Rep. Patrick Maloney Reacts To New Jan. 6 Senate Report | MSNBC 1

Rep. Patrick Maloney Reacts To New Jan. 6 Senate Report | MSNBC


Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), shares his experience in the House chamber during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and calls for an independent commission to probe the attack further in the wake of the Senate's new bipartisan report. He also says the Senate must abolish the filibuster to pass key legislation like the 9/11-style commission.

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Rep. Patrick Maloney Reacts To New Jan. 6 Senate Report | MSNBC


    1. Uuummm, that would immediately be labeled and propagated as biased and partisan. But yes, a thorough endoscopy of all things Trump, DOJ, GOP, security, and WH should take place.

    2. @K Bone No matter WHAT happens, they will say it is fake, sod them, Lets get them into court

  1. Trump dismissed and placed in key people in Security positions between losing the election and January 6th. All those people need to be dragged into Congress on live TV to deliver testimony under oath.

    1. @Scahoni the reason you lost those 60+ cases is that trumps lawyers didn’t want to risk getting disbarred for backing a thief. EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY WERE GIVEN THE CHOICE TO PROCEED OR NOT, BUT RISK DISBARMENT IF THEIR CASES WERE BOGUS, THEY FOLDED. AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN.
      hunters laptop? The lawyers knew.
      The mighty kraken? Powell knew ( and used the Fox news defense). Calamari was served.

    2. @Scahoni Hey do you remember back in Oct during the debate when Joe tole him to shut up and then won the the election and took Dear Leaders Job away from him??? Good times man…Good times indeed!

  2. republicans now: “We need to look forward. Just re-litigating the past won’t get us anywhere.”
    republicans then: “BENGHAZI!!!!!”

    1. @Scahoni then how did so many Republicans win if Democrats stole the elections? Seems to me like they would have stolen them all and we wouldn’t have to fight Mitch McConnell in the Senate to get anything done. You don’t want to audit all the elections just the ones where Republicans didn’t win? I’m confused

  3. Republicans showing off their abusive personality. Typical of abusers to persuade the victim that they should get over things and move on. Very very typical abuser behavior.

    1. @Chris Kane
      They yell about tan suits, and mustard choices.
      We talk about trying, at minimum, to jam and election count, and it’s, ” move on”!

    2. @Bill Casey The majority of Republicans are not coming from a good place. Just please vote them out! And in the meantime, speak up when you can. Tell the truth.

  4. But, it takes YEARS to fix what they institute. It hurts people for a duration that is unfair. I think if there are Bills that are unfairly represented in Congress – adverse to the desires of the public – put it to a national vote. If we don’t get off the couch to vote – live with it.

  5. I haven’t liked Republicans since the 60’s. I like them even less now. Let the voters decide!

    1. same. we really need one voter, one vote instead of that damned “horse and buggy” electoral college where one plus one doesn’t always equal two.

    2. @Scahoni love how all the evidence backs up your claim, and all the experts agree right? Thats why The donald is still in the white house right?

  6. You can’t work with the terrorists in the Senate!!!! Get past that and do what you have to do in order to get anything done. This is so frustrating to this voter.

  7. Maloney is right. Republicans would not be elected based on their policies because they don’t have any that benefit the majority of the population.

    1. @Scahoni If you think those are democratic policies you watch way too much Newsmax and OAN, and I legit feel bad for your ignorance,

    2. @Scahoni Great Depression, Great Recession, and COVD Recession all on Republican watches — not a coincidence

    3. @Isaac Graham Unfortunately the right wings only agenda is to perpetuate their lies for their own benefits and their supporters can’t and won’t believe anything else. Rep Maloney is correct in calling them out as the obstructionists and demigods that they are. I’m amazed at the ignorance of people who put aside their own best interests to support these politicians who couldn’t give a crap about them.

  8. Exempt voting rights protections from the filibuster and pass it now! Biden needs to make Manchin an offer he can’t refuse. Our democracy is in peril by a fascist GOP.

  9. Yes, Stephanie we need to get rid of the filibuster, nothing is being done.. Stephanie what are u talking about McConnell and the republicans flew through their agendas with trumps help for 4 years so don’t give us the bullish that republicans never past their agenda, aka supreme court last rush job…

    1. What does trump/Putin have on Manchin>>> trump name him as a dirty democrat in a rant in the rose garden Oct 1 2018>>>>>

  10. End the filibuster an stop mcconnels hold on advancing important Bill’s. OR only allow it to be used on certain cases.
    I for one would have liked 45 impeachments passed an maybe the jan6 would not have happened.

  11. He has a point. Republicans haven’t ran on anything that has been for the good of the people and McConnell said it himself he is here to stop Biden every step of the way even if it betters the lives of his constituents. Having said that Democrats have to stop with this bipartisanship bs. Republicans have shown that when they are in power it’s either their way or the highway. Even if you try your hardest to work with them it’s futile so why try to work with them if they will not listen to anything you say and will say no to everything you do.

  12. Then bring back the talking filibuster, so they are FORCED to make their public argument for or against the issues, so THE PEOPLE can hear their reasons…. otherwise, it’s anybody’s guess why they do what they do.

  13. He’s naive to think ‘the will of the people’ always sways in the direction of justice and democracy.

  14. You can’t have a “bipartisan” commission that includes the criminal insurrectionists. Dems have to get tough about this all on their own.

    1. Yet they HAD that offer!. No matter what they say they are about nothing but spoiling, even IF what they are spoiling is a great benefit to Americans. They are the enemy and now need to fight them out of existence

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