Honoré And Figliuzzi Break Down Jan. 6 Report Findings, Urge Reform 1

Honoré And Figliuzzi Break Down Jan. 6 Report Findings, Urge Reform


Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi, former Commander of Joint Task Force-Katrina Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, and NBC's Ken Dilanian and Garrett Haake joined Stephanie Ruhle to break down the findings of the Senate's new bipartisan report probing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Honoré and Figliuzzi warn that there must be substantial intelligence reforms to prevent a similar attack from happening again in the future.

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Honoré And Figliuzzi Break Down Jan. 6 Report Findings, Urge Reform


    1. @Scientific Methodologist
      *_”If we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.”_*
      ~~ Groucho Marx

    2. @Scientific Methodologist
      My guess is you’re from Tuscaloosa. It is a wild guess, but that brings us back to the elephant in the room; and the nature of the pun, if I’m not mistaken.
      _(And how he got in my pajamas, I’ll never know.)_

  1. With the current irreversible trajectory, the US will become a fascist country or the GOP will be totally destroyed. There’s no middle ground.

    1. Look at those crowds that overtook the Capitol. Fascism is already here, actually a fascist theocracy.

    2. I dunno, if they hang all 16 goatlickers that have been charged with conspiracy that day the winds may change

    3. I know. With the daily exposure of what they were doing and what they’ve done, punishment is the only right thing to do. I mean, if not for justice then do it for the People.

    1. @Lena Strope Strope Trust me! Trump and his 3 oldest children are going to prison for decades!

    2. @Lena Strope Strope The investigation into Trump by New York is not a witch-hunt, it is justice working the way it should work.

  2. Trump knew how to send THOUSANDS of Federal riot cops to the BLM riots. But he watched the US CAPTIOL get attacked and BREECHED for 2 1/2 HOURS, AND DID NOTHING….

    1. @Rakesh Malik There is no correlation between the 25,000,000 people who marched for social justice last summer and the 10,000+ insurrectionists who went to Washington to “stop the steal”
      Including cop suicides, 7 people died as a direct result of that day 3/7th of them were police
      Even if 30 people died in unrelated rioting and looting far away from the protests (only ONE BLM supporter killed anyone and he claimed it was self defense)

      If The Summer of Justice was exactly as violent as the insurrection part of Trump’s failed coup, there would have been as many as (25kx7) 175,000 BODIES IN THE STREETS last summer and 3 out of 7 would have been cops (75,000 dead police officers)

      It’s apples and origins brother

    2. The House Sgt.-at-Arms refused a request from the capitol police to send the National Guard in THE DAY BEFORE!

    3. Pelosi sabotaged security. It was her decision, along with Bowser, to keep the National Guard troops away from the Capitol on the 6th.

    4. @Harry Johnstone Did you not read what I wrote? You might as well be saying the same thing back at me. The BLM protests were almost invariably peaceful until the police escalated them into violence. That’s indisputable, based on the huge amount of video evidence we have. That the insurrectionists had planted pipe bombs and went to the Capitol with weapons, a gallows, and body armor is also indisputable, also due to video evidence.

  3. It is well passed the time that we stop accepting the guise of bipartisanship, which only promotes the ‘both sides’ idea, and return to the NON-partisan approach to governing, which attends to the needs of the common greater good that leads to the more perfect union of our founders dreams.

  4. The Elephant is supposed to never forget. I clearly remember someone said Trump said protect my supporters. During the Insurrection.

  5. I understand the network probably forbids the anchors from saying this directly, but, the only reason the insurrection failed was because rank-and-file officers were tougher, more resourceful, and more resolute than expected–after they were setup to fail by leadership that took actions that directly supported the aims of the insurrection.

    1. I agree, Jerry.

      And i only have one complaint, and that is that these officers did not draw their service weapons and begin killing everyone standing in their way as they breached and attacked.

    2. I agree also I think its quite possible that the Pentagon stood down to prevent the coup and literally make 45 look like a big failure! If the NG or military came in 45 would be in charge and can you imagine what his orders would be?

      But Congress failed at their job they should have impeached and banned 45 from politics.

  6. The Capitol will be attacked again, and the GOP will make sure it happens…….like the first time

    1. You are right. While so many people believe the lie, and some are even asking for a Military Coup, it will happen again, and it will be worse.

    2. @Trumps Bullethole The one BIG variable is a competent Commander in Chief at 1600. A call for reinforcements will not go unheeded.

    3. @Silly Billy How much more real do you need? Over 400 people charged, plea bargains, guilty pleas, trials and prison terms upcoming. The GQP left sputtering and flailing and unsustainably denying. Lots of justice is underway.

    1. @Coldwynn Frost No it was real but low resolution. Snopes checked Getty images & found high res pics with wrinkles and zipper pouch.

    2. @Elaine Daprano , I am pretty sure that he has Alzheimers. I took care of Alzheimers patients. The slurred speech is getting worse than before , he’s been doing that for years. I still question the pants because I am a seamstress the curve of the front of pants is not cut as deep as the back. So if they are on backwards, that extra fabric would wrinkle, but it isn’t the issue.
      It’s the constant lies that people choose to believe.

    3. Because he can. DJT knows nobody will do anything to him, he’s never experienced being arrested or cuffed much less being written a ticket. What do you mean, why hasn’t he…?

  7. When Garrett was listing names at the end of this segment, he needed to also include Mike Flynn’s brother who is also a general apparently, who somehow was receiving calls for help that day at the DOD or Pentagon, I forget where. Dear God! How many people were involved with all this horrific behavior?! I also think it’s becoming more apparent or rather, it’s being *reinforced* as to why Mitch the Con et al. do *not* want anyone else investigating this. While I have never liked the guy, I *never* thought he or others would wreck harm like this!
    What the sam hello perpetuates their destruction of Our Democracy? Do those poor excuses of human beings not even care about what they’re doing to *their own* children’s future?!
    Am *so* grateful for people like General Honoré & Frank Figliuzzi who seem to constantly show they truly care about our country by their work & behavior. All this other stuff is unbelievably unsettling.

    1. This is a fight for democracy, ppl better wake up and see this for what it is, an attempted coup.

  8. I’m disgusted that T**** wasn’t even mentioned in this. It’s almost getting to the point where you have to say you get what you deserve America because you’re not dealing with the situation, you’re doing just the opposite, you’re encouraging it. The people who don’t deserve it are the people around the world including me that have to watch this go down and live with the consequences.

    1. @santolify who thought of GQP? So dumb, like “Big Lie”. Are all Liberals unaware the media makes fun of them every day, by talking to them like they were six.

    2. They’ve already done their best: trespassing charges.

      It’s time to stop being a media puppet.

    3. @eric brosofske
      GQP seems to be a sensitive point. And it’s about half the base. Whom the old guard GOP don’t dare offend. Which means they own y’all by half. Since they own the party by half, either divorce them, or accept your fate against the younger, stronger, crazier, uglier part of yourselves. Renounce them, renounce their methods,… Or admit you are beaten and old, and sleep in the dog’s bed they provide you.

    4. @Silly Billy
      Keep the pressure on. The trump base acted, the other part yelled Antifa, which fools no one. Yes, they’re politicizing it. Don’t pretend the republicans wouldn’t if the situation was reversed.

  9. There were people in charge and they purposely sat back and watched their plan play out as they hoped it would. Are we going to continue to pretend that didn’t happen?

    1. In the end, they might pretend. In order to make it a constant bleed and embarrassment to the Right. How can they moralize anything when this memory is kept fresh and raw.

  10. America refused to address or even acknowledge its Christian extremist problem.

    Now it’s paid with its democracy.

  11. RepulsiveCons infiltrated every Department and hired mercenaries to create the Insurrection. It’s so obvious now.

  12. When POC protested a year ago, they assumed there would be violence so they put way more boots on the ground at the capital. But when white people were scheduled to protest, they assumed that it would be peaceful. Funny how both protests were the opposite of what they assumed.

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