Biden: Infrastructure Plan A ‘Once In A Generation Investment’ | MSNBC 1

Biden: Infrastructure Plan A ‘Once In A Generation Investment’ | MSNBC


President Biden introduced his infrastructure plan and compared it to the creation of the interstate highway system and the space race. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Biden: Infrastructure Plan A ‘Once In A Generation Investment’ | MSNBC


  1. The last two Presidents that did major infrastructure and will forever be remember because of it are FDR (New Deal) and Eisenhower (Interstate Highways). Biden needs to start pointing this out and spark the American “can do” attitude.

    1. LBJ continued to fund the demand economy that grew the GDP an average of 5% vs trickle down’s 2% growth.

    2. @dlee t We’ve lived with Ronald Regan trickle down economics for 40-50 years and it doesn’t work; it only benefits the top 1.0%.

  2. Biden: “We’re going to invest in our workers and bringing our country into the future.”
    Corporations: **makes jerking off hand motion**
    Biden: “And we’re going to tax corporations who have gotten away with decades of loopholes to pay for it.”
    Corporations: **spits out champagne**

    1. So Biden walks into a bar and orders drinks. Finest drinks you can get. Everybody starts asking, “Who’s paying, Joe?”
      Joe Biden then proceeds to say, “Well, you all are, I just took your money to pay for it.”

      Taxing corperations is not the solution. Cutting our government spending right now is. No amount of taxes can solve the current issue, and the upper class already pay about 91% of income tax. The only thing raxing corperation will do will severly stunt their growth, and likley cause inflation in most corperations while they attempt to re adapt to the taxes, thus changing nothing. Then, the middle class will be taxed based on income when it inevitably fails, given that Biden removed Trump’s tax cuts for both the rich and the middle, this is most going to be the most probable case in the next few months.

  3. been building roads & schools over seas from Iraq to Afghanistan for decades without ? THINK ABOUT IT it’s time to put first

  4. Yes, let’s rebuild the infrastructure and take money from the bloated defense budget to do it. If the republicans oppose it and we know they will, it’s yet more proof they are a party without vision, without know how, a party without ideas for the betterment of the country.

    1. Okay then, we can do it.

      BUT, you will have to cut these.
      -Department of Education
      -Planned Parenthood
      -Civil Service salaries
      -Foreign Aid
      -Gender Studies
      -Smaller Sytems that do Basicly Nothing
      -Reserch Grants (Or Reform Them)
      And we can go on. If you manage to cut all of these and pay off all debt, then we can talk about spending. This is not a joke, you can have these trillions of dollars worth of plans if you just solve the debt issue with a couple of these steps.

  5. Sounds like what the American dream suppose to be. You have to work for it not hold your hand out.

    1. And make them open their books. We know they use a substantial part of their income to pay-off victims of their abuse and protect their clergy. Time for churches to be upgraded to modern standards of morality. It starts with them becoming accountable, and any tax breaks should only be for charitable works. Once the evangelical movement became involved in politics by openly supporting Trump they lost all respect, and along with that needs to go their ability to hide money and pay their leadership huge amounts of money (that includes you, Mormons, who pretend to have a lay priesthood while providing huge wealth to your upper leadership)

    2. “The difference between the left and the right is empathy, man.”

      Meanwhile, at a church.

      “‘Oh, we should give churches a tax cut because they donate and help the poor.’ WHY SHOULD MY TAXES GO TO FILTHY CHURCHES?!?!”

    1. You just watched Biden fill his diaper. Without his handlers and his Note Pad and Teleprompter, Dementia Joe doesn’t know where he’s at. You can’t deny it. It is extremely obvious and very embarrassing for the United States of America.

    2. @Dementia- Joe
      Really ? Did you have your Google translator set at Gobbledygook instead of English ?

    3. @Dementia- Joe I’m looking from overseas. He’s not nearly embarrassing as a Head of State as Trump was. Either way, i wish you Americans good fortune and better days ahead.

  6. The 20th Century went a horse and buggy to a man on the moon .From telegraphs or mail to a world-wide web .We need roll with flow or eat someone elses dust

  7. 3:45 “…and tribes” I’m not indigenous but I’m glad he’s paying attention to the details

  8. It’s going to be a tough road but the alternative would be way worse.

    The job that takes the longest to finish is the one that never gets started. Had to do it sometime.

  9. This needs to be more then a once in a generation investment. It should be a continuing investment in ourselves. But, it is a decent start.

  10. Joe found strength in holding the moral high ground on Covid relief and will again on infrastructure.

  11. Thank you, fellow Americans, for coming together and putting this man in power. Finally, moving forward!

    1. We are moving backwards now, mainly because this outragous spending is shortening the time we have to fix our debt.

  12. “everybody gets to come along” — god bless this guys beautiful soul, so refreshing to hear this from a politician

    1. Eh, I’m more interested to see when they stop holding the inflation rates, or it all finally collapses due to the weight of this infinite checkbook of promises. Anyone who is wealthy enough to have investments, and assets will be doing great. Everyone who relies on the number in their bank account is screwed.

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