Rep. Cuellar: HHS Is 'Scrambling' To Find Place For Kids At The Border | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Rep. Cuellar: HHS Is ‘Scrambling’ To Find Place For Kids At The Border | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the situation at the southern border and the influx of unaccompanied children arriving. He speaks about a group of young girls who have been held at a Customs and Border Protection facility for longer than the legal 72-hour limit because there is no space for them in facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services. “They are scrambling, HHS is, to find a place, a center so they can take the young girls there,” he says. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Rep. Cuellar: HHS Is 'Scrambling' To Find Place For Kids At The Border | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. hello, SOLUTION is to get the United Nations Refugee program to make camps along Mexico and Guatemala coasts

    1. L Mackay – Trump built 5 miles of new wall, and not without a scandal. 3 miles of it are crumbling.

    1. @Eric Graham Biden did not tell them to come. In fact, he explicitly told them not to come. However, they still came and the administration is not doing anything to reinforce their earlier messaging. That’s the main problem.

    1. Murica is reeling from 4 years of ineptitude. Construction workers are essential workers. Surely we can manage some construction projects to boost the economy.

  2. Rachel and Lester make the MSNBC experience annoying with that unnecessary tag at the end of each video begging for subscribers.

  3. I wonder how much this is costing US taxpayers each day . Bet it’s more than $1400 bucks , probably by the minute . POTUS Harris is intent on make everything in to California, and no liberals that’s not a compliment.

  4. Americans shouldn’t have to sacrifice their children’s future for the future of illegal immigrants children

    1. They don’t. Who says they should? Some Americans are sacrificing our kids futures, regardless of how many children are immigrating. When assessing nationwide issues of unfairness, never fall for the trick of punching down. Look up, instead. The blame lies with those who built & benefit from a system that provides socialism for multinational, multi billion dollar corporations & their dark money, but “rugged free-enterprise” for the rest. Those same corps & the wing of government clamoring for a useless wall, while exploiting undocumented labor- will leave many of our kids with not only poverty wages; but also a government pillaged by corporate tax subsidies; an ever increasingly bloated defense budget; crumbling infrastructure; no clean air, water or soil, loss of coastal cities; and increasingly expensive, deadly & frequent severe weather disasters. Southern border was at net zero, for years before 45 took office. For a preview of what the US would be like, read/ view the news from states that really cracked down on undocumented laborers & those who employ them, a few years ago. Crops rotted in the fields. Farmers went bankrupt. Those states’ economies suffered big revenue losses. Also look at what happens to produce prices when instability in Latin America, or recalls, limit our sources of affordable produce. If we crack down on migrant workers, instead of forcing companies to provide decent pay & conditions & creating an affordable, reasonable process for legal immigration- we will needlessly harm innocence children of undocumented parents AND the children of American citizens, in the short & long term.

  5. The view count on stories like these are abysmal compared to the others and that says a lot about the common democrat voter.

    1. Citations? Please provide a link to some actual evidence supporting your opinion? So far all you offer is a knee- jerk assumption, based on an an equally unsupported assertion. The burden of proof is 100% on the accuser, so the only only person your edgy assessment says anything about… is you.

    2. H K S – citations? Just look at the view count and compare it to other recently uploaded videos?!
      You can’t seriously be that dumb…

  6. Anyone that voted for Biden and HO Harris should go to the border and take 2 illegals home with them , typical of Democrats to put Americans 2nd

  7. Biden is really trying to hide the fact that all the facilities are 10 times or more over capacity. Must smell like armpit, feet, and butt inside.

  8. Why doesn’t this network do their job where is the pictures and video from the 18 Senators that were there today? Where is their outrage!

  9. If the 1st World Nations stop exploiting these countries and instead help to fix them there would not be a world wide migration from these third world countries that are actually not really poor, but are actually being exploited in order to access the resources freely or easily.

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