Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: September 9th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: September 9th | MSNBC

Watch highlights from Thursday's The Beat with Ari Melber. The Beat airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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  1. For the people that don’t know what’s good for Americans and America. Encouragement didn’t work so yea Biden. It’s about time we have insightful leadership for the people. No pain-no gain! Blue wave 2022!

    1. @Dan Alexander Audio I’m am a little disappointed in the abortion law and the anti mask mandate, mandate. Other than that, texas is great.

  2. Biden is right once again. Those who are not vaccinated create incredible chaos, endangering the lives of their compatriots and even their children. And those responsible for this chaos are usually Republicans

    1. @Cold Beer you are so far from reality. Reality is if everyone was vaccinated the virus spread would slow to crawl and millions of lives would be saved. Get it. Is that so hard for your little brain to understand. MORE VACCINATED PEOPLE MEANS LESS PEOPLE GET IT WHICH RESULTS IN LESS SICK AND DEAD PEOPLE. JESUS CHRIST.

    2. @Nanc Mam Think of vaccines as a parachute and exposure to someone with covid as jumping out of an airplane. You’ll probably be totally fine. But there’s a chance you’ll land too hard and break a leg. And there’s also the very real possibility, however unlikely, that you won’t survive the experience. Not everyone wants to be skydiving every time they go to work or go grocery shopping.

    1. @Molaodi Menyatso pretty d sick, isn’t it? Stupidity reigns supreme among gops and anti-vaxxers. It’s the only thing they have any more. Oh and lies ofc

    2. @Ace Vevtura troll bot talking. Shame you used Ace’s name. He was cool. He would have gotten vaccinated and laughed in your face.

  3. President Biden is fighting fiercely to get his country out of this health crisis, despite the opposition he meets.
    This is what we hope for from a leader.
    Biden is admirable!

    1. @Cold Beer Even so, if the unvaccinated are DJT followers, and 90% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated…finally, the Republicans can have more dead voters than the Democrats. Oh, dear, who would have thunk that?

    2. @J Wright I have been fully vaccinated since March & am not eligible for food stamps etc. Nor do I wish to be. Those who do not wish to be vaccinated should not be allowed in public places unless they are consistently tested.

  4. Biden is very brave to do this! He is under so much stress, watching foolish leaders do crazy things such as trying to forbid mask wearing! I am especially saddened by cops who are in our faces who don’t want to get vaccinated or ear masks.

    1. You have no common sense, do you? You are exactly what the gl0balists want – easily manipulated by the lying MSM and easily controlled.

  5. How DARE this President try and save lives? First, this President comes out and tell the people of the country the TRUTH; and now he’s got the nerve to FORCE the people of this country to be SENSIBLE or exercise COMMON SENSE! President Biden is going to give leadership and politicians a bad name, right? Trump must be rolling over in his stupidity!

    1. Biden has been talking for 8 months and hasn’t told the truth about anything yet. Do some reading, and you will be able to figure this out instead of watching these liars.

    2. @Walter Scott And then start telling the families of the hundreds of thousands who died from Corona that they were right not taking the vaccine?

  6. A refresher course for Trump supporters: “The whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” Stephen Miller, Feb. 2017

  7. Love Ari! Very clear and concise delivering the news. Glad companies are doing this. My company is enforce get it or no else….. But they took out the weekly testing you either get the vaccine by certain date 12/31 or employee will be subject to termination . (Putting it nicely)

  8. Reminder that under President Joe Biden, the U.S. stock market has hit all-time highs 40 times so far, each time higher than it ever was under Insurrectionist Trump.

    1. @Cold Beer you might wanna check it closely cuz if that’s the case probably something illegal done, you might end up paying it back. Look what he did to the government employees who didn’t pay that taxes are now obligated to pay it back!!

    2. Can you send a reminder to Sky News in Australia to get them to stop lying about the stock market falling because the former guy had up?

    1. Ppl shud get vaccinated. But yes hes right. If u catch covid heaven forbid and u survive it ur immunity is stronger and last longer. That’s from Israel where they push the vaccine big time.

    1. They might give people jobs. I doubt most places will do the 1 time a week check up though due to stress especially. But they are just going to think they are better then everyone because they have gotten the vaccine. If your body and your immune system is good enough then more power to you. We are not weak like everyone assume.

  9. He’s like my grandfather….he put up with spoiled brat grandkids as long as he could stand it, and finally opened the woodshed for business.

    1. @old and in the way The only way you don’t know the answer to that is if you were raised in the city — assuming you are actually “old” as your name states. lol. NOBODY wanted to be taken out to either the woodshed [or behind the woodshed] because you were about to get your behind lit up! Ouch! Sometimes the spanking was with a hand but it could have been with a belt. Either way, you’d be crying and highly repentant when you came back to the house.

  10. It’s a shame it had to come to this, this never would’ve happened if the GOP would have done the right things to start with, we’d never would’ve been where we are today with this virus.

    1. Not just the GOP, the anti-vaxxers as well. Europe is not excepting any US citizen that cannot prove they are vaccinated. This is about caring for each other, not more, nothing less. Las Vegas, NV September 10, 2021

    1. Nero, Nero! Well done! Yep, Trump’s a Jim Jones. Brainwashes, they drink the Kool aid . Then, the millions upon millions undocumented. A lil education would go a long way..

  11. It’s SAD to have to watch President Biden having to deal with grown people behaving like spoiled toddler’s. I’m glad he’s our President and he shouldn’t have to scold adults temper tantrums.

  12. “The party of the riot of Jan 6” is in the business of fascism and the destruction of our democratic ideals. McCarthy is a fallen man and so, though less strategic than McConnell, just as soulless.

  13. It’s plane to see he’s not talking about today or tomorrow, it’s about the short term and long term future health & welfare of all Americans!

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