Biden Inauguration To Have Covid-19 Safety Measures, Be More Virtual | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Inauguration To Have Covid-19 Safety Measures, Be More Virtual | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The plans for President-elect Biden's inauguration in January will involve appropriate Covid-19 safety measures. Adrienne Elrod and Dr. David Kessler, both of the inaugural committee, join Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 12/16/2020.
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Biden Inauguration To Have Covid-19 Safety Measures, Be More Virtual | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. People have to “stay home” because congress is bankrupting them without covid relief checks, while giving billions to the 1%.

    1. These politicians don’t work for you.
      Just themselves.
      Come on guys we need to go on xmas break. OH I mean holiday break. While using the $$$ to travel.
      Don’t forget to quarantine .

    2. That’s a good call .
      Using covid as an excuse to why no one who’d even be there.
      Cover your bases now.
      I say have people mask up.
      See how many do show.
      I see an opportunity for a pro trump
      Peaceful rally.

  2. Inauguration is to celebrate the candidate that WON, not the one that lost. Who cares if Trump shows up or not. The sooner he is out of sight, the better.

    1. Oh yeah let’s get back to higher taxes more government regulations cozying up with China and Russia the stupid everybody else first mentality. Or how about we go back into the climate deal with the rest of the world where America has to start 10 years earlier and everybody else

    2. I mean the ignorance is so crazy. You guys literally voted out of president that was transparent and like him or not he got things done all without not one shred of help from the Democrat. And then you voted somebody in who basically not to mention that you still lost I mean how many irregularities in this election are we just going to not talk about if this happened to Biden and Biden lost away Trump did you guys would be burning cities down

  3. In my state they have started giving the “free” vaccines. However the hospital has announced that there will be an ‘Administrative Fee’ for each person wanting to get the vaccine. It must be whopping because they say insurance will cover it and those without can apply for financial assistance. My state is republican controlled Kansas and I knew they would find a way to get a profit off of free vaccine.

  4. Virtual, because people will not show up knowing they were deceive by the Democratic media power house. Democrats now know the truth about Biden and family.

  5. You know I love how everybody says that Biden and the Democrats are going to save America because it’s pretty interesting America and see that all the red States have basically a surplus they make money every year low unemployment low taxes and then you look at the blue States and they’re not just broke but they’re ridiculously broke bankrupt. Unemployment skyrocket crime skyrocket bureaucracy and b******* at its highest and finest period you want to defund the police. But yet it’s the Democrats that are saving us please

  6. Should try to set a record for the smallest possible physical inauguration with the largest virtual component possible.

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