1. @stephen myers “sent out in a report” sorry, you’ll have to do better than that.
      *Variant* (these happen, mainly in the unvaccinated populations. Vaccinated people wouldn’t get the new coke if it wasn’t coming from ya’ll. Some variants happen in the vaccinated population but – think about it – the virus is alive and well be cause you haven’t helped us corner it, starve it out, and isolate it until it dies off.

      Variants are expected. The best way to slow the emergence of new variants is to reduce the spread of infection by vaccinating an overwhelming majority of the population

    2. @Dee Bee No it’s not. It is un American to be so selfish. It’s all me me me for you isn’t it. You are infringing on other people’s rights and freedoms by foolishly not getting vaccinated.

    3. @Rock Bass702 No, Rock, that is not how it is at all. As it is a new Covid strain, the vaccine had to be invented, tested extensively, approved, and will be monitored. It is a learning curve seeing what this virus is capable of. It’s Delta variant is much more contagious. It is not the flu. If you are not a medical scientist, or following the research of professionals in the field, who regularly give updates, you must be getting your information from – where? Are you parroting hyped up far right media opinion tv hosts? The vaccinated are not making people sick. The hospitals are full of vaccine deniers (127,653 new cases on 9/10), who are dying at the rate of 1,641 (9/10). It’s very real and very deadly.

    1. @Margaret P Joe just got through saying he was loosing patience with us, what is next stop to get us to comply, whether we like it or not, just shut up and obey. After all, it’s for our own good, isn’t it.

    1. HEY get it RIGHT ! “Camel toe” and XIDEN. Stop insulting out Glorious leader and his head of propaganda! 😬

    1. Why are you all calling Rachel’s Maddow a man ? Am I the last one to find something out? Been watching this lady for years

    2. @Team Transition She’s a woman but doesn’t believe in natural immunity. While hyping the lockdown agenda she’s also playing sales rep for big pharma. Fully vaxed in Israel is 3 shots now. Australia said the covid vaccines will be yearly. The vaccines will eventually be annual and the LockDowners won’t stop until people object to their nonsense.

  1. The people who spent four years calling Donald Trump an ‘authoritarian tyrant’ will be silent today when Biden announces a vaccine mandate for tens of thousands of people without exception.

    1. @roblox master 5000 way to back up your feelings! Small minded, because I said so attitude! God no wonder you’re dying off!

    2. @Bud Fudlacker dementia Joe wow that’s original! Didn’t I hear that from the last dummy that sat on trump’s knee with his hand up their back? Come on stop regurgitating, you’re so boring!

    3. I give up, you people are impossible to reason with! You could put in the time to read and do the research! Instead, all you do is repeat what a well documented liar says! Hmm guess your all liars too! Guilty by association!

    1. @New Normal World Order thats why the election was rigged! Trump couldn’t be bought and biden got 10% when he was obamas vp! I’m sure biden is getting more now since china helped him get the oval office! Notice biden reads a teleprompter and has a cheat sheet with reporters pics on it and what questions to answer? Haven’t you heard biden say “I’m going to get in trouble if I take any questions”? Someone is a puppet and it wasn’t Trump!

  2. Trying to make a connection between the federal govt requiring seat belts or meat inspectors, to having a vaccine forced upon you is pathetic. This is what “news” has come to? Did I really just hear all this?

    1. My thoughts in that…why don’t school busses have them then. And also this lady so smug😒 and self righteous

    2. @Howl along with Spot Thank you. These people keep proving over and over that the American public education system has failed, and quite by design. It’s always been Republican politicians (in the bag for petrochemical billionaires) who oppose proper school funding and make higher education cost-preventative, all while coddling these ding-dongs with “entertainment news” and creating distrust of experts and so-called “elites.” They sealed the deal with the advent of social media, targeting people who have no business using the internet unsupervised by educated and informed adults.

    1. @John Hunt I love how the propaganda leaves you to believe that if you contract the virus your certainly going to die. I don’t need a “jab” or boosters or pills or authoritarianism to keep me safe from something that is exaggerated politically. Let me remind you it was only months ago Democrats weren’t going to get the shot because it was the result of Trump’s warpspeed.

    2. @John Hunt Lol, “save life” with an unsafe, deadly vaccine,
      that doesn’t even protect from Covid?
      Nice try lol

    3. Uh, pretty sure Trump supporters are only 30% of the US population, at best, and dying off quickly cuz y’all won’t get vaccinated. So pls. Yes. Let’s have a war. You all won’t last.

    1. Yes she would but we would’ve never seen a directive like this from Trump because it’s clear he didn’t care about people dying. Even tho it’s mostly his own supporters

  3. Disgusting in every way. You just turned millions and millions of moderates into staunch opponents. I have in the past but will never again give my vote to a democratic candidate because they no longer know what democracy is.

    1. @Nick Don’t forget how these Democrats promised all
      those stimulus checks to people, then lied!
      Not that i favor re-puke-blicans neither.

    2. @John snow are they all just incompetent incompetents spreading their incompetency in an incompetent incompetency of an incompetent?


    3. Meanwhile, Denmark is lifting all COVID restrictions. Why, you may ask? Well, they have reached tremendously high vaccination rates and the use of their COVID pass has been very successful. How, you may ask? Well, Danes are civil, compliant with vaccinations and civic duties, and, above all, have high levels of education. This translates into very low percentages of the same right-wing knuckleheads you apparently want to vote for from now on. Oh, by the way, since you like talking about democracy (the same democracy that MAGA terrorists wanted to subvert on January 6th), you may want to know that Denmark ranks way above the US in the Democracy Index list (7th place vs 25th, and the rank of the US has gone down during the Trump presidency). But, hey, don’t let facts, science, or ethics be in the way of the great information on magnetic chips and satanic plots you are getting from right-wing social media and Q-Anon. I wish you the best of luck with your choice of supporting these single-digit IQ dingbats.

    4. That’s why the Dems aren’t going after Trump. I can only think of one way I’d vote for Biden again- and that’s if Trump is the Republican nominee. I don’t think I’m alone

  4. “If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan

    1. @Tessmage Tessera They make it up as they go along. There’s no substance to anything they say, only outrage about everything.

    2. @T 1 u keep waiting 5 more years for those supposed crimes to surface haha
      so far everything thrown at the man has been a lie
      thats why hes still free to run for president and ur still crying

    1. @fighterpimp Well the odds of that happening are extremely low so it is very hard to imagine.
      Almost everyone who recovers from COVID has some sort of long term side effect or disability.

    2. It’s ironic that Trump’s Operation: Warp Speed is why we have a vaccine, because it cut the red tape of bureaucracy, and yet his supporters refuse to take it, and most non- Trump supporters are taking it. Donald Trump himself has taken the vaccine, and there’s a video from his Alabama rally of him stating so.

    3. @John snow odds are very low of dying from covid you are right. Thank you for proving our points. No need for mandated vaccines that are still in trail testing periods.

    4. @fighterpimp Reading isn’t your strong suit is it…
      Its ok I understand some people just cant handle to be proven wrong.
      Maybe one day you’ll grow up and give up the childish antics.

      Vaccine is fully FDA approved and the trail testing has been over for months. 🙂

    1. show me that quote – you are probably confusing Swallwell telling some nazi punks to “bring it” with Joe Biden

    1. @michael dileosad but true. Honestly, I am beyond disappointed in all of us for not marching to the WH or whatever basement he hides in to physically pull his a$$ out.

    2. @Tara Welsand Yes it’s atrocious we the people are taking all this laying down. It’s only making it worse. Today it’s “all companies with 100+ employees requires vaccines”, tomorrow they’ll impose something just a little more draconian. Ultimately where this ends up, who knows, but I’m sure all of our rights will be swept clean. Then everyone who made fun of people yelling about their freedoms will then realize just how valuable they truly were.

    3. It’s ironic that Trump’s Operation: Warp Speed is why we have a vaccine, because it cut the red tape of bureaucracy, and yet his supporters refuse to take it, and most non- Trump supporters are taking it. Donald Trump himself has taken the vaccine, and there’s a video from his Alabama rally of him stating so.

    1. Joe Talibiden the weak dictator!! LOL Everyone–except the postal workers? Democrats don’t know how to do ANYTHING!!!!!!!

    2. @Brent Harrington Someone else’s obesity doesn’t put my health at risk so your analogy is meaningless BS. But I do think the government should mandate healthier food options in school cafeterias and hospitals. There is a roll for government in public health.

  5. Flexes? That is an incorrect statement. It should read; “Biden illegally abuses his executive powers once again.”

    1. @Black Beauty notice your demagogues pelosi Biden and psaki are on tape just months ago talking about this being an outreach of government and that they promise this will never happen ..

    2. @Black Beauty lol you don’t want the health and economy debate with a Trump supporter. There’s a reason why you get emotional and start name calling after facts have been presented.

    1. Every Carlin joke was making fun of stupid people…. like the unvaccinated trumper’s. If he were alive today the trumpers would have given him a lot of material

    2. @Nicki Snyder silence mascline one.
      1 Timothy 2:12 a woman is to learn in silence with ALL submission and I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over “no man” now be a good little blch and relearn your place.

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