Biden Expresses Support For Ceasefire In Call With Netanyahu

NBC News’ Carol Lee and Richard Engel give the latest on the escalating conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the worst flare-up of violence in 7 years, as President Biden says he supports a ceasefire in his call with Israel’s Prime Minister
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  1. No more money for Israel , the 5 billion dollars we give them each year can be better used in the United States for our citizens .

    1. They could use the money to complete the wall so that migrant children don’t make the perilous journey due to promises from Biden that they’ll be looked after. Fact!

    2. @Polar Opposite Or did you forget that Guatemala and Costa Rica got devastated by 2 catagory 5 hurricanes this past year and the orange clown did nothing so Joe is helping out

    1. Gaza did, however the context is much bigger. Not long before families in East Jerusalem were going to be removed to be replaced by Israeli families, which caused a stir, understandably. Then Israeli soldiers fired into a mosque while people were at prayer.

    2. @Michael Duren Gaza attacks all the time. So stfu
      In May 2019, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) launched 690 rockets and mortars towards Israel, again over the span of less than 48 hours. While the large majority of the projectiles landed in open territory, 240 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system and another 21 hit residential homes.Dec 1, 2019.

    3. @L C1 the truth is Israel is attacked all the time by the terrorist in Gaza. Google the facts because msnbc does not report it. So if you want real facts google them or search out real news agencies that report facts.

  2. i sure hope the justice department works with the international court……that stolen state is a threat to the real jews and america…..

  3. Israel: The 42 Palestinian civilians we killed in Gaza were “unintentional.”
    Everyone: Well, that’s a relief! 🙄
    Israel: **fires more rockets**

    1. Do you understand that Israel was aiming at rocket launch sites. There are many, many empty fields in Gaza, but Hamas uses urban areas to shoot rockets at innocent civilians. And, most of the Arabs, who were hit, were actually hit by Hamas rockets. A third of the rockets Hamas aims at innocent Israeli civilians come down in Gaza, and hit Arab civilians.

    2. @Deborah Freedman I’m of the mind there is no right side to this conflict. You go back far enough and you’ll find something one side did that warrants a future action from the other. Go back further and you’ll find the opposite. But that said, Hamas is not Palestine the same way Israel’s leaders are Israel, in my opinion.

    1. At least Netanyahu had elections, and didn’t contest the results. Abbas still hasn’t held elections in the PA, he just postponed them again. Almost 30 years, and no elections.

  4. Exactly who on the Democrats side of the aisle is calling for stronger support against Israel? I think if you named names, a pattern would reveal itself.
    I am a Democrat and liked the way Biden was handling it just fine. We do not want to escalate something that has been going on for decades. At this point it’s tempting to say that they should just be left to wallow in their hatred and to leave us out of it.

  5. Well…I know I cannot do nothing in this..but,can this news be trusted?.Kinda in disbelief about this “ceasefire” info..You know,if the aggressor keep doing it like nothing a “ceasefire” cannot halt it…hard to believe that America able to convinced them to stopped it,though!.Been in a false hope way too many times….But,let’s see if it’s true,shall we?.

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