Rep. Jason Crow Talks Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jason Crow Talks Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal | MSNBC

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), a former Army ranger who served in Afghanistan, joined Chris Jansing to share his perspective on what's happening in the country as U.S. troops withdraw from the region and the Taliban gains ground. He also explains what he hopes to hear from President Biden ahead of his speech about the decades-long war later today.

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Rep. Jason Crow Talks Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal | MSNBC


    1. @Red Cloud do you use electricity or drink water?
      Electricity is created via coal plants. Unless you have a Marxist incompetent EPA agency as Obama had, you’ll get poisoned.
      Remember the animas River in Colorado. Obama polluted that one.

    2. @Sp0okykidd
      I think trump revoked what Obama pot in effect for 2035- Trump got his orders from Big Oil-

    3. @Red Cloud wrong ..big oil wasn’t making big money during Trump.
      They make money when gas is high.
      Only tax payers benefit from low gas prices.
      It keeps prices low across board.

    4. @Sp0okykidd plus he allowed illegals in during pandemic.
      Cholera is killing people in Biden facilities.
      2500 kids housed since March in donna facility.
      Many are dying.

    5. @H Pn
      35 miles per gallon mandatory emissions- Trump makes it again to 23 miles per gallon- are we doing the same math

  1. The Obama-Biden administration bombed more countries than any other administration since WW2.

    1. @sclogse1 true, thankfully President Donald Trump got a deal to get us out of Afghanistan. Biden only wishes he could have accomplished something like that

  2. $5 gas here in Ca, $10 bacon.. And Biden hasn’t even yet raised your income taxes, or backdoor property taxes through aligned state and county democrats.. I kept telling all my democrat friends and family to scale back… Save their money.. Now they’re freaking out.

    1. Of all the freaking problems in U.S.A and here you are MOANING about the price of gas. So very sad.

    2. 2.77 here last i check and we even refine it in state. though it’s still up $1 from what it should be.

    3. @Deb Eichmann How is that sad? Inflation, rising costs on goods all over. How does that all make life easier for the middle class and working poor? Rich don’t care, they wipe their bums with hundred dollar bills like a joke. Some may even roll blunts in $100 bills lol. Like they care…

    4. @Mark Blackley Why do people think the president sets gas prices? Stock market is doing well. Inflation is only happening because supply chain stuff because of covid.

    5. @Keegan Skokos He blew it with our energy independence that’s why. How is that a mystery? Natural gas, oil, he’s on a path of destruction, and it’s only because he is being told to do so by his puppet masters.

  3. Bush, Cheney & Co move to Iraq caused this Afghan mess! Once we put all our $$ and might into screwing up Iraq, Afghanistan was lost. There’s no going back!

    1. Just a continuation of his daddy’s legacy, with intelligence using bogus photos and claims to sway a populations attention in their favor. Something, that so many believe what they are told on the news.

  4. Why did the FDA know prior to January 2020 to test in massive results for covid vaccines? 10,22,2019- Covid 19 wasn’t even in the papers then…

    1. Corona viruses are not new. It made sense to investigate how to render them less harmful to humans.

    1. Democrats love terries they used them in Portland and the Chaz up in Seattle…the rioters and looters weren’t far off essentially

    2. @k333rl we definitely gonna drop some hypotheticals on that terries clavicle like *tshhhh*

    1. God gave you two feet, and you whine because he didn’t give you a car and unlimited petro. What an ungrateful wretch you are!

  5. Leaving weapons behind is kind of like arming one side of a revolution so you have a motive for invading.

    1. @osyrys It’s a shame people aren’t inquisitive enough to see past 10 second soundbites used to distract us with political differences.

  6. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Joe Biden

    1. @AL- BOT No context, but an accurate quote at least, which is more than Leftists are capable of.

    2. @AL- BOT What a great comeback. Just the usual Leftist first response of Denial.

      Which step from the Democrat Playbook will you go for next? Projection? Deflection? Or Outright Lies?

  7. Good job Joe Biden just tell the enemy exactly what your doing so they can win never mind a smooth transition of military so stupid grandstanding your truly a fool yea Trump was right

  8. Sorry security state. Im not picking up what you are putting down.
    Immediate, conditional withdrawal. Full stop

  9. Biden makes Obama look like small time chump change. Joe is the GOAT! Greatest President of my lifetime and so proud of this man and his accomplishments.

    1. Why was it “wrong” for Trump to pull troops out, but “right” for Biden to do it?

  10. war is an economy. we “accidentally” left weapons so the taliban can upgrade their armaments and bolster their ranks so we have a reason to go back.

  11. I was in Iraq and Afghanistan…if you think these campaigns were anything other than a moneymaking scheme, you are not paying attention.

  12. Leaving Afghanistan and expecting the terrorists not to come back is like pretending you can fix your lawn by not cutting it. It just isn’t going to work.

  13. Lots of folks in the US could use a pick-up truck. If you’re going to just give them away, might as well bring them home and give them to US citizens, eh?

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