Vet: Ending War In Afghanistan ‘Right Thing To Do Despite The Difficultly’ 1

Vet: Ending War In Afghanistan ‘Right Thing To Do Despite The Difficultly’


U.S. Army Captain Dan Berschinski (Ret.) says he appreciated President Biden “taking responsibility” by ending the war in Afghianistan, something the three previous administrations refused to do, and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson says President Biden will “sleep soundly tonight having done something he has really advocated doing for at least a decade.” 
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    1. If leaving behind allies and americans and making terrorism great again (dont even bother mentioning trumps deal or I will wreck u) is considered wise and courageous then yes, biden is those adjectives.

    1. Lol, he is a joke. Economic crisis with stagflation due to overspending into the economy, border crisis which he has done nothing about and which the conditions are worse now than under trump yet no one seems to mind now, which he started because they knew he would do nothing and he promised free healthcare and citizenship, 16% increase in violent crime in dem run cities, and now, making terrorism great again by handing over $85 billion in weapons, taliban already mocking us in our uniforms and hanging our allies from us helicopters, got 13 marines and 170 afghans killed by allowing the taliban to be aiport security and now after leaving behind thousands of allies and americans he wants them to safely help to get Americans out, and lastly he allowed the taliban to release thousands of taliban and isis prisoners during our withdrawal, which is quite worse than trumps deal considering he saved 1000 afghans in the process. Get wrecked, he is a horrible leader. Ben shapiro would be proud of me.

  1. please, just make this as a lesson.
    STOP MEDDLING into other country’s internal matters.
    by the way, have the U S found their DELUSIONAL Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 do you realise this whole Taliban sh*t started thanks to Trump?
      Pompeo, on behalf of Trump administration, signed a Peace Treaty and Withdrawal Agreement with TALIBAN, instead of the current Afghanistan LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT.
      how can anyone compete with that kind of stupidity?

    2. @Junaidi Salam Trump basically “announced” to the Taliban USA was leaving. Nice heads up for them to prepare their murderous chaos with plenty of time. what dumb move, as usual.

    3. @Junaidi Salam Obama and Biden also signed agreements with the Taliban genius… For 3 years they were holding meetings with the Taliban. Get your facts straight.

  2. Let the Taliban and ISIS-K fight each other while the National Resistance Front (aka Northern Alliance 2.0) continue to hold out in Panjshir Valley.

    1. Who will have access to 500 amercian trained special forces members of the ANA thanks to operation pineapple!

  3. Who is the Taliban…….? Taliban is the soldiers that U.S trained them and they just lay down the weapon then joy the Taliban. So, U.S need to get out soon is the better, even we stay there for 100 years Afghan still Taliban and sport Taliban.

    1. @Geo De Leon Shut up Tool, you’re still friggin clueless
      Try JOINING OUR ARMED FORCES, Sweetheart!
      See if you can be half of what you think you are!

    2. @Geo De Leon Families have been burying their children for 20 years. And people were left behind because they didn’t leave when they should have. They’ll get rescued eventually. That’s the reality. And yes, I say this as a military family member. Don’t selectively remember the war as only occurring last week and those 13 soldiers as the only ones killed.

    3. @Terri Morris I am not talking from last week. I was talking from the moment the Taliban began retaking territory. I mention those 13 because it was completely unnecessary. As a military family member I would hope you more than others would understand the illogical steps taken. We don’t even have to go back that far. Simply answer one question and whether you agree with it or not. If you can remember, there were about 2 days that the Taliban were surrounding the border of Kabul but mentioned openly they would not enter the city. At the culmination of those two days the Taliban offered our military the opportunity to occupy Kabul so we may safely withdraw all of our citizens and do so in a much more secure and orderly manner. Our administration declined the offer and settled for a 6-10ft perimeter around the airport instead. How does that make sense to you? We could have handled our own security and vetting process and that bomber would not have killed those 13 soldiers. They’ll get rescued eventually is nowhere guaranteed the moment we left without them.

  4. This is what ” promises made ….promises kept ” is really about …This is why you elect a decent , moral man to high office …..unlike the ” former guy ” …

    1. @Geo De Leon Bidens administration put out DEF 4 (severe) warnings back in March and April for Americans to get out of Afghanistan as the deadline was getting nearer for the withdrawal!! If they ignored that, then how is that Bidens fault?????

    2. @Geo De Leon
      Why is it so easy for you to pass judgement on Afghanistan to inflict punishment you deem she deserves? Is it because it’s not being inhabited by a white Christian majority?

  5. We Had Good Intentions But Stayed “Behind The Wire” And Acted Uppity
    We Alienated Everybody And Gifted The Enemy With The People ( enough of them)
    We Need To ” Stay In Sky” And Drop Supplies
    ( Also, The Resistance Holds Panjshr ! )

  6. We’ve done more than enough for those people now it is time for are men and women to come home to their families those people didn’t want to fight for their country we no longer should

  7. Military fatigues, vehicles, weapons, and other US equipment left behind for prior enemies to possibly/most likely be used in ways to make it look like it was American atrocities. Ill bet a dollar it happens 🤦🏼‍♂️

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