Biden DOJ To Defend Trump In Defamation Lawsuit From E. Jean Carroll

The Justice Department under President Joe Biden is moving to defend former President Donald Trump in a defamation lawsuit from E. Jean Carroll who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her. The DOJ argues that they must defend Trump because his statements were made while he was president.

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Biden DOJ To Defend Trump In Defamation Lawsuit From E. Jean Carroll


    1. @raylan crockett Brainwashed liberal media, & their low IQ followers, said the samething about, Gen. Flynn. Flynn said a coup like in Myanmar, COULD happen here. To them he was inciting a coup. Too sad.

    2. @J Barnhart We should have a law prohibiting anyone or any group who supports the Democrats from using the internet considering the fact that historically they are the party of slavery, kkk, and Jim crow laws. If Germany could root out the Nazi party why can’t The Republicans destroy the creator’s of the American holocaust of colored people.

    3. @SmoothOperationofLaw™ how are you using better is it in terms of the fighting fish is it the economic terms or is it the I guess we call an acronym can you prove that more conservatives own guns than liberals cuz after all your largest section of the population aren’t you and isn’t that kind of what you’re accusing Trump of incitement you know talking about guns and whatnot suggesting that you know we can take power with those guns you’re just fanning the flames of ignorance

    1. @TheEmporer
      So why doesn’t he ever pay his depts and has to cheat the IRS. He still hasn’t paid all those cities from his ego rallies. POS
      Edit: It’s public he has multimillions coming due soon so we are waiting to see who the “peter” is to pay “paul”.
      It’s going to be interesting.
      Popcorn anyone?

    2. @God Loving American If Trump…… come he’s in Florida, and not in the white house….how come dominion is suing Rudy, Mike, Sydney?
      how come they haven’t brought any CREDIBLE evidence?, and yet just like Obama’s birth certificate………NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE TRUTH IS SHOWN TO YOU……..YOU JUST REJECT FACTS…sad for you

    3. @Donna Roush How can people not see T for what he is? He speaks from both sides of his mouth, lies, disrespects, and is the epitome of a narc. Furthermore, he pats himself on the back all the time, is evil personified and if he is “Installed” again, we might as well throw in the towel.

      trump didn’t create the. vaccines. they were created YEARS ago, but he takes credit…and why would someone want to take credit for a vaccine that was created for genocide to begin with? trump couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.
      Covid did not come from. a lab in wuhan. It doesn’t even exist. The borders are open. Because they want to get as many. Vaccinated. As possible…. on the entire globe. They are desperate to get us all chipped. They’ve been doing it to dogs and cats. for years. why not humans? What’s happening has never been about covid, it’s been all about getting entire globe chipped. They knew immigrants would take the vaccine for the op to get into America.

    4. @Blue Lagoon This has nothing to do with my comment,although I do agree with you saying he is evil,the rest I’m not buying.

    1. @Liam Ramos tRump DOESN’T, he pays nothing or a lot less than I bet YOU did for the last ten years.

    2. @God Loving American YOU mention God in your handle??,. PROOF of ANYTHING you alleged there…….NONE as always, your a trump sheep

    3. @🟨🐍🟨 for the sake of clarity: He’s not the President now and was not an “employee” before he was the President…but, whatever.

    4. @God Loving American OH GIVE IT UP! Don’t you ever get tired of constantly repeating that 💩?

    5. Is that how it works? I didn’t know Supreme Court justices botched about the laws they uphold on YouTube comments HAHA

    1. @Joshua Stevens couldn’t possibly be the democratic party. They only did the same thing before

    2. I think what you meant to say is, “if the law is on Trumps side then I don’t like it”

    3. Yeah, and we should also convict all the FBI agents who have to go through and watch pedo videos in order to validate and prosecute those pedos. Those FBI agents have that stuff on their laptops and like you said, the law is wrong. Nobody is allowed to be exempt even when operating in their profession (like Mr. Trump was). lol you got loose screws. The law is there for a reason.

    1. @PTREK BOX BREAKS they made chips that are 6 atoms wide fyi. But wtf would chipping do?

  1. For a country who claims “no one is above the law,” seems odd that you’d allow lawmakers to write laws that exempt them from the law. 🤔

    1. @EddieRay VanLynch Here in VA, we had our Democratic Primary today. Anyone could vote in it, D, R, I, L, G…anyone.

    2. @Ideal775 Winning by 7+ MILLION votes is no fluke. It’s the most votes any presidential candidate ever received in the history of our country.

    3. @86 commies So, today’s Arizonans are better educated than they were years ago. They don’t want White Supremacy and lies to govern their state. They are to be congratulated on their common sense and decency.

    4. @86 commies How people voted in a particular state a generation or two ago is irrelevant. You’re grasping at straws.

    5. @86 commies From the way things turned out in 2020, it looks like it will be a LONG TIME before Rs are in the majority again. They have no new ideas, no solutions, no higher causes to work toward. You can’t win without those things.

  2. ” The Whitehouse staying out of the DOJ business… ”
    Giving hope to the people is a calling 📞 to those gifted like you. Are you sure your in the right job… I am… 😃😊🙂

    1. why would they defend trump dont they have anything for thebpeople.. the insurrection, the election laws republicans are passing the bogus count, the fox news and the complicits, the capitol attack, the white supremacists..
      trump doesnt need govt doleouts to defend his wrongdoings.. come on..
      trump will never be on the sode of BIDEN.. bad strategy..

    2. @ading fandino Yet, if it really got down to it you would be one of the first to cower and lay down and beg for mercy, rather than protect family and those close to you. Cause you’re just a coward.

  3. You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop…

    1. Unfortunately, this distinction needs to be made. During trump’s reign of terror it was most definitely the “trump DOJ.”

    2. @Katie S True during Trump’s term the DOJ was an anomaly because the way Biden’s DOJ is behaving should have the same with AG Barr

    3. @Douglas Ross So everything we saw for 4yrs with our own eyes is a lie? Sorry to shatter your uterus Doug but we research and know the facts. They called it Trumps doj from day 1.

  4. Perhaps if the suit is regarding offenses while the federal employee is on the federal payroll and the action being used as grounds for the suit is directly related to the job duties. Kinda hard to see that in this case, because raping someone in a department store fitting room or badmouthing isnt part of a president’s job 25 years before they took elected office

  5. Wow I can’t believe it !! So, who is going to be protected from the crazy presidents if they commit a crime like that? ……

  6. The law states that the gubmint will defend an employee in the course of doing his duty. This is a case of a man who is more interested in booty.

  7. WTF! If I were Trump the last person or persons I would want to represent me would be Bidens DOJ. Oh, wait, I get it. Carry on!

  8. Our illustrious two-tiered justice system; one system for our crooked political establishment types and one for the rest of us.

    1. Clearly you don’t understand the law even after the defense was explained. It only makes you immune when you are operating under the government as a part of your duty. If Trump did this on the side then he would not be covered.

      It’s like FBI agents who have to sit through and watch pedo videos in order to convict the pedos. Should those FBI agents be convicted for having that stuff on their laptop? I mean you just said that these laws are wrong. They’re rules for thee, but not for me right?

  9. It’s a good thing Garland never made it to SCOTUS because he’s making it very clear he cares as much about justice as Barr did. Looks like if the people want any justice in this shithole country, we need to do it ourselves.

    1. Exactly. Barr is the worse AG in modern US history, Garland not only is the same also a coward!

    1. Through Jesuitism and Freemasonry.
      If carlon had said that his career wouldve been over. Right there.
      Happened to that kid from 2 and a half men. He was done with Hollywood. “Oh noo dont listen to him hes crazy”
      Yeah okay. “Free thinkers”

  10. The entitlement, thinking the whole doj should do what you want, just because your communist Chinese asset is the president. SMH

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