Biden Declares 'The Future Will Belong To America' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Declares ‘The Future Will Belong To America’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


While laying out his agenda in his speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, Pres. Biden laced his remarks with optimism stating that the future will belong to the United States. We discuss the speech and Biden's message with NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss. Aired on 04/29/2021.
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Biden Declares 'The Future Will Belong To America' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @My Tale ”Make America Great”. But you right. Trump basically stole it just not verbatim. He’s just a natural born thief and crook

    2. @Amadeo Komnenus actually it includes “Again”. Reagan was using it because of the economic recession.

    1. LOL this guy is a worldwide embarrassment, he can’t even speak coherently unless it scripted or walk up steps. Even softball questions from friendly press he looks like a buffoon. Can you imagine if he had to face actual questions and hostility? Please, just keep him away from interacting with world leaders.

  1. Biden made his speech about America and not about himself like Trump did i see a knew beginning for this Country something Trump never gave us he never had a plan i cant imagine how much more this country could have taken under Trump thank you god he wasnt reelected

  2. We’ve needed a transformational Dem potus ever since Reagan’s radical remaking of gov/society. Now we finally have one, and for the first time in my life (of over 40 years) since l became politically aware (reached the age of reason), l have realistic hope for America.

    1. @Dr Watson better than an incompetent, narcissistic BABY who spent MORE time GOLFING than doing his JOB…

  3. Republicans knew Trump was a failure because of what they said. “Why doesn’t candidate Biden stop the pandemic?” “Why doesn’t candidate Biden end the riots” “Why doesn’t candidate Biden…”. Their boy was in charge and they were already looking for Biden to fix the issues because they knew Trump wouldn’t.

    Yet they still saddle themselves with that fraud. Smh

    1. Maybe because the rioters are the Dem black bloc, and you look like hypocrites not condemning them, but condoning them.

    2. @Brett G Do you really believe that crap? I’m impressed at how effective the whiteface makeup was for the ‘BLM rioters,’ because even in their mug shots they sure look like Trumpies. Idjit.

  4. Pressure from constituents on their rep. senators to vote for the infrastructure plan would go a very long way . We need to get better & there really is no plan B . Rep.s had 4 yrs. and never came up with a plan A .

  5. Minimum??? That’s way overreaching. Unless you are talking about how we paid for agent orange to play golf when the country was collapsing. You can’t give something a fancy name and expect it to materialize on its own. That’s not how that works.

  6. brilliantly said, ty both. we very nearly lost everything for which we stand under t**, but now we have a real potus!

  7. Infrastructure will make America the powerhouse it used to be. Better productivity and efficiency of logistics will make for a more robust GDP. Good luck yanks o7

  8. It doesn’t matter whatever TRUMP’s GOP spins and twists, Americans are on the same page with POTUS Joe Biden.

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