1. “The incredible skill, bravely” 😂
    They don’t call him mumbling, bumbling, stumbling Joe for nothing.

  2. It was NOT a chaotic evacuation. It was exceeding well planned and well orchestrated. Otherwise 123,000 people would not have gotten out in just 18 days. True the people who wanted to be evacuated did not queue up like well trained Brits, but that had nothing to do with Biden. Yes, there were three attempted terrorist attacks, but two were thwarted, one retaliated against, and they did not slow down the evacuation. The media needs to quit lying about this marvelous accomplishment.

    1. @Tommy r Westbrook listen to the general speech and on top of that your army building attempt did involve giving the former afghan army weapons, if they are flying helicopters maybe You gave them during the army building efforts.
      Nb: think critically before shouting out blames

    2. @Tommy r Westbrook all military dogs have been evacuated because they are considered as Soldiers. US Embassy has been sending notices since March to leave Afghanistan. Military equipments are permanently disabled. What Taliban got was what we gave Afghan forces to protect their country; weapons, ammo and vehicles. Even if they acquired planes, they cant fly it cause they ars not trained for that. As for people, they decided to leave last minute and couldn’t make to airport. If civilian dont register with US Embassy, then Embassy will not know he/she is in Afghanistan. Im sure there are some allies that we didn’t get to bring them to US. Recently through process, they find out some of Afghans were not even US citizens or have no proof they worked with US. They lied to get out. So how many Afghan civilians are really our allies.

    3. So they planned on 13 American soldiers dying and hundreds of Afghans? They planned on leaving thousands of people for dead including American citizens? They planned on arming a terrorist organization with a larger arsenal than the Australian army? That’s the plan?!?

    1. @Sam Ham American soldiers being sent to get every single American out. That’s what all soldiers dream to do and that is why we have an army. If we can’t protect our own, what is the point of it all. Then we left 90 billions worth of top grade military arms for Taliban terrorists. That’s a worst case outcome, that could have been prevented. And we could have changed this outcome also, but we trained too many of the wrong ethnic groups, to become soldiers. The Pashtoon ethnic groups is the same that is 99% of Taliban. That’s why they didn’t fight. But Afghanistan has many other ethnic groups like Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazara, Turkmen and Aimaq. We should have recalibrated and added more Tajiks, the same group that is in Panjshir Valley today and forms the bulk of the resistance against Taliban. The reason we didn’t do that? We were too fearful of the fact that Tajiks have had good relations with Russia over the last several decades. We could have managed this a million times better. This was preventable.

    2. @Sam Ham wrong. We took all of the support for the Afghan military basically crippling them and leaving them with no chance of defending the country.

    3. @Sarah F. 4.2 I’m sorry but the last 8 months have been WAY WAY worse than the previous four years……..prove me wrong

    1. well , enjoy the next 40 months …….your sense of embarrassment , considering the four years under Trumplethinskin ……is suspect , at best …

    2. @James Caporale “Come on, man. Look, here’s the deal. 10% of American’s left behind and 10% for the Big Guy” Joe POS Biden 08/31/2021

  3. 2 trillion tax payer dollars 💵 spent
    20 year war ☠••••••••🔫🪂🚁🚀🛫✈🛬
    4 presidents l8tr 🇺🇸
    We accomplished replaceing the Taliban,with Taliban…🙃🤯

    1. Agree, should have known, that no we cannot build churches and expect them to attend, cannot build schools for girls then leave, but we can cause them pain, and expect death if we desire! Closing Bagram early was not wise. Think Nancy Pelosi must have had her war face on!

  4. Vigorous 🤣… Bruhh the news is sooooo bought and paid for these news casters need to pay for accepting cash to say anything!! And the networks need to be held accountable to the fullest!!

  5. “Everything went perfectly…and if you think it didn’t: it’s all Trump’s fault”

    Demented Biden left thousands of people behind.

  6. It’s over, thank God it’s over. Waste of time war, nation building all for people who dont even fight for themselves.

    1. @Trump Fan Network 2 we paid their military,they paid their military. Why do you guess when you have the most up to date encyclopedia at your fingertips?

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot busted! Russian trollbots are much better than the kiddy trollbot farm you’re in. Was it jr or lil e that hired you. Them or the kirk bongino shapiro kiddy trollbot farm.

    3. @81FireFlights, there are no more good options after that botched withdraw. If I was following Biden, I would go get our people anyway with covert rescue missions. No American should ever be left behind.

    4. @Super Scary Russian Bot sorry I would have more empathy but those people knew way in advance that we were withdrawing from that country they shouldn’t have sat on their thumbs…I voted for Bernie too. I dont like Trump or Biden but corporate media started this war and I’m not going to fall for their relentless campaign to keep pushing for endless war doing corporate bidding. You may have fallen for it but I’m not going to.

    1. “Come on, man. Look, here’s the deal. 10% of American’s left behind and 10% for the Big Guy” Joe POS Biden 08/31/2021

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot And you are proud of an @sshat that had over 500,000 Americans die from COVID because of lies ?

  7. So I guess republicans would have preferred to see thousands of beheadings on national TV, rather than 115,000 airlifted to safety? Get a grip my GOP friends.

  8. Yeah, let’s leave billions of dollars worth of weapons and artillery in the hands of one of the deadliest and most violent groups in the world. Great idea, Joey!

  9. As Biden should. I admire his honesty and his support of our Military. Thank God we are finally pulling out of this insanity. For those of you who try to attack Biden, screw you. Trump started it. Biden finished it. Get over your insanity.

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