because we as black people always want to call everything racist when we can’t get our way…some people need to grow up

    2. @ynotttt – Give me proof of your claim because 62 judges threw all claims out of court. 50 states elections boards ratify the election. Five audits found nothing wrong. And the Supreme Court twice through the claims out of court. Now, once again, give me some proof of what you claim. Everything I said is history and you know it. Every single time a judge asked tRumps lawyers if they were claiming voter fraud, they said no. 62 times they said they were not claiming voter fraud. Search:

      Trump Cries Voter Fraud. In Court, His Lawyers Don’t.

      From the Wall Street journal. One of dozens of articles concerning this.

    3. Hahahaha!! The GOP will be back. This senile potato and the cackling unlikable Kamala are looking more incompetent every day. The “press conference” made it jaw droppingly apparent that Biden’s dementia is getting worse. No one wants to live in woke socialist bizarro world anyway, once they wake up and see how creepy it is.

    4. So your saying people that got emotional and made horrible decisions are now upset and blaming someone because they are remorseful they got arrested. Bidum will go down as the worst president in history next to Barack Hussein Obama.

    5. @Ray Willis – when you lose an election because black people voted and then you try to stop black people from voting, that’s racism. Everybody including you knows that the Republican party is based on racism’s like the old saying, morons hate it when you call them morons.

  7. Good to see Georgia republicans aren’t waiting for a silly thing like evidence of election fraud to implement their voter suppression laws. I guess hating democracy is more a higher priority to them. 🤔🙄

    1. @Tod Brown Tell me. How many voters were “fraudulent” in the 2020 Georgia election? Or are you still looking for those 11,780 votes? Maybe check behind the SPACE LASERS!! 😂🤣

  8. The Republicans will regret this unjust law when it gets overturned in the courts and large numbers of them get voted out.

    1. @michael holtzman they are fighting changing demographics.
      Unfortunately rather than compromising and embracing the new people they are alienating them.
      Their lifestyles will suffer a very abrupt change that they will find hard to live with.

    2. @S. Lee Mccauley absolutely! Change can be exciting when embraced, destructive when fought.
      Have a great night!

    3. it won’t be overturned….so stop dreaming…blacks should grow up and stop trying to get everything for free…and yes I am black

    4. @Ray Willis either you have some internalized racism issues,or your lying. I see you joined a month ago.

    5. @michael holtzman you need to face reality …we blacks are no saints and we always want everything handed to us…I just speak the truth…deal with it.

  9. So I guess having sausage sizzles and cake stalls like here in Australia is out of the question…

    1. @Anonymous Anonymous no, they are run by schools and community organisations to raise funds for the community

    1. @IWillSurvive party? I’m waiting on gun control to get rammed through so we have justification to start a new revolution. You people need to be exterminated or exiled. Don’t really care either why you just need to be gotten rid of. You aren’t real Americans.

    2. Ya!!! He just handed our energy independence to our adversaries and opened our borders to the world….he’s doing great!!

  10. I live in GA- This makes me fighting mad- so yeah- I am black and I WILL vote- no matter how long or how GOP tries to stop us

    1. @Memphis Stef – Deflecting how? And trust me, the only ones crying are liberals who think everything Republicans do is the end of the world.

      These are the same group of idiots who will wear two masks while driving alone in a car.

    2. @Ray S As opposed to the idiots who don’t cover their noses, and who pull their masks down when talking face-to-face with someone so they can be “heard”?

  11. That’s just ridiculous. Can they bring their own waters to the voting stations? People will still vote.

  12. The party crying about ” cancel culture ” is doing everything in their power to cancel american voters who they can’t win with their policies.

    1. @Paul Crozer well that doesnt seem fair does it? How early are we talking? A day, a week, a month, a year? Whenever?

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