Biden, Harris Look To Show They’re ‘Not Forgetting About Voting Rights’ 1

Biden, Harris Look To Show They’re ‘Not Forgetting About Voting Rights’


PBS NewsHour White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor, editor-at-large at the Bulwark Charlie Sykes, and New York Times domestic correspondent Nick Corasaniti discuss the president and vice president outlining their offensive strategy on voting rights while Republicans move full steam ahead on effort to restrict access to the polls
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  1. This is a defining issue of our time … fighting off the lies, the voter suppression, the gerrymandering, the court rigging, and the general autocratic aspirations of the GQP.

    1. @Gary Campbell oh no, you’re mistaken. See our voter rights have changed here. For example, my parents used the vote by mail option but now that’s not going to be an option for a voter in their ’80s… Once I actually had to use it due to my job hours and duty. I wouldn’t have been able to vote if I couldn’t do mail in…now if that messed up schedule happens again I cannot do mail in. Did you know there are several states with such rural isolated counties; their citizens have ALWAYS used mail in voting. True story! Just a few examples of how it’s going to be a little different for me but I don’t commute from a job in the city where they’re going to use less voting sites than they have historically. So ppl who are commuting, who only have certain hours available, who’ll lose location and probably time or early voting possibilities…yeah it’s going to make it harder to vote. …and BTW my signature and everyone’s signature is verified Everytime.

    2. @Gary Campbell merrick garland had his place stolen with lies. The racist GQP denied Obama his right to pick then showed their hypocrisy under 45. You know that but pretend otherwise. Nobody can trust the GQP, they pretend there is fraud without evidence and spend energy to overturn the next election. They vote against infrastructure and the rescue plan because it is not focused on lining their pockets like 45s tax bill.

    1. @David M but without it dems would turn almost the whole country blue bcuz republicans are the real minority

  2. I was a Republican until McConnell Rule2016. McConnell is so confident he tells U🇺🇲S in a pandamic his goal is stop everything. That’s just the tip. How many times do they have to spit in our face crap on our children’s well being before we vote these Dr. Seuss Potato heads out?

    1. Catherine, you are 100% correct. McConnell is just repeating his same destructive playbook that he used during Obama’s last 6 years in office, by blocking all of his administration’s initiatives that would’ve helped our country get back on its feet faster economically. And this was after the prior *Republican* administration caused a complete US economic meltdown that nearly caused a world-wide financial collapse. McConnell deliberately hurt the American people just to suppress Obama’s success so they could use it as leverage in the next election 2 elections. If that’s not the very definition of evil, I don’t know what is.

      And here again, during a national pandemic, McConnell is doing it all over again. This is why the filibuster rules must be changed. Democrats were given control of all 3 branches of government by the American people. It’s time we use that mandate to finally put an end to the endless obstructionism, smokescreens, foot dragging, and running out the clock by Republicans. And get on with make the changes this country needs and deserves: Infrastructure, Voting Rights, Tax Reform, Social & Economic Reforms, etc.

  3. The GOP is building trapdoors or should I say gallow doors right under our FEET wake up!!!!!!!

    1. Not a trap door. It’s out front
      The power of state legislatures to overturn an election…. which is what Trump was trying to do in some states

    2. Republicans have quickly become America’s neo-fascist party. I’ve never been more deeply concerned about my country’s basic core of democracy than I am right now. In past decades, each party might have been deeply against what the other party was DOING politically, but we always understood we were bound by a common desire to protect our democracy. But this is different. Republicans are now openly and actively destroying the very pillars that make our country a democracy, and turning it an autocracy that can only lead to authoritarian rule. Exactly the kind of thing our country has fought against since its founding

      This is an urgent existential crisis for our democracy! If we don’t do everything right now to stop these Republicans and Trump sycophants from manipulating state and local laws to willfully subvert the results of free and fair elections, they will continue to weaponize these tactics to seize power under permanent minority rule, after which nothing can be done about it. And our broken and corrupted Supreme Court has shown a complete unwillingness to prevent voter suppression abuses and worse, has in actually removed nearly all protections we had against it. Even without Trump in power, America has taken a very dark turn with the Republican party willing to go to any extreme to regain power, even if it destroys our democracy, which will cause a domino effect of other democracies to fall across the globe. We have already seen this right-wing radicalization trend in various places around the globe. If America turns to authoritarianism, it will for sure trigger WW3 and quite possibly the end of most human life on earth. That is how serious this has become.

  4. BIDEN has to challenge the SCOTUS decision on voting rights and nationalize our right to vote 😷

    1. So you can cheat more? Not gonna happen. Voting is run by the individual states as per the US Constitution. The language is clearly spelled out, so that’s one part of the constitution you’re not going to ignore and go around like you do the rest of it.

    2. @Jacques Cousteau Read it again Cousteau, states as well as federal government, I know what you Heard but this is America! Federal is Big Dog Here, republicans helped you to forget that part, because you’ve been spoiled By that belief, State’s had better lay down! Or face another history lesson.

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle Name 1 state where there is proof of voter fraud enough to change the election. Just 1

  5. The fall of the Roman Empire.
    Most classicists believe that a combination of factors including Christianity, decadence, the metal lead in the water supply, monetary trouble, and military problems caused the Fall of Rome. Imperial incompetence and chance could be added to the list according to some. Personally I would like to add incompetent leaders and infighting. SOUNDS FAMILIAR??

    1. @Bert Nijhof american evangelicals ? hmm interesting way to help vilify christians , by stereotyping them as ” american evangelicals”.

    2. @Bert Nijhof I AM NOT AN EVANGELICAL. I actually hold my Sabbath on Saturday. I do not follow Q. God has everything to do with it. Have a blessed day.

    3. @Dr. Bombay it’s my pleasure, Brother to stand for our Lord. All glory to God. Be blessed.

  6. Well we the people are counting on Our U.S. Citizens and Fress Press to get the truth out and condemn these Traitors.

    1. If you’re depending on the press to get the truth out you’re gonna be sadly disappointed. They haven’t done “truth” for years.

  7. My hair’s been on fire since 2016- now it’s a wildfire.🔥🔥🔥We have a lack of balls, to do ones job. There’s a epidemic on alternative facts, which ARE LIES. I hope this burning, run away, train, is stopped before it burns our Democracy down…BECAUSE THE FRICKING ROOF IS ON FIRE!

    1. They are trying to usher in the CABAL Empire by destroying American Values.
      Resist, resist, resist.
      Glory to Holy Clean Immanuel the Messiah my MERCIFUL MASTER Amen

  8. [5:39] “But the biggest threat to democracy now… is that votes … are counted and the results accepted….” Uh… what?!

    1. Probably a freudian slip, like the time he was bragging about his voter fraud organization 😂

    2. …because if they aren’t properly counted and the results aren’t accepted, then our democracy would be forever imperiled. What part of that did you not understand?

    1. Jacques costeau, hope youre not a republican, the world will be after u, i suspect russia and north korea will aid you in your fascism, u chose this, not us, u have chosen the losing side and everything is all base on ur big lie, haha, wanna be nazi

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