Schools For 44,000+ Students To Remain Closed Until Power Is Restored Following Hurricane Ida


  1. This may be a blessing if they can get away from shelter situations. Hotels should help. Vaccine clinics I hope are up and running.

  2. Nature has taken over and will continue to do so.. much like our ignorance of the coronavirus. We, as a human race, needs to let go of our arrogance and believe in something much bigger than ourselves.. we are not in control of anything that way.. 🐻 🔥

  3. **wouldn’t it be nice if they could install solar panels,,, begin the conversion to solar energy!!!! That would be much more resilient,,, to these storms!!! Because solar energy is not so centralized,,, and vulnerable!!!!**

  4. Keep calling 45 lies out !!!!
    GOP Senators and Congress people who backup the lies!
    Investigation on these people!
    Keep Jan 6 investigations going
    Don’t stop till we know true !

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