Biden Leads Trump In Six Battleground States The President Carried In 2016 | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Do not underestimate the power of dumb people in large groups (maggats). That’s what got us here in the first place.
    Register NOW TO VOTE!
    Vote on Nov 3.

    1. Iy Dominic my biggest point is that people need to temper their expectations that many of the problems we face today will be solved when Trump is no longer president, as if Trump is the causal variable at play. The political establishment (both republican and Democrat) created/allowed the circumstances that brought about the a Trump presidency. Electing another establishment candidate (who, one has to admit, is declining cognitively) will not change the status quo in any real way. There will be a honeymoon phase where people will be so happy to be rid of Trump that it will appear as though things are improving but I’m afraid most of the things that need true change won’t get it. And you’re right that republicans have sold their soul and hitched their wagons to Trump, but what troubles me is that I don’t know who Joe Biden has sold his soul to. But You don’t get this far in politics without selling it to someone.

    2. @kc fox Right, you just keep on believing that. Trump has alienated himself so much from many of his former supporters that they have a YouTube Channel. Check it out: Republican Voters Against Trump.

    1. And replace him with a guy that clearly shows signs of dementia and what has this guy done for usa in 50 year politics career?

    2. @MR DEW Biden might have dementia. I don’t know. But he is honest and has a good.heart. But Trump clearly has a black heart and only has a love for $ and power..He has no morals and no class.

    3. @Michael Gibson -You are absolutely right about that. Shows Gun Nuts, and Religious Nuts, will support anyone if they preach the same old same old.

    4. @Michael Anderson That is a crock of bs used to intimidate people usually used by trumpers/tolls and bots. First of all Independents and never trumpers are leaning to to the left everyday. 10% of his base have already left trump’s party of fascists . To support trump you must be a fascist , who dwells on other people’s demise .

  2. Please, please would someone update Trump’s election poll picture: The one there must be 20 years old by now !! He was ugly enough then, but so much worse now. Something resembling his true ‘spiteful’ self should be used instead…. He is a despicable person, inside and out. It’s getting increasingly difficult, even with multiple layers of brick dust caked all over his rotten mug, to hide the visible signs of decades of an immoral, sociopathic life. His past and his sins are beginning to catch up with him in every way. Best to reflect this in the images used….

    1. she seems so naive. These same polls all of them had hillary leading in michigan wisc and Pvania. Every time

    1. Bunker Boy, Man/baby,
      No matter what he’s called, he still needs to step down, resign, hang it up, let it go.
      Vote blue get him out!!! Save lives, Save the Constitution!

    2. @Eamon O’Connell stay in your double wide trailer park trash. how is that luxurious double wide working for?

    1. We’ve been saying this since day one but better late than never. . We need all the help we can get…

  3. Trump made the American dream an American nightmare. And Mexico didn’t pay for the wall, children are dieing at the border and Americans are dieing in America. Americans are more divided than ever .stopping testing just for re- election should tell all Americans he’s in this for himself.

    1. Come take her dont remember the silent majority haven’t even started to protect her yet as there waiting for law an order and you better pray the silent majority dont get involved as they will smash anyone destroying America so fast it take weeks to clean up bodys

  4. The dynamics in Trump’s deranged way of thinking “Less testing. less Covid-19 cases” – Trump’s actions should clearly indicates to American that Trump shamelessly does not care about their lives, *he cares only about their vote!*

  5. Pence obviously does not listen to the medical experts..he is just as dangerous as he can’t be as stupid!!


    1. @Poe Desta-Emil Scandali “Hillary was up 10-12 points last time” In 2016 right before the election, in the RCP average of polls, Hillary was ahead by 3.2 points in the national popular vote. She won the popular vote by 2.1 points. So they were off by 1.1 percentage points.
      But then Trump supporters aren’t smart enough the difference between 10 to 12 points and 3.2 points.

    2. @Poe Desta-Emil Scandali I don’t trust them either. I won’t trust them until the elections happen.

    3. Dream on Deranged Democrats Trump will win by a landslide victory!there is more of us patriots then you socialist communist Maggots!

    1. @Hey Jude Do you see the LAWLESS “zone” in Seattle? Aren’t you SICK of it?

    2. @yohanes nugroho Widiyanto hi and no i have not seen that yet. i will google it. if it’s true dumps people are doing business there…

    3. @Hey Jude And the division across the nation. That bothers me more because everyone knows they put a man in office who would be out for himself.

  7. This is NOT a Right, Left or Independent issue this is an American issue and Trump has failed the American people!

    1. @G B if the gap between the rich and poor gets to big the economy will collapse. Money flow up not down. Giving the middle class a tax cut so they can spend more at the companies works better because the middle class get what they need and the companies make money not the other way around. Trump trade war did nothing but drive up prices as he lie that only China pays for the trade war.
      Open your eyes, our allies don’t even like trump to visit, he left the curds to be slutherdered by turkey, his own administration said he don’t read the intelligent briefings so how is he keeping us safe and know what is going on in the world. He know nothing outside of his own little world. He pulled us out of everything so we are not at the forefront of anything in the world but you say we are still a world leader.

    2. @G B as much tax money trump has spent at his own resorts you claim Bidenhas enriched himself. A Demacrat couldn’t hold on to his business and spend taxpayers money lining his pockets but to trump supporters it’s ok for trump to do it. You claim your for the constitution but trump talked about sending people to jail for burning the flag in protest taking away our constitutional rights but his crowd cheered about it. He has lies more the all the men together with over 18,000 lies but you like him lying to you. Why?

    3. @G B and trump closing to border to China because of the virus ment nothing because it was spreading through Europe by then. And even now he is downplaying the serverty by not wearing a mask and traveling state to state. Remember he said it will go away in April and anyone who want a test can get a test. Still not true. He won’t even talk about the virus case numbers now as they rise in Republican states

    4. @Cascail Boutx It was a word Trump was trying to spell and the word was coffee, so that’s maybe why coffee kept popping up

    1. @Edgardo Rosa He didn’t learn to like Xi’s concentration camps from Obama. He’s a naturally demonic man because he gave up his soul decades ago when he decided he wanted to be like Roy Cohn.

  8. Rosemary’s Baby, DJT, doesn’t get it, ‘the people’ have had enough of his chaos. THEY cannot take another 4 years of his burning down the house politics.

    1. If Trump wins, it’s THE END OF DEMOCRACY. Please, register and vote Blue *EVEN IF THE POLLS TELL YOU BIDEN WILL WIN.* Don’t make the same 2016 mistake when you didn’t vote because the polls told you Hillary would win. *We need to get this Human garbage, his tanning room, the Russians, and the Saudis out of the White House.* Don’t let the Poorly Educated Extremists elect an imbecile like the Fake President Trump.
      Please *I BEG YOU,* Vote Blue and Save America please.
      Let’s return America to SANITY.
      For Trump, a hero nurse, is a dead nurse. Please, please vote.


    3. They even cheered at his rally when he said he want to lock people up for 1 year for flag burning protests. Trump want to take away they right to protest and they was cheering.

  9. Voting for drumk is like voting for the devil, give him what he wants then he’ll eat you right after that.

    1. Exactly. He appointed Geoffrey Berman, not only a Republican, but a Trump donor, but he didn’t want him investigating his inner circle, so he was fired. Look at all the “best people” he’s now calling morons or incompetent like John Kelly, Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson. Jeff Sessions was a very strong Trump supporter and Trump is backing his opponent.

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