Biden Leads Trump Nationally In Two New Polls | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Balnazzardi Bunker Boy hates Seattle bcos Washington state passed a law that no presidential candidate can get on the ballot without showing his tax returns.

  1. I love the uneducated people and the uneducated people love me too. That’s the first time this man told the truth

    1. Actually in reality Democracts support Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. *FACT 🎶

    2. But the democrat heroin addicts that are slithering around Seattle are just nice kids right. Sheep.

    1. @Aaron Landry that is the dumbest thing ever. People are quite aware of the klans roots. And they are also quite aware that flipped to the right a long time ago too.
      You are making the assumption all those people don’t do research and ask questions? Are you suggesting something else in that comment?

    2. @M7 SOCIAL Malcolm X also called out black Conservatives he was also racist stop watching one video from 60 years ago the man was more than one grainy video he was complex unlike you a human block of wood

    1. I’m a farmer I don’t even know what you’re talking about man he’s not hold no one hostage you’re a sad case of course look at what you’re watching fake news

    2. @Cody Jarvis then why r u coming here to watch ? go to faux news lol …..I know what u will say ” YouTube recommended to me ‘ LOL

    3. @Aaron Landry I hate faux news n I dont watch btw did I hear most trusted news outlet? lol bye Felicia no need to argue with u

    1. Are Democrats still trying to push the Russia Conspiracy Theory? How are you not embarrassed by that? The FBI deduced that was impossible before Trump was inaugurated. I mean, have some dignity for Christ’s sake

  2. The fact that trumo is even at 41% tell me everything i need to know about the Divided States. This country is beyond repair.
    Just dismantle it and restart from scratch.

    1. American Jews, now, suport man who gives his blessings to some new Auswitz ! Ons million Uygurs can go to concentration camps ! WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT IF BOLTON HAVENT WRITEN IT DOWN, FOR HISTORY & FOR NEW GENERATIONS ! UNSEEN, JUST UNBELIEVEBLE !

    2. @Sevlija Blazevic Shalom from Israel. I dont support Trump, but neither do I support your sick and ignorant and just plain wrong comment about Israel.

    1. @Akila Smith The last time the electoral college stepped in, popular vote had voted for Hillary, 3 million margin

    1. You’ll feel good about voting against the orange menace until around 11pm that same night when all the final tally’s are in.

  3. As a Chriatian, I cant understand how evangelical support the Moron.??? sad 😭😩
    Christian all about the “Truth”

    1. @Bladerunner 1986 that’s why they celebrate pagan holidays, beause they follow the bible right. I could go on and on.. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @K B Real I’m just saying what they would do not what they actually do. Believing in the man in the sky is a bit like believing in Trump. If they actually do god bless em

    1. thats what i’ve been saying also. paper ballots can not be rigged!!. unless gumps criminals are in there counting the paper ballots. this conman is 100% crazy desparare to stay in power because #1 he enjoys stealing millions of dollars everyday. #2 when he loses in 5 months and is gone for good in jan 2021all of his huge crimes will be revealed. even though i believe he will never be convicted. the billionare corruption ring will still protect him.

    1. Considering what Trump has already done and not done, I’d argue 4 years ago was the most important vote – making this the second most important.

    1. MR. G Stop saying fact you moron. Biden wants to send more industry to China via TPP you know how negatively that will affect black neighborhoods do you not care that Democrats care more about illegals from Mexico than black people??

    1. crbox`TV , please reply AFTER the election. Until then, please honor trump. Go to the convention, no mask or gloves and breathe deeply.

    2. WAKE UP JEFF, KKK are snowflakes and that makes you one. Look do me a favor and make your reservations for the convention. Sign the waiver and don’t wear gloves and mask. Because, you love trump daddy. And, we’ll see who makes it in line to vote. Boy….bye

    3. R B If Covid were that bad, Democrats will feel Covid greatly this election when all those rioters from Democratic cities have died off. Luckily for everyone, Covid’s not nearly as deadly as media outlets made it out to be. Their reports were based on research predictions that turned out to be beyond exaggerated

    1. This is exactly why we will use the law to apply the death penalty to all of Trumps traitorous base.

    2. Trump is no Christian, his only using it for political gain. The man that can’t recite his favourite verse from the bible😂. Trump is a scammer period.

    3. @Dasan Lemus They’re the KKK of religion. Or the KKK is evangelical. I’m not sure which it is because it’s such a wadded up hot mess of authoritarian sin.

  4. the poll just said theres still a huge crowd of fools following this old clown. Sad era for US.

  5. Can you believe this dinosaur still thinks cannabis is a gate way drug. He’s totally against legalization and still wants to lock people up for it!

    1. I’d like to smoke a joint with Biden. I smoke it all the time and I’d still vote for him. If that’s really more important to you than everything else that’s gone on you’ve either smoked too much or haven’t smoked enough

    2. Bladedummer Biden won’t even make it through the election before the DNC has him replaced. Lol Their going to screw him just like they did Burnie! Lol I can’t wait!

    3. Agolf is just another case of TDS . They just can’t except the reality that Trump will be president for 2020 ,2024,2028………

    4. @K P Russian bot…we’re not in russia twit. There’s only two terms here, you brainless bot.

  6. There’s A Reason he SAID he Loves the Uneducated…. It Shows when THE UnEducated Follow this NUT CASE

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