Jan. 6 Committee Hits Back At GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy 1

Jan. 6 Committee Hits Back At GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy


Kevin McCarthy threatened companies that might participate in the Jan. 6 select committee’s investigation, saying Republicans would remember their involvement when the GOP comes back into power. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses the committee’s response, which called out McCarthy’s attempts to “whitewash” the insurrection, with Neal Katyal and John Heilemann.
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    1. @Linda Scott you can spew as much word salad as you like, but facts are facts. The real question is, why do you support the T-ban, or defend china’s virus, or support the gas line Biden awarded Russia. Nothing you have said has given your position as legitimacy, only ad hominem attacks because you know you can’t defend Biden’s actions. It’s sad you simp for the government. How much are you getting paid to shill for the destruction of America?

    2. @tugggs27 the GOP are the ones trying to install a fascist dictator in the white house numbskull. Nice try at diversion though.

    3. DeSantis already does not obey to a law decision on mask mandates. I do not understand why he just can ignore a law decision. The disgusting BinLaden said it, the USA law is for the rich and wealthy, among all the conspiracy hate speeches he did, here I think is some truth. From Europe

    4. @Anja Oldnettle dude, you live under fascist dictators and you are quoting terrorists. Somethings wrong with you.

  1. Congress has the express Constitutional authority to discipline its own members. That can require investigation, which is proper due process for both Congress and the members being investigated.

    1. @Seventh Son Garage So are you trying to twist this into the 1/6 committee is un constitutional? But 1/6 was just a tourist day 🤦‍♂️

    2. @Mark Evans not at all, are you trying to say that our lawmakers shouldnt be bound by the constitution and due process? hmmm, not in my america, thanks…

    3. @Seventh Son Garage numbskull.
      You’re talking out of your backside. It’s not going to do whatever it is you think such stupidity is going to.

    1. I have looked up now the twitter of our presidential candidate of the social Democratic Party before elections in Germany. He will go in race against the Follower of Angela Merkel. He does not at all blame or attack the other party and nowhere even near says something about the private life of his opponent, he dies not mention him. Only one time he says something he thinks the government, still Merkel has done wrong in his eyes and what he would do different, he does say the government. He says what he will do for the country, the environment, retirement earlier, a higher minimum wage. No blaming, Afghanistan about our withdrawal of the troops and the thoughts of people In Afghanistan and maybe our responsibility. So I can now surely say We had the most disgusting and despicable propaganda in Germany with our dictator. Now however I can just say this insane attacking the way of Stephen Miller, the former advisor of the Trump administration and here Trump still has his comment space, a glorifying here an insane attacking and all this claiming if migrants full of covid crossing in unbelievable masses the border, it is sick. He still is often in Fox News and a mastermind still, this insane attacking us not normal. it was never the case in the USA such a hate mongering. I think of McCain times, it is sad.

    1. really ? like who? theatening legal action is not the same as a physical threat.. it is not illegal, immoral, nor unconstitutional to give a legl ultimatum to those that would violate the constitutional rights of others.

    2. @Seventh Son Garage he is threatening possible witnesses that the Committee may subpoena. He’s trying to intimidate people into not testifying or into not handing over the evidence that the committee wants and needs to find out who all is responsible for the insurrection on January 6th, so it is wrong! It’s illegal to intimidate possible witnesses or people with incriminating evidence! Doing that is indeed WITNESS TAMPERING AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!

    3. @Lorelei Susan Hill who ? who did he personally threaten?
      he promised to go after abuses of power. not the same at all. the threat of physical harm is an issue if it happened, but promising retribution if they transgress laws or the constitution hapoens in every court in the land , and is not considered a threat at all. compliance with the law is required by all… so if itis witness tampering , why werent charges filed immediately ? maybe because he intends to see that justice is served and constitutional rights and laws are not violated…

    1. lol. the democrats are the kkkklan . and hillary is the only known russian collaborator that has been documented by the fbi ….

    2. lol. the democrats are the kkkklan . and hillary is the only known russian collaborator that has been documented by the fbi ….

    1. @Turbo Nerd Without the digital records of key GOP politicians… And don’t conservatives hate the FBI and believe they are corrupt? So why believe in them now? The GOP will do and say anything to evade any connection to or responsibility for the January 6th rebellion. That is something for you and the like minded to be especially proud of. We reject that absurdity, and we mock your denial.

    2. @gorey4more why don’t you trust the FBI anymore?
      And don’t say you never did, we spent the last few years hearing about how you did.

    3. @Turbo Nerd Your reading comprehension is very poor. I said “conservatives” believe the FBI is corrupt. I’ve been listening to you guys say it for ages now. Suddenly they come out with reports you agree with so they are back in your good books. HYPOCRISY at its finest and most base = expected from the GOP. I am an Independent, not a Democrat, and the FBI also did a fluff investigation into Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings at the demand of the previous administration. Don’t tell me what I believe. You have nary a clue.

    4. @Turbo Nerd silly magat minority wanna show me on the dolly where the disgusting orange man put his tiny mushroom

    1. What do you call a government that has the right of citizens to FIGHT against corrupt takeover of their government written into their constitution? If citizens can’t rebel to the takeover of their country, then it’s no longer a democracy, or a republic. Dictatorship locks up their citizens when they rebel. We no longer have free speech, the right to bare arms is slipping away, “your” government is putting mandates in place, the government is trying to require our children to attend school for 16 years and “your” president is clearly a murderer!

    2. moore  wow you would call that no government where people can overthrow the government when they don’t like a out come of a election by the way the constitution don’t say you can rebel against the government

    3. moore  wow this from some one so dumb you chew rocks bless your heart the short bus didn’t stop for you kid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. @tony moore maybe your mom can get up early enough to catch the short bus kid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Kevin “Fascist” McCarthy knows they have the goods on him when he admitted what he said to Trump on the floor of Congress! He cannot take back the words he said! He has tried to twist what he said into a pretzel ,but they will unwind his pretzel

    1. @Equaljustice Forall What you’re talking about is utter nonsense. Your lame little conspiracy theories have not been borne out. 33% drop in GDP over a single quarter is NOT a record one would celebrate gleefully. Joe Biden is not my god; most people voted for Sleepy Joe because the alternative was far worse and getting many people killed. It’s called Occam’s Razor, I suggest you look into it. You have to make some crazy leaps of faith to believe half of the garbage you’re gobbling up. It’s either a) Donald Trump is really a great guy and the WHOLE WORLD is conspiring against him to make him look bad, or b) he’s really an awful shitnoodle asshat that can barely complete a sentence and he’s angered a lot of regular people with his fragile ego and stupid ideas. What’s so great about suggesting we waste taxpayer dollars on testing the efficacy of disinfectant on the lungs? We already know that stuff is poison. Come on, man!

    2. @Grant Rosendahl You just fell oover the edge of your flat earth mentality…..Hopefully never to be seen again…ever, I hope.

    3. @Grant Rosendahl No, you need a passport to get out of this country, before they lock you up. We’ve started a collection and I am happy to tell your we, quickly raised more than enough for a world tour. Bon voyage.

  3. Hmmm. Mr. Heilemann, you make an interesting point and connection there. Why did Donnie award Jimmie that medal of freedom … exactly?

    1. I’m not American so obviously don’t get all your news but I never heard about that. Just looked it up: “The White House in a statement noted Jordan “led the effort to confront the impeachment witch hunt” last year.” Unbelievably, Devin Nunes got one too!! You’re right though, that’s not exactly why they got them.

  4. imagine selling your soul to a lifelong con man who can’t even tell the truth about where his father was born.

    1. @Seventh Son Garage trump has been corrupt his ENTIRE LIFE. do you really know his history? you should look it up.

    2. @Wolfgang Vetter imagine being so brainwashed that you think everything is wrong and its his fault even when he isnt there…..

    3. @Anja Oldnettle you arent an american but you also dont have a clue, when you fix your country , please let us know
      if you were a native american like myself and raised near selma alabama like i was, and saw the clan killing innocents like i did and witnessed people being beaten almost to death for demanding basic rights like i did. and if you saw democrats instigating it like i did , and witnessed democrats jockieing for the clans endorsement like i did , and watched on my television screen as democrats shook hands with the clan onstage and had the clan as body guards like i did . and if you had seen the broken bodies of those little girls in the bombings in birmingham being carried out of the rubble of that church and saw the unremorseful clansmen laugh.
      you would know who the racists are . until then you need to remember that you live a world away , and all you know is what the hateful racist murdering b******s tell you. so stfu commie …

    1. Exactly! They’ve already held trials, convicted and sentenced a lot of the little guys in the mega crowd, regular citizens mislead , lied to and worked up into a frenzie by THE ELECTED. Time to get real with all these traitors.

    2. The system is heavily biased toward privilege. I’ll frankly be shocked if any Republican ‘lawmaker’ (I use the term loosely) suffers any consequences for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

  5. And, at the end of the day, all of this will have been for nothing, if the DOJ doesn’t bring the gavel down on these traitors!

    1. @Nick Rowsell I’m still hopeful the DOJ will protect the Rule of Law and that justice will come to these asshats eventually. I’ll be crocheting there, right next to you on that day. (don’t know how to knit, alas! LoL)

    1. I wouldn’t say wasted exactly. The truth needs to be out in the light. And it needs to be blasted in the faces of half this country very loudly and for a good long time.

  6. Does anyone else feel sad and depressed listening to this, knowing how corrupt so many people are and yet they will most likely face no consequences? So frustrating. 😕

    1. Nope. They get only what they have coming to them, or less. Only one way to ensure this doesnt happen again in a yr or 2.

  7. Every Telecom company should hand over the records now and prevent any chance that there will be a republican majority.

  8. EVERY GOP rep that pushed the “stop the steal” narrative and downplaying the insurrection should face charges for treason.

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