Biden Is Acting ‘Like A President Is Supposed To In A Time Of Great Crisis’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. You had my attention at “international laughing stock” that’s a good one and I couldn’t agree more joe Biden has really stepped up to the plate to do what needs to be done.

    1. @A. Murphy lol, please enlighten me with your vast amount of knowledge and help this ignorant person, please..

    2. @j welsh You are so right but there’s one thing I’ve learned to do in the past couple of years and that is not to argue with someone who has been brainwashed by Bunker boy. All we can say is watch and see blue will dominate in November.

    3. @Elizabeth Stanford
      I know but sometimes I can’t help myself. I like to troll the moronic trolls for fun. There is no hope for them. They’ll crawl back under their slimy rocks once Trump is thrown out of office.

    4. @Crimdor – Putting Palin on the McCain ticket was the icing on the cake that insured an Obama landslide. How could I NOT like Steve Schmidt after he helped sabotage McCain’s doomed run that way! He probably didn’t intend to torpedo John McCain, but it sure worked out perfect for America.

  2. Stupidity has been weaponized and the republicans have preyed upon the weak minded for a long time.

    1. Dani Vertiz Nope, at the LEAST, they both are, Except Biden actually vocalized his racism CLEARLY in 1977.
      As proven through this link. Guess you didn’t even bother to look up what I said.

    1. Especially when he recommended to John McCain that he select Sarah Palin to be his running mate?

    2. Jeff Webb <<< For which he has admitted was a mistake, and then made an HBO movie about his mistake, unlike Trump who isn’t man enough to take responsibility for anything he does.

    3. @MyEyesBled – I was damned happy when Palin was on the ill-fated McCain ticket. I knew right then Obama just won by an even larger margin than he already would have. That extremist dingbat helped team (D) to a landslide.

    4. And I always remember he and others like him used his silver tongue to harp on whatever craps of democrat failures he could drive slightly more people become Republicans and ergo even elect dump in the first place.

      He is eloquent but that talent has been used nefariously and now he’s trying to reverse course on am imaginary plane. The deed is done!

  3. And Steve Schmidt, the man nailing trump to the wall, is a genuine republican…..that demonstrates in stark tones just how far the gop has fallen with this malignant narcissistic sociopath at the helm.

    1. Jun-Clud Vun Dumb Oh, I didn’t know he addressed it and actually apologized publicly… Send me the link to his speech where he apologizes or even acknowledges he said that. Oh, you can’t?

    2. @Tensolin01 Doesn’t need to. I can see it with my own two eyes, I wasn’t gullible enough to have been taken hook line and sinker by a reality TV show host who used to peddle bottled water and steaks.

    3. @Tensolin01 Oh please, cut that insane non-sense. There have been questionable episodes in Mr. Biden’s career which spans for some 40 years. Everyone knows that. No one over the age over sixty can safely state that he or she did not commit errors of judgement. So, Mr. Biden may or may not have apologised publicly for his mistakes. I don’t know. And I don’t care. What I do know, is that when in doubt about someone’s opinion, one conducts his or her own research. So you do that. It will at least be beneficial to your awareness of these unfolding events. And if you still think that trump is more deserving of the next presidency than Mr. Biden is, it is your right to vote for him. Just keep in mind the reality, proven again and proven, of how trump has behaved and how he has lied again and again. It is no coincidence that these events are having such repercussions virtually the world over. The protests are about as much as the case in hand, as they are about trump’s treasonous behavior against democracy and his attempts at destroying it. When he was elected, he was given a fair chance, as par of the course. He chose to blew it. Whether you decide to stick by him is your prerogative and your right. But, cut this condescending and arrogant BS. If you can.

    4. @Tensolin01 Joe Biden is a choir boy compared to your malignant hero and you are just another worthless slug of a trump troll.

    5. @Robert Myerstrump is the the only person bothered by the truth….his whole worthless life is built on a web of lies and fraud. He does love the uneducated though, so you should be very comfortable in the clueless cult, you cretinous drooling slackjaw.

    1. But finally a journalist brave enough to speak truth to power: Is he still worse than Hitler? Still a Russian spy? Closed airports, wait is it too soon or too late? If you can say the 2016-2019 economy was not about eliminating over-regulation, finally having the balls to call China out for its BS, etc., if you can say that is simply the economy continuing to benefit from Obama-Biden policies then sure, rancid, racist, will destroy the world, and don’t forget was mean to Hillary.

    2. detalle – Exactly, right now having a nice, no-drama, moderate ADULT back in the WH sure seems like a great idea! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>- Ridin’ with BIDEN 100% –<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. Will we be able to remove the great one, before he takes America down. God Bless America and the World..

  5. I love the pineapple, it won’t be ripe for a week, but I can tell: it’s going to be a good one

  6. I wish he had used “This rancid era we live in” once more, it made my day earlier on a different show. 😂

  7. So, when is the barrage of tweets insults from the chief Bunker Inspector against Steve Schmidt coming?

    1. Steve has done it to himself he has a losing record. Nothing but garbage come out of his mouth ,his opinion means nothing just like Larry’s

    2. @Eric Klaus Trumpian world is really an upside down world. Good is garbage and bad is perfect.

  8. One thing I can always count on with Steve Schmidt is great descriptive words which I find much humor in.

    1. @Emperor Kim Jong-un – RepuKKKes have made America into a racial jungle and pitted us against each other since the 1950’s. Biden is good man and certainly not a racist in any way. Sure can’t say the same about the orange KKKlown lol!

  9. Watch 👉Video Advice- Most People Have No Idea What’s Coming / “Its Already Happened”👈

  10. International laughingstock sums it all up perfectly. This was Steve’s most scathing and perfect critique of Trump’s inadequacies. Wish they posted the whole segment though…

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