Biden labels MAGA ‘most extreme political’ group in recent US history | USA TODAY

After a leaked draft opinion showed SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade, President Joe Biden fears what could be challenged next.

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President Biden said Wednesday that a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe V. Wade is “about a lot more than abortion,” arguing it could pave the way for more rights to come under attack by an extreme “MAGA crowd.”

“The idea that somehow there is no right of privacy,” Biden told reporters. “What happens if you have a state changing the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children? Is that legit under the way the decision’s written?"

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    1. @holo Its not they just have trouble admitting they are wrong must be the everyone gets a trophy mentality.

    1. @dimitiri We agree to disagree. No prob. But do me a favor. Work on your punctuation because it makes you sound like a middle-school dropout.

  1. WTF is he talking about? The question was, “What’s the next step on abortion. Once this case gets settled?”

    1. ​@ArtiTheGreat Lmfao the demographic whose entire wardrobe consists of political apparel is trying to call people sheep.

  2. This is the same guy who said Mitt Romney would put black men back in chains. I cannot take him seriously

    1. Not sure he knows he’s president. He couldn’t even remember he had been Senator of Delaware. Said Delaware has never had one.(37 years).

  3. Reading the comments pretty much anywhere on the internet when this guy speaks, it’s obvious that there are not 81 million supporters

    1. Reminds me of the good ol days, when the White House allowed comments on their YouTube channel and Google allowed us to see the # of dislikes. 👎🏻👍🏻🇺🇲

  4. “MAGA is the most extreme political group in recent US history”
    “Sir this is a Starbucks.”

    1. @Brutish Fossil The voting population is a fraction of the total population my guy so its actually less than half

  5. Guys just remember this babbling baffoon is the most loved and most voted for president in US history.

    1. Yeah, considering Roe V. Wade is 50 years old.
      Also, you’re a laughing stock if you think MAGAs are not new and not extreme.

  6. So, thinking of your Constitution, country, and it’s citizens in terms of “America First” is “extreme”? The stupidity of this joker is astounding!

    1. @Xero “Yeah, because your views of “how it should be” isn’t the same as everyone else. Unfortunately most MAGA people create a false dichotomy when talking about an issue.”

      no… we “maga people” like law and order.. and our constitution is the ultimate law of our land. “you people” don’t like that… do you?

    2. In his defense he is too demented to even realize what he is reading. But he is an evil individual. Lied for years that his family was killed by a drunk driver when his wife was likely the one that was toasted. Even after the poor man’s family told him to stop the lies and he apologized to them, he continued to tell the story. But he’s a good Catholic, yeh.

  7. Reporter: President Biden what’s your thoughts on the SCOTUS leak?

    Potatoe: MAGA bad!


  8. Are we just ignoring the fact that Biden legitimately said he doesn’t believe in abortion as a right in 2006?

    1. @Sum Ting Wong That’s just your personal feelings toward President Biden. I can forgive people, but I know not everyone does.

    2. @Richard Mack Yes, people can change their minds especially when it’s politically convenient.

    3. @Glenn Owens But now he says it IS a choice and a right. That’s what his voters want to hear.

  9. Remember that time cities were burned and lives lost two summers ago? Also during that same summer a group took over part of a city and declared it an autonomous zone where people also died? Yeah, not dangerous extreme people at all and definitely not an insurrection.

    1. @LostStudent
      Planned, funded, perpetrated, and hyped by your people from top to bottom and framed on ours.

  10. From the man who campaigned on bringing the nation together as he makes broad sweeping indictments on all those people who didn’t vote for him. Way to go Divider in Chief.

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